5+ Best Tax Apps to Make Your Life Convenient in 2021

With April 15th just around the corner, these tax apps are going to ease the tax payment process for you!
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May 21, 2021
Best Tax Apps
With many taxes existing in the modern capitalist world, managing them might get quite overwhelