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20+ Best Photo Editing Apps For Amateur & Professional Photographers

SKRWT is the best photo editing app to add “Mirror Effect” into your pictures!

photo editing apps

Photo editing for photography is a technique of improving the charm of a picture. With creative filters and exposure adjustments, one can create art out of clicks that looked simple before. A while back, photo editing was limited to systems with high configuration. However, with time, technology evolved and smartphones got smarter. Now, there are hundreds of photo editing apps existing and calling themselves “the best photo editor app”. 

A survey published by Renfrew Center Foundation states that almost 50 percent of users edit their photos before publishing them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Mainly users use these best picture editing apps to crop pictures, fix red eyes, or add filters.

Now, when there are so many photo editing apps existing, it might be difficult to choose the real best image editing app. Therefore, in this article, you will find a list of 21 popular photo editing apps for your reference. 

21 Top Photo Editing Apps To Improve Your Pictures

Without further ado, let’s have a look at these photo editing apps. The list includes apps with good reviews, features, and platforms. Let’s begin then!

1. Snapseed

Nik Software initially released Snapseed in 2011. Later, Google took it over to make it one of the best picture editing apps of all time. The app has some stunning features like support of RAW and JPEG photo formats. Moreover, the app includes 29 trending photo editing features to enhance the charm of your photos.

Snapseed - Best Photo Editing App

Features of Snapseed:

  • Snapseed can open RAW pictures, edit them, and export them in JPEG format;
  • You can use Snapseed to crop, rotate, or tune your photos;
  • The “Control Point” technology lets you position up to 8 points to enhance the image;
  • With “Lens Blur”, you can add bokeh effect in your pictures;
  • Filters like Noir, Grainy, Vintage, and many more can help you in creating creative pictures.

Download this mobile photo editing app for Android and iOS


VSCO offers 10 free presets for you to improve your photos. It allows you to edit pictures in RAW format as well. Moreover, you can use VSCO to tweak photos and videos, both. 

VSCO has a creative community as well. You can upload your photos on the feed for other VSCO users to discover your content. Moreover, you can add your friends to the app and like their pictures.

VSCO - Best Photo Editing App

Features of VSCO:

  • VSCO Montage is a perfect tool to create videos, animated collages, and creative shapes;
  • It comes with a 7 day free trial on the annual subscription plan;
  • The Free photo editor does not require any kind of payment;
  • VSCO membership can unlock 200+ filters including presets by Kodak, Fuji, etc;
  • VSCO monitors pictures and videos with #VSCO to promote creators by sharing the best ones.

Download this mobile photo editor for Android and iOS

3. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor has a committee of 120 million users on Android and iOs smartphones. The app includes more than 300 art styles to enhance the creativity in your photos. Moreover, you can join Prisma’s community and share your creative pictures for others to see.

Prisma Photo Editor - Best Photo Editing App

Features of Prisma Photo Editor:

  • Prisma has 300+ artistic filters to improve the creativity in your images;
  • Prisma’s community has a platform to share photos;
  • The app is best to find a new filter every day;
  • You can crop pictures, add filters, adjust exposure, and do much more;
  • In Daily releases, you will find plenty of new creative filters every day.

Download this app to edit photos for Android and iOS

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

This one of the best mobile photo editing apps offers a variety of features for you to use. Just like its PC version, the software is useful for both amateur and professional photographers.

Photoshop Express is useful to manipulate contrast, exposure, and brightness in pictures. Moreover, quick fixes like auto crop, rotate, one-touch adjustments, etc can enhance the charm of your photos.

Adobe Photoshop - Best Photo Editing App

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express:

  • Photoshop Express is useful for fast editing with features like auto-adjustment and quick fixes;
  • You can use it to remove grains or noises from pictures captured in low-light;
  • Advanced Image handling is useful to remove unwanted elements from the picture;
  • Save your pictures in JPEG or PNG format;
  • Use the Pop Color tool to pick and highlight any color in the picture.

