Enhance the User Experience With These 10 Best iOS Launcher for Android Smartphones

Just install any best iphone launcher for Android into your smartphones and improve the way phone UI looks
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May 17, 2021
Best iOS Launcher for Android Smartphones
Currently, the war between Android and iOS smartphones is on its edge. But with time, by offering plenty of features and accessibilities, Android phones are leading in terms of global popularity. However, iPhones are loved due to the elegant UI and security they provide. Now, there are a few reasons due to which one would not want to buy iOS phones.

Reasons could be high prices, unavailability of stock, or just lack of features. Now, at the same time, if you want to experience the mobile app UI design of the iOS in your Android phone, you can use a few Android iPhone launchers. The UI elements will change features such as icons, animations, graphics, and more to make your Android phone act like an iOS device. But, these changes will be limited till the viewing experience only.

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In this blog, we are going to discuss a few best iPhone themes for Android. These themes are useful if you want to change the UI of your smartphones to make them look cooler.

Top iOS launcher for Android smartphones

Moving forward, we will discuss a few best iPhone launcher apps you can install into your phones to give them a new look. These apps are going to upgrade your experience by changing features, animations, and the UI.


android 3.9

This Android iOS launcher offers a smooth operation and is a perfect choice for the latest or old Android smartphones. Offering a stunning UI experience, this iPhone launcher theme is easy to use and covers mobile UI design trends such as gesture control. Moreover, the best thing about this launcher is that you can customize its scroll speed, icons, and search bar. 

Features of this best iOS launcher for Android

  • The app is easy to use with features such as a no-app drawer
  • You can control the UI with gestures as well
  • This best launcher iOS for Android lets you personalize your experience with features such as customized folder preview, hide search bar, and more
  • The app can be used on smartphones with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher
Download this best iOS theme

Phone 12 Launcher

android 4.6

If iOS 14 UI grabs your attention but you own an Android phone, well you can have the experience as well. With this iOS launcher for Android, you can upgrade your smartphone’s UI and make it look entirely different. To improve the user experience, this application has followed trending mobile app design guidelines. The Phone 12 Launcher allows you features such as smart search, beautiful wallpapers, and a control center for iOS 14.

Features of this real iPhone launcher

  • The app changes the lock screen UI as well
  • With smart search, you can swipe down to reach the search screen
  • Simple design consumes less space and battery
  • The one-touch task feature saves time and process
  • Smart toggle options are available for features such as Wifi, silent mode, data connection, and much more
Download this Apple iPhone theme

Launcher iPhone

android 4.6

With an iPhone theme launcher for Android, get the advantages of iPhone X or 12 with your Android device. Launcher iPhone allows you to update UI icons as per your choice. Moreover, there are thousands of icon themes on the Play Store you can choose from and the launcher will support them. 

Features of this new iPhone launcher

  • Setup and use gestures to control your smartphone
  • Personalize scrolling functions, desktop grip, and folder preview for a better experience
  • With the custom status bar, enjoy an iOS styled theme
  • Swipe down anywhere on the screen to make the search option visible
  • The assistive touch feature improves your user experience
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Launcher iOS 14

android 4.6

This stunning UI for Android has threatened the popularity of its competitors with its stunning features and experience. The iPhone-style launcher has followed a few principles of mobile app design offering an amazing user experience for Android devices. Moreover, just by looking at the screen, one can not differentiate if your smartphone is an Android device or an iOS.

Features of this iPhone theme launcher for Android

  • The theme includes a dark and light mode to offer a stunning experience
  • Drag and drop an app to create an iOS style folder
  • It includes a weather and suggestion widget to get the weather forecast for days
  • Modify icons or icon names as per your choice
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XOS Launcher(2021)

android 4.6

This amazing apple mobile launcher offers some cool features to enhance your smartphone usage experience. This highly customizable theme offers features like news and blogs on the home screen, featured wallpapers, and much more. The app is free, however, the free version includes ads. You can remove these ads by subscribing to the paid version.

Features of this best launcher iOS for Android

  • Discover featured wallpapers and new games every day
  • With smart scene, get data of hit songs sorted intelligently
  • Add cool swiping animations such as rolling effects
  • Interesting features such as one-click font preview makes the usage convenient
Download this iPhone style launcher

Control Center iOS 14

android 4.7

This is another best iPhone launcher app that includes perks such as one-touch settings, gesture control, daily wallpapers, and much more. The app includes a control center with rich features and settings. It allows you to toggle features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, silent mode, and much more from the home screen itself. Moreover, you can also capture screenshots by quickly accessing settings.

Features of this Android iPhone launcher

  • Use quick access feature to toggle settings such as Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and more instantly
  • Stream music or download movies with the quick access feature
  • With portrait orientation, turn off the automatic rotation of the screen
  • Adjust brightness from the home screen itself
Download this iPhone launcher theme

X Launcher for Phone X Max

android 4.3

This OS theme launcher is the best choice you can make for your smartphone. With stunning UI looks, the app also offers a variety of features to improve the user experience. With personalized HD themes and wallpapers, you can always improve the way you use your smartphone. Moreover, the app includes a range of thousands of wallpapers for you to choose from. 

Features of this real iPhone launcher

  • The Android to iOS launcher includes thousands of still and live wallpapers
  • With free stylish themes and in-built widgets, improve your smartphone’s UI
  • The weather widget gives you details of the local weather conditions and real-time weather updates
  • Manage home screen and smart folders along with gesture controls
Download this new iPhone launcher

iOS 12 Launcher

android 3.0

This best iPhone launcher for Android offers features such as quick settings, weather widgets, thousands of wallpapers, and much more. Moreover, it includes a lightweight design to offer a stunning fast experience. The personalization feature of the iOS 12 Launcher lets you customize layouts and app icons as well. With this top iOS launcher for Android, you can be assured of an improved experience.

Features of this best iOS theme for Android

  • iOS 12 Launcher XS has a variety of icons, wallpapers, and themes to change the UI of your phone for better
  • Quick settings can help you in manipulating the settings such as Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and much more
  • With smart suggestions, you can search for customizable features and sort them according to your preferences
  • Manage apps in groups to keep a tab on important tasks
Download this best iPhone launcher for Android

iLauncher X

android 4.1

This 100% free mobile app offers the initiative to design and cool features to make it stand out from its competitors. The database, including beautiful UIs, has a few stunning-looking elements, smooth transitions, and cool effects. Moreover, with features such as smart booster, optimize your phone and keep it in the fastest mode always.

Features of this one of the best iPhone themes for Android

  • Enjoy customizability and personalization of iOS without having to sacrifice your Android phone
  • With an intuitive design, access all of your favorite apps on the home screen
  • The smart boost feature keeps your phone in the fastest stage
  • Customize app icons, label size, label colors, and much more with this best iOS theme for Android
Download this best launcher iOS for Android

OS14 Launcher

android 4.3

This luxurious-looking UI app is designed to make sure your smartphone UI looks better and works faster. The app includes themes such as iPhone 11 or iPhone X. Moreover, the OS14 offers 500+ beautiful themes to keep the experience fresh. 

Features of this Android iOS launcher

  • The app supports various hand and icon gestures
  • There are 500+ themes for you to choose from
  • It supports dual apps feature
  • The red dot notifier informs you about the unread notifications
Download best iPhone launcher for Android
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The craze of iOS devices is not slowing down nearby soon. The reason is the stunning looks and user experience they offer. However, compared to Android, iOS devices offer less freedom and compatibility. Therefore, users shift on one and abandon the other. 

Now, with the help of apps that we talked about earlier, one does not have to ditch their favorite Android smartphone to feel iOS UI. Moreover, almost every one of these apps offers additional features such as speed booster, gesture support, live wallpapers, and much more. 

By the end of 2021, it is expected that the number of smartphone users will exceed 3.8 billion users globally. Therefore, the competition between mobile apps is expected to boost as well. Now, to thrive in such a competitive market, quality is important. And if you are new in the development industry, you are advised to get your app reviewed before you release it into the real world. To do that, you can always get in touch with the experts of MobileAppDaily. You will get honest feedback along with a few tips you can use to get your app thriving, not only surviving.

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