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Trends And Predictions For Healthcare App Development In 2019

Check out the trends that will shape the healthcare app development this year

Trends And Predictions For Healthcare App Development In 2019

Technology has evolved drastically over the last decade and influenced almost every sector. This evaluation came with a number of advancements to improve the efficiency and sustain accuracy in processes like production, learning, marketing and much more. Among all the industries and sectors healthcare is the most benefited one with the technology advancements.

The advanced technology has helped the healthcare unit in improving many processes, which eventually turned things better for us. For example, the technology disruption not only simplified the diagnosis but also made it possible to speed up the healing process.

Maybe ultra-tech inventions and developments have totally changed the healthcare unit but it is only going to get better with time. 2018 will unveil the true potential of advanced technology to further enhance the Healthcare sector with more beneficial implementation.

Trends and Technology Forecast That Will Change The Healthcare Domain

1. Mobile and Cloud-based Healthcare support

The prime most advantage of technology is that it reduces the distance to speed up the process. The cloud-based services are a fascinating approach to get the best use of today’s technology. This enables the users to access information anytime & anyplace instantly and the medical sector is also going to leverage it. With the use of healthcare mobile apps, people are more efficient to take care of their health-related matters.

The tech giants are working to integrate the mobile app technology with the healthcare department for making the service more accessible. For instance, Apple is working to add healthcare service in its upcoming iOS update that will enable the patient to get their reports, diagnosis, prescriptions and other assistance via apps.

This implementation of cloud based-service to the healthcare will allow the doctors to perform many operations like accessing the health information and looking for the resources instantly. The healthcare mobile apps can assist people in managing their health-related documents, getting continuous health checking sessions, prescription analysis.

2. Improved Telemedicine

The major aim of the technology is to connect people by breaking the barriers and to improve the communication over time. The global medicine market is expected to get bigger in the coming time, experts have expected it to be around $40 million by 2021.  With this boost in medicine consumption, the requirement of Telemedicine is most likely to increase rapidly with time.

The service is still needed for the rural and remote areas where it's not possible to get good healthcare benefits for people. The advanced technology and new inventions will help the doctors to provide their expertise even to the most remote areas in the countries.

The government of many countries is also working with tech giants over the development of improved Telemedicine service using the available contemporary technology. Doctors, as well as patients, believe that the Telemedicine offers better accessibility and freedom to patients than a conventional visit.

3. IoT ( Internet Of Things ) Will Bring The Changes

The IoT is already proven to be a new era of technology that creates an interrelated system of different tech devices and mobile apps. This technology trend is becoming a need for today's generation due to its unlimited benefits. The fitness band is an excellent example of the implementation of this technology in the healthcare industry.


The device helps the people to know their health conditions and also suggest required training or medical sessions. Along with wearables the tech giants like Apple are also working on the different IoT devices for the healthcare industry. This development will help in the activities like tracking the patient's vitals, better diagnosis, treatment and maintaining the inventory.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence is the technology that holds the power to change the entire world and van open the doors to new future. Artificial Intelligence is also spreading its roots towards healthcare space. In 2018 you will experience new healthcare services powered by AI including diagnosis, prescription, and assistance for the doctors to analyze the patient's health.

Imagine you don't have to wait for your turn in the queue to get diagnosed by the doctor, the smart AI system will provide you with the service. Not only the medical processes but mobile app development companies are also integrating the AI technology to the health-related apps to make more reliable and smarter.

5. Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality has already taken over the many industries including mobile app and the gaming world. The mobile apps powered with AR features are getting more popular with every passing single day. However, not only the games but also the apps like Ikea are using the technology for serving an incomparable experience to the users.

Augmented reality

The healthcare industry could also leverage technology for better results and efficiency. The trainees or doctors could be trained using the AR equipped tool for operations and surgeries, this way they can experience real situation without examining the real body. Along with this, the technology can be used for medical teaching for the students to acquire better knowledge with interactive methods.

6. Blockchain

The latest addition to the advanced technology is the Blockchain, that holds the potential to transform the healthcare industry in 2018. After putting the fintech industry under digital transition, the technology has been observed any other sectors to benefit its capabilities.

The Blockchain can be used to secure the medical data by encrypting it for the exchange. It can also help In building a secured drug supply chain by decentralizing the system which will safeguard it against any fraud and crime.

7. Electronic Health Record System

EHR Or Electronic Health Record System is a patient’s digital record chart that helps physicians get all the information about the patients’ through real-time charts. The best thing about EHR is that it makes the information available instantly and securely. Such charts contain the patient’s standard clinic data that is helpful when immediate health services are required.

Right from patient’s health history to diagnose data and to the laboratory test result, it compiles the piece of information that is required to offer medical help to the users. And, because of all these offerings, EHR is going to be very much in trend in the upcoming years.

8. Focus On Healthcare Data Security

I have already talked about the healthcare apps that have entered the domain a few years ago. With this innovative trend i.e. storing our health data on mobile phones, there is a continuous threat of data theft. And, losing this data may cost patients their lives. So, the solution is to focus on healthcare data security.

The continuous innovation has made mHealth services available for the users. The practices are already bound by the regulations that HIPAA has introduced earlier and thus focusing on healthcare measures will help companies secure the data.

9. Health Insurance Companies to Become the Next Distribution Channel

The year 2018 has already seen the interaction of health insurance companies in the healthcare domain to streamline the process for the patients. As per the developments, it is now making, these companies are believed to be the key players. These companies with the help of mobile app development service firms will invest in the app making that could offer all the healthcare services plus insurance benefits.

Surveys have already predicted that at least 85% of health insurance companies or HIC believe that patients won’t hesitate to share their data with them when they will get health recommendation at affordable prices.

What Next

With these technology trends on their way to power the healthcare sector in 2018 we can expect the most noticeable transformation ever. From wearables to healthcare apps the tech companies are working day and night to revolutionize the contemporary healthcare industry.

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