Download this one of the best phone editing apps for Android and iOS

5. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best photo editing app, trusted by over 300 million global users. This popular photo editing app allows you to apply instant beauty effects using advanced augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Another great feature of this app is the built-in fashion social network called Beauty Circle. It is a crowd-sourced gallery of the latest fashion, beauty, and makeup trends. This selfie editor offers a range of makeup tools to make your selfies more colorful and vibrant. The app also allows you to change the look of your eyes with the Eye Enlarger and Eye Bag Remover tools.

YouCam Perfect

Features of YouCam Perfect:

  • In-app fashion social network
  • Live photo editor effects to instantly take awesome snaps  
  • Retouch & Airbrush face tune – Face Smoother & Blemish Editor
  • Option to change the background image
  • One of the best apps to remove watermarks
  • Easy-to-use interface

Download this app to edit photos for Android and iOS

6. Foodie

Foodie has curated filters for perfect food photography. More than 30 filters are existing to help you in capturing quality photos of your tasty dishes. Also, this one of the good picture editing apps comes with a smart guide feature to help you in capturing pictures from a perfect perspective.

Features of Foodie:

  • The app has 30+ live filters including Tropical, Sweet, Picnic, BBQ, etc;
  • You can apply filters in real-time and capture creative videos;
  • The app comes with a timer to help you in creating perfect snaps;
  • With the Mute option, you can silence the shutter sound and click pictures;
  • Share on your favorite social media platforms from the app itself.

Download this best picture editing app for Android and iOS

7. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Lightroom photo editing app comes with an integrated camera. You can click pictures and use the same app to manipulate. Moreover, Lightroom is quite popular among amateur and professional photographers. 

Many users have shared their love for Lightroom’s stunning presets. These presets are useful to enhance the creativity and artistic charm of your pictures.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC:

  • This mobile photo editing app comes with presets for faster editing;
  • The perspective guide lets you create a perfect result out of a simple capture;
  • Import RAW photos to edit them in the software;
  • Integrated PRO camera gives you control over exposure, snap timing, photo mode, etc;
  • It also has free cloud storage to keep your photos safe.

Download this one of the good photo editing apps for Android and iOS

8. Collage Maker

LiveCollage is an iOs exclusive app built to make the photo editing experience smooth. The app can also help you in making collage videos and editing them. Moreover, this best image editing app has 10000+ layouts for you to use. 

You can use LiveCollage to decorate your pictures with stickers, cards, posters, quotes, etc. Moreover, you can use 100+ fonts to add creative texts over collage videos or images.

Features of LiveCollage:

  • LiveCollage is an iOs exclusive app available for iPads and iPhones;
  • The app has 10000+ stylish layouts for creative collages;
  • You can combine up to 16 pictures to make beautiful collages with stickers and stylish fonts;
  • There are 780+ frames to add to your collage;
  • The app allows you to add filters, fix red eyes, crop, rotate, etc.

Download this best background editing app for iOS

9. Adobe Photoshop Fix

This mobile photo editor is used to heal images. As the name suggests, Photoshop fixes can be very helpful in getting rid of unwanted elements from your favorite pictures. Moreover, you can also add dramatic filters and effects over faces included in your photos. The “Smooth feature” can be used to increase the softness or sharpness of your photos.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Fix:

  • Use Liquify to pull, rotate, reshape, swell, or push any area of the picture to add creativity;
  • Light and darken can help you in manipulating the exposure of any targeted area as you want;
  • Use the color feature to desaturate colors only from areas you select;
  • Defocus can help you in creating effects such as bokeh;
  • You can also share your pictures directly with the desktop version for advanced editing.

Download this one of the best photo filter apps for Android and iOS

10. Visage

Visage is a mobile photo editor available for iOs and Android both. The app is used to enhance portraits by adding filters to them. Moreover, the app comes with an automatic retouch feature for fast photo editing.

Apart from enhancing the picture, you can also add 40+ artistic effects to improve the creative part as well. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. However, there are a few in-app purchases to unlock premium features.

Features of Visage:

  • Use Skin makeup feature to remove wrinkles, red eyes, or excess face shine from images;
  • The app comes with a teeth whitening feature as well;
  • Moreover, artistic effects are useful for better creativity;
  • Visage lets you share your pictures from the app itself.

Download this one of the most popular photo editing apps for Android and iOS

11. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is currently popular with a new name “Photoleap”. The app is exclusively available for iOs devices. Moreover, you can use Photofox to manipulate your picture quality and creativity with many basic and advanced features. The app can be used to blend pictures, to do layer-based editing, or to adjust the tone. 

Feature of Enlight Photofox:

  • You can blend two or more images with artistic creativity with the help of Photofox;
  • The app can be used to add texts, doodles, or drawings to pictures;
  • You can import RAW images without converting them to edit;
  • The blur effect is useful to hide unwanted content in the picture;
  • Resize and crop images according to the platform you want to upload on.

Download this one of the best image editing apps for iOS

12. Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to edit pictures and videos. You can use Instagram’s in-built camera to click pictures as well. Moreover, IG comes with a huge variety of live filters so that you can click funny and creative pictures.

With the right captions, tags, and hashtags, you can show your creativity to a large number of audiences. 

Features of Instagram:

  • Instagram is a free social media and photo editing mobile application;
  • Add creative filters, trim videos, and share your pictures within one app;
  • You can add friends and talk to them on Instagram;
  • The app is available in more than 10 languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, etc;
  • You can use Instagram to share your opinions and lifestyle through photos with your followers.

Download this photo editor app for Android and iOS

13. Afterlight 2

Afterlight is designed with a variety of filters and effects for quick editing. The app has 59 filters and 66 textures to add to your pictures for more creativity. Moreover, Afterlight also motivates users to use #Afterlight on Instagram to get featured on its official platform.

Afterlight 2 - Best Photo Editing App

Features of Afterlight 2:

  • Afterlight has a crop tool with 15 presets according to different social media platforms;
  • You can choose any of 77 frames to add creative borders in your pictures;
  • The app has 59 filters and 66 textures for you to play with;
  • Use advanced tools and artworks to make visually appealing graphics;
  • Premium subscription comes with 7 days of free trial with access to all features.

Download this app to edit photos for Android and iOS

14. Canva

Canva is a free graphic designing app available for Android and iOs devices. The app is useful for creating stunning graphics for social media, websites, and special occasions. You can add images and fancy texts over already existing or custom layouts to create graphics for any purpose you want. 

Features of Canva:

  • Canva is a useful app for creating banner images, social media posts, website contents, etc;
  • The app has thousands of free and premium elements like icons, fonts, layouts, etc to use;
  • You can use Canva to make creative collages;
  • The app can be used to create resumes as well, posters, presentations, etc.

Download this one of the good picture editing apps for Android and iOS

15. Over

Over is used to create graphics for your business website or social media platforms. You can use already existing templates to create stunning graphics with images, texts, and colors. The app is available for free to download from the Google Play Store and App Store. Moreover, not only pictures but you can also edit videos to add creativity into them in Over.

Over - Best Photo Editing App

Features of Over:

  • Add quotes, logos, images, or icons on your images to improve the creativity;
  • Design and export posters, website banners, social media posts for free;
  • Share your content directly on social media platforms with the app;
  • Edit photos and videos to add stylish fonts, filters, and logos;
  • Choose templates for a quick result.

Download this best photo editor app for Android and iOS


SKRWT has been recognized by the Guardian UK as one of the 10 best photography apps. The app has secured more awards due to its features and simplicity. You can use this best photo editing app to fix the perspective of your images. Moreover, you can also manipulate pictures with mirror effects to add artistic charm to your photos.

Features of SKRWT:

  • MRRW tool lets you add precise mirror effect into your photos with perfect symmetry;
  • Use 4PNTS to change the perspective of your images from 4 selected points;
  • Use features like auto-crop to create perfect symmetry in your photos;
  • The app is available in more than 10 languages including English, Korean, Spanish, German, etc.

Download this best photo editing app for Android and iOS

17. Facetune

Facetune is a perfect photo editor app for you to edit portraits. The photo editor comes with an easy-to-edit user interface. The app is designed to provide you with desired results faster than its alternatives. Moreover, it comes with a wider selection of filters and textures for you to use. 

Features of Facetune:

  • Use artistic tools and correction filters to improve the quality of your pictures;
  • The app comes with cool light effects for a better artistic experience;
  • Features like Whiten teeth can enhance your charm in those portraits;
  • There are more than a dozen of filters for you to choose from;
  • Use the compare tool to see changes you made in your picture.

Download this best photo editing app for Android and iOS

18. TouchRetouch

This one of the best photo editor apps is available for iOs and Android phones. The app is useful to remove unwanted objects from your photos to improve the quality. Moreover, you can use Blemish remover to remove minor blemishes from the picture with a single touch.

TouchRetouch - Best Photo Editing App

 Features of TouchRetouch:

  • The app is popular for removing unwanted objects from images so cleanly;
  • The app has an in-built video to guide you through the photo editing process;
  • You can buy this app for approximately $2 in the US;
  • The app is available in languages like English, Arabic, French, German, etc among others.

Download this one of the good picture editing apps for Android and iOS

19. Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator is one of the rare good photo editing apps existing exclusively for Apple devices. The latest version titled “Pixelmator Pro 2.0” is live in the market with support for devices with the latest Apple M1 Chip. Moreover, you can buy this app for $39.99 and install it on your devices. However, these prices might vary depending on your local currency and location.

Features of Pixelmator Pro:

  • You can improve the quality of your images with a single click in this app;
  • The app comes with several layouts to help you in your graphic designing tasks;
  • Add fancy texts over your images within seconds;
  • The app supports editing for RAW images as well;
  • An in-built advanced compressor lets you reduce the size of your images for cloud saving.

Download this best photo editor app for macOS

20. Mextures

Mextures is another Apple exclusive photo editor app you can use to create stunning graphics. With the latest updates, it supports iOS 14 as well. Moreover, this one of the best photo editor apps has been featured by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men’s Journal, CNET, Mashable, Fstoppers, App device, and many more. In the US, the app is available for $1.99.

Features of Mextures Photo Editor:

  • The app is exclusively available for iPhone and iPad devices only;
  • You can use this one of the best photo filter apps to add light leaks, textures, dusty films, etc;
  • Use professional tools to manipulate contrast, exposure, highlights, and much more in the app;
  • Use as many layers as you want to create a perfect blending effect;
  • The new update supports iOS 14 devices as well.

Download this best mobile photo editing app for iOS 

21. Distressed FX

This best picture editing app is the best tool to give your images an artistic touch. You can simply add filters to your picture and turn them into a piece of art. The app is available exclusively for Apple devices. Therefore, Android users will have to look for alternatives. Apart from the app, you can also explore the website of Distressed FX to find a few cool images captured by many photographers around the world.

Features of Distressed FX:

  • This best mobile photo editing app available for Apple devices only;
  • In the US, the app is available for $0.99;
  • Use #distressedFX to add your pictures in the huge collection of 100k+ edited images;
  • You can use its filters to change the mood of your photos;
  • The app requires iOS 10.3 or later supporting Apple devices.

Download this one of the best phone editing apps for iOS


In the end, we hope that you will find a perfect app to edit photos from the list we mentioned above. However, different apps provide different features. Therefore, you can also use multiple apps in combination and achieve the optimum creativity for your images. Before we wind up this blog, let’s revise a few key features further:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express is considered as one of the best photo editing apps for fast editing;
  • Canva is useful for your graphic designing needs. It comes with free and premium elements, layouts, icons, and much more;
  • You can use TouchRetouch to quickly enhance your portraits;
  • Instagram has a huge community of users which you can target with trending hashtags and proper planning to gain good popularity for your images;
  • Facetune is useful in manipulating selfies and portraits by adding tweaks to simple pictures.

These apps and features we talked about are popular amongst users like social media influencers, celebrities, etc. If you are a developer, you can take inspiration from these best photo editing apps and build an app with additional features. Moreover, if you have a plan or a prototype app, you can get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily once you are done. Our experts will review your app and provide you the assistance you need. 

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