30 Best Android Mobile Apps You Should Have For 2018
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30 Top Leading Android Mobile Apps You Need In 2019

Are you looking forward to some amazing Android apps? Here is the updated list of the top 30 Android Apps.

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There are millions of apps in the Google Play Store and we can't stop on anyone. It becomes a little confusing to find the best and the right one. No matter what type of app you are searching for, there are many similar apps which can puzzle you to chose the best one.

Here is a curated compilation of the best apps you should be looking up to in 2019, specifically, if you own an Android device and wish to add some notable apps in your armory.

So, let’s have a look at the list of some gems in the Google play store that can help you keep your life more entertained and more organized.

List Of The Top Android Apps

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon has been maintaining the best place among the eBooks. Amazon Kindle is the best android app which allows you to sync your favorite reads with the Android phone, kindle, and the tablet. It is more than efficient to keep everything organized and in one place for you. There are amazing features in the Play Store for the Kindle users, for instance, Moon + Reader and Overdrive this efficiently will help you to borrow the books from the library.

2. Telegram


Until now no other messaging app was able to match the standards with WhatsApp, yet Telegram has emerged as a great alternative here. It is a free android application which has end-to-end encryption. It has a feature for the group chats and has become a creator of chatbots. Telegram is fun to have messaging app for the Android users and one of the top apps you must have on your phone.

3. Morecast


Morecast has become one of the favorite Android weather apps because of its fabulous-looking interfaces that have a clear and sensible layout. It is one of the most advanced apps which features options side by side. This is one app that you must have on your Android as it provides accurate weather information and certainly, it is the right navigator you have got for your smart Android device.

4. Google Camera

Google Camera app for Android has been showcasing its impeccable side with the amazing clean layout and intuitive controls. You can take beautiful panoramic pictures on your Android device using Photo Sphere. It is a walk through in spherical panorama functions that has made immersive viewing possible in Google’s Photos App. However, Nexus or Pixel motion sensors work in an outstanding manner.

Google Camera

5. EssayPro

The app motto is; any subject, any topic, any deadline. It's an essay writing assistance app that can really be helpful for the student community. To go on with the quality work, the app offers a 6-hour minimum order time for the completion of the assignment.

This essay writing platform provides assistance in the forms of writing an assignment from scratch or proofreading and editing your work. The app can also be synced on all of your devices and operating systems and has a user-friendly UI that is very easy to navigate

Android Mobile App

EssayPro app also offers the money back guarantee, in which, if the customer is not satisfied with the grade they received and can provide proof that the writer is at fault for producing unsatisfactory goods then the immediate refund is initiated and further measures are taken avoid similar glitch in future.

Notable app features:

  • Round the clock availability.
  • Proofreading or editing ready written work.
  • Well researched articles.
  • Choose the writer from an extensive list of seasoned professionals with years of experience.

The beta phase of the app is planned to be unveiled at around 15th-20th March 2019 and thereafter, the developers are expected to take two months to work through any possible bugs and glitches. The final release date of the EssayPro app on the Play store is scheduled for April 25th, 2019.

6. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager

This amazing Android app is useful in case of theft or loss of your Android device. It is extremely easy to use, it helps you to locate your device while it goes missing, reset its pin or a passcode and above all best part is that you can delete all the data. Geolocation and erasing data remotely are a few attractive features it has. This is one of the best Android apps of all time to stay connected and secure with your Android device.

7. Android Pay

Android pay

Android has some best options for mobile payments which completely depends on the type of the device which you own. Android pay is one of the best Android apps of all times, it allows you to add any card type from the given list of the banks and also a huge amount of reward cards. It keeps the entire information safe as the actual card number is never shared in fact a virtual card number is used to keep the card details secured.

8. Kaspersky Internet Security


Kaspersky Internet Security is the best Android app that you should have on your device. It keeps you secured from the malware threats via its brilliant virus detection software. It can easily search through the browser history, microSD card and also the internal storage space. It has the best anti-theft features implemented, for instance, location search, remote data wipe etc. and also boosts security whenever bank details or any transition you do from your Android Device.

9. Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen 

Next Lock screen is one of the best Android apps you should know about. It has got an astonishing lock screen for busy working users, it is amazing when it comes to securing the device from unwanted access and certainly, you become more productive under the influence of this smart Android app. It has some excellent functions that can be done, for example, custom unlocks, i.e. PIN or pattern lock, notifications to view missed calls or messages, apps to launch favorite apps etc. Next Lock screen is an intelligent companion you can have as an Android device owner.

10. Any.do


Get your life in control with this amazing Android app which you should have on your Android device. It is more than efficient in organizing your work, it can sync seamlessly in real time between your PC, mobile, and tablet. It keeps all your reminders updated and in place on a scheduled time and location. It is all in one app to get your life organized and in sync with your Android device. It is a powerful task manager and daily planner.

11. Blendle


Blendle is one of the most interesting Android apps of recent times. You can read individual articles from all the possible newspapers and magazines. There is no subscription that is required just that you are required to pick your favorites among the subject. This app is a bespoke app which has become one of the favorites of the people who like to read on their Android device.

12. CamScanner


CamScanner is one of the must-have apps for your Android device. This app uses your phone’s camera to scan the documents. It has smart cropping and auto enhancing features for texts and the graphics so that they shall look clear and sharp. Documents in the Jpeg and PDF format can be easily shared while AirPrint and fax documents feature too remains the best. It has a great capability to sync the documents to multiple android devices.

13. Duolingo


Duolingo is one of the top Android apps you must have in your device. You can easily practice your speech, listening and writing skills while playing the game. It will help you to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills with question and answer sessions while completing each chapter. Basic verb, phrase and sentence formation can be easily started and learn new words on the daily basis with this amazing Android app.

14. ESPN


ESPN app is one of the big sharks in the market of Android apps which is available for all the diehard sports fans. This app is available on Android TV for live streaming to watch ESPN has brought the live sports. This access is available for free to its user group in better speed and quality. Certainly, you don’t want to miss out on the download of some brilliant live streams on your Android.

15. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messenger app for Android devices is one of the best must-haves today. It instantly connects you with your social circle from anywhere any time around the globe. It has the capability to help users share pictures, text messages, or even start a video chat. It has become one of the best modes of communication with groups in real time. It also gives a platform to play games and make reservations, check menus and get real-time customer service.

16. Flamingo


Flamingo is one of the colorful Twitter clients with a simplified and extremely customizable interface for all the Android users must-haves. It is capable of providing an option to switch between multi accounts and individual themed accounts. This Android app provides previews for Instagram, Flicker, YouTube, etc. almost every part of the app can be changed as per the user's choice. It has some fun features like inbuilt tweet storming, streaming, and advanced muting, background sync, scheduled tweets and much more.

17. Spotify


Spotify is one of the best music apps for Android that you shouldn’t be missing out. It helps you to access world music. You would be able to listen to all your music favorites, albums, and also create your own playlists. So, once you download this app on your android device what is the first thing you want to do? So here you go, select a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or taste in the music and enjoys the unmatched sound quality.

18. RunKeeper


Join the community, everyone who is a fitness freak via your Android devices. It helps you to track your exercise goals, sweat measurements and gage the progress. It has which will let you join the challenges and achieve exercise awards.  It gives a good idea about the groups in that are running, plans your training, routes etc. however this Android app can also handle bike rides and gym workouts.

19. Bumble

Bumble App

Creating new connections has become easy on your Android device like never before. This Android app has simplified the dating process which is more secure and you can get connected to the right people around. This excellent app allows users to swipe through potential connections from around the globe.  The most interesting part of Android Bumble app is that women have an option to make the first move, into a more meaningful discussion.

20. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is one of the best Android apps with which you can perform simple tweaks like changing the app drawer layout, changing app icons, and even alerting the way you use your home screen folders. This Android has a user-friendly interface and download is much simplified.

21. Gboard


GBoard has everything that an Android user is going to love. It has amazing speed, reliability, glide typing, voice typing, and also inbuilt Google search. The best part about this Android app is that it has got a multilingual keyboard which suffices the language need of the user.  

22. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google drive is the safest Android app where you as an Android user can have and place all your secret or non-secretive data, like files, documents, videos, pictures etc. which is backed up safely. You can easily invite selected people to view your folders even offline. You can use your camera to scan your documents in a stylish way.

23. Hulu


Hulu app experience is one place on Android devices where you can easily watch TV. It is more personalized and you can select between many options of TV live shows, movies etc. also you can select on-demand channels. Hulu’s huge streaming library features latest and old seasons from many famous shows like Fargo, South Park, Fear, Walking Dead and many more. The more you watch better it gets, you can easily track your favorite shows, movies etc with MYStuff for Android. It has been voted one of the most followed and loved streaming libraries.

24. Google Maps

Google maps

Go with the Google maps and cover the roads of new escapade. Google map is an official Android app which you can use with full confidence on your Android device for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details about millions of places. This app is capable of giving faster and real-time updates which ends up saving a lot of time. You can easily plan your travel, discover the places and explore. It gives a beautiful option to search online as well to get the directions which certainly is a blessing in disguise.

25. Google Translate

Google Translate

Google translator has become a best friend to all the Android users who are a frequent traveler in foreign language countries or places. Google Translator has the capability to translate at least 103 languages by typing, and offline around 59 languages. Instant camera translation will translate 38 languages. HD mode will translate 39 languages while conversation mode will translate 32 languages, handwriting or scribble will translate 93 languages. Now, this makes it one of the most power Android apps.

26. GrubHub


GrubHub is an amazing Android app which gives you an opportunity to order the food online and get the delivery or pick up. It is an extensively used app by Android device owners to order the food from the best to nearest restaurants. They get you exactly what your taste buds are searching for. So all the foodies on Android here are the best Food party app for you. Enjoy!  

27. Inbox by Gmail

InBox By Gmail

Android users must have Inbox by Gmail, this helps you to live a much better and organized life. It has some fascinating features in which you get the message without even opening the message. Reminders, the most important part to have for the important schedules can be put through your inbox for important mailers. Snooze emails till the time you come back in the mood to work. While this Android app has been built in collaboration with Gmail, certainly your data stays on an absolute secured platform.

28. Headspace


Headspace will help you make most of your day go peacefully. It is an amazing Android meditation app which will guide you to perform with your best thoughts and efforts throughout. It trains your mind to with the guided meditations, it increases more happiness, better relationships, and leaves you stress-free. So all the Android lovers get ready to roll more positivity in your life

29. LastPass


So, Android users stay rest assured of your passwords. LastPass is an amazing Android app which is a password manager and password locker which locks your passwords and sensitive information secured in a vault. It is more of a master password which handles the rest. So feel safe with Android LastPass and do the shopping, maintain profiles etc.

30. Mint


Finally, there is one place where all the Android users can have the trust to keep all their finances managed. Mint is a money manager and one of the best Android money apps till date. It brings together the bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments so that you are always informed and can check about your expenditures and savings. Awesome! It is a perfect and much-needed app for the entire working class.

There are various helpful Android apps, we have accumulated the data of best 30 here. So, stay tuned for more.

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