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Top 5 Mobile App Design Trends Expected in 2018

Be ahead of others to lead in 2018 5 Mobile App Design Trends Expected in 2018

2017 was all about mobile app technology and the invasion of the latest trends in the mobile app sector. The mobile app design has experienced a significant transformation and still moving towards the more influencing advancements. The latest mobile app design trends are nothing but improving the user interface with more creative and user interaction design ideas. We brought you the top 5 mobile app design trends that will emerge as the key to make your app a success in 2018.


Check out these latest mobile app design techniques that you should start implementing in your app. Integrating a new design technique or pattern is not a simple task, it requires time and detailed knowledge about the design style you are implementing. Being ready for trends that will drive the mobile app design in 2018 is the smartest step you can take now.

1. Material Design Over Flat Design

Adding more complex and attractive element to the flat material design is the most emerging trend in mobile app design. Effects like adding shadows and translucent images to the design are what holds the user's attention for long. This designing approach lets you add depth, animation and transition effects to the design. Fusing the creative ideas to the material design layout is the latest mobile app trend that you should start implementing in your app strategy.

Material Design Over Flat Design

2. More Diverse Color Palette 

Experimenting with the color palettes and trying some vibrant and contrasting colors with the design helps to come up with an attractive design combination. Using the diverse color palettes and fusing it with materialistic elements results in the more alluring design.

More Diverse Color Palette 

3. Custom Illustration

Custom illustration is one the best idea that the mobile app designers started using in 2017 and definitely going get in trend in 2018. This approach lets you make your design more connective and responsive in order to interact with the users efficiently. With the help of custom illustration, you can add personality to your app design and create more effective brand awareness with the powerful recall of the brand among the users. Most of the mobile app development companies have already started using this approach to their Android mobile app design.

Custom Illustration

4. Icons With Minimum Outline

Customizing the icons by leaving behind the traditional approach of using standard icon design is the best way to catch the user's attention. Adding animation to the icons always had a positive impact on the users and gives authentic user experience. This new mobile app design technique is the most secure way to experiment with your app design as changes on the icon requires less effort and time.  

Icons With Minimum Outline

5. Experiment With User Interaction 

Keeping the design and interaction familiar to the user was considered as the best way to make the user comfortable. However, in 2017 we witnessed that some of the big mobile apps did some experiment with the user interaction layout and it turn out to be effective. Users liked the improvement and enhanced interaction in the app with something new to see. Make sure to make user interaction flawless by adding easy user flow and conveniently accessible options for the users.

Experiment With User Interaction 

If you are looking for an app for your business or enhance the UX/UI of your existing app make sure to work on these latest mobile app design trends. 2018 will be all about how you managed to represent your mobile app to users with more discrete and user-oriented mobile app design.

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