10 Best Photo Resizer Apps for Android to Be Gram-Ready

Want to know the best photo-resizing app without compromising the quality? This article is a must read for you! We have compiled the popular photo resizer apps on the basis of user ratings, functionalities, and features.
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January 20, 2023
photo resizer app for android
Photo resizing can be difficult. When you resize a photograph, you usually end up messing up the image resolution and the overall quality of the same. Especially when you try to increase the image quality, the chances are that the photo gets gradient, pixelated, or obscured. However, fantastic results can be obtained when resizing your photographs; you only need one of the best photo resizer apps and tools.

They also happen to be one of the best photo editing apps. This article will discuss the top ten image resizing apps for Android devices available in 2023. So go through the list, choose the most suitable image resizing app, and resize photographs to your heart's desire.

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The technology around us has evolved in recent years. Smartphone cameras can now feature up to four lenses. We can't help but feel compelled to take images with such high-end camera equipment. Smartphones are also ideal for swiftly sharing taken photographs via social media apps. Who wouldn't want a simple and free image resizer?

So, in this post, we've decided to share a few of the best photo resizing apps.

Top Photo Resizing Apps to Enhance your Photos

Using these photo size editor apps, you can easily resize and reduce the size of images without sacrificing quality. So, let’s find out which is the best photo resizer app.


android 4.1

Pixlr, a leading picture resizer app, is a full-featured picture editing app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It provides every photo editing tool imaginable. The most recent version of Pixlr for Android has a resizer feature.

Features of this photo resizer app for Android

  • You can quickly create picture collages with a selection of preset collages, grid styles, customized ratios, and backdrop options
  • Using auto fix, you may instantly modify the color of your photo with a single click
  • With layers and adjustable transparency, double exposure allows you to easily create various effects
Download Pixlr


android 4.4

Instasize, a simple image resizer, is an Android software that allows you to downsize an image so that it would fit on any social networking site or instant messaging app. It's essentially a toolset for social content creators to use in order to apply premium filters, borders, and tweaks to photographs.

Features of this photo resizer app for Android

  • Use advanced picture editing tools to improve your image, such as contrast, exposure, saturation, grain, and clarity
  • With over 130 filters for photographs and videos, it's simple to apply your favorite presets to any image
  • There is always the perfect filter for any photo or video, from natural look filters to classic aesthetic presets
  • Quickly resize photographs and crop videos for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks
Download Instasize


android 4.1

Do you want to send multiple images at once? Use the image compressor software to compress images. When you use Cram to compress your photo files, you may attach more photographs to an email without hitting size limits or slowing down send times. Cram is also one of the most user-friendly free image resizers. 

Features of this photo resizer app for Android

  • Store up to three times the number of images on your device and cloud services
  • Photos can be transferred and shared up to three times faster
  • When sharing images on the fly, you can save money on data
  • Directly from Cram, send reduced photographs via email, social media, or other Apps
Download Cram

Photo & Picture Resizer

android 4.2

Photo & Picture Resizer, one of the widely used photo resizer apps for Android is another free app to resize photos that can resize a photo quickly and easily. This program supports batch resizing. Simply select the photographs to be resized, make any necessary adjustments, and your photos will be ready to go.

Features of this best photo editing app

  • Reducing the size of a photograph keeps its original quality and aspect ratio
  • Excellent compression result (4MB image is reduced to approximately 400 KB - resolution 800x600)
  • Change the resolution to 1920x1080, 2048x1152 (2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall), or whatever you want
Download Photo & Picture Resizer
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Image size

android 4.5

With Resize, you may reduce the file size by up to 90% while retaining 75% of the quality. This feature also applies to videos! You can resize your photographs and movies whatever you like using this free app to resize photos. You can choose your measurement unit and enter the dimensions you require. 

Features of this best photo editing app

  • The picture sizes that were used are preserved and can be simply chosen from a list
  • The image can be rotated 90 degrees to the right and left
  • There is now a photo editor. (Filters, text, stickers, and so on)
  • In the settings, you can change the JPG quality
Download Image size

Photo Resizer HD

android 4.0

Photo Resizer HD is a straightforward picture resizer free app for resizing single and multiple images. You can use this program to resize/shrink your images before sending them via email or posting them to any social media account.

Features of this simple image resizer

  • Resize numerous photographs at once (To batch resize numerous photographs, first choose them in the standalone gallery app, then share them with "Photo Resizer HD")
  • Rotate, Crop, Horizontal, and Vertical Flip are photo editing tools
  • After resizing, sharpen the photographs
Download Photo Resizer HD

Photo Tools

android 4.6

Photo Tools includes all of the image tools you'll ever require. In addition, this picture resizer free app includes features such as compressing images to reduce file size, resizing images to reduce resolution, cropping images to your required aspect ratio and rotating your photos, converting your images to JPG, PNG, or WEBP, square photo for Instagram, color picker, extracting colors from an image, super zooming into your image, and much more.

Features of this picture resizer free

  • Lovely dark and light theme
  • All tools in one location
  • The original photographs are unaffected
  • Save in bulk (Edit multiple photos at once)
  • Compress without compromising quality
Download Photo Tools


android 4.1

Picsart is an application that allows you to edit photographs and videos. It provides a number of tools and even allows users to collaborate on their projects in real-time.

Features of this photo image resizer

  • Picsart includes the standard editing features found in every photo-editing program, but it also includes more unusual and distinctive possibilities, such as glitch effects, object and background removal, double exposure effects, and more
  • With the Remove Object tool, you may clean up photos and remove undesirable things
  • Use millions of handpicked, free images, or create your own
Download Picsart

Resize Me

android 3.9

With Resize, you may reduce the file size by up to 90% while retaining 75% of the quality. This feature also applies to videos!

Features of this photo editor app

  • You can resize your photographs and movies whatever you like using this program. You can choose your measurement unit and enter the dimensions you require
  • You can even resize the canvas to fit a common aspect ratio
  • Simply type your desired dimensions into the editor to resize a photo or video. You can also choose to add a background!
Download Resize Me

Puma Image Compressor

android 4.4

Puma Image Compressor, Resizer is a fantastic program that allows you to reduce the size of your images to conserve more space on your device.

Features of this photo editor app

  • Changing pictures to match pre-set presets
  • Compression to a specific resolution, file size, or quality
  • To resize numerous photos at once, use batch compression
  • Using before and after images to fine-tune your compression
Download Puma Image Compressor
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Resizing images on a smartphone is now a lot easier and faster. All you need is the correct app and tools! Of course, the finest photo resizer app is the one that matches your budget and meets your requirements. These were one of the best photo resizer apps for android and photo editing. 

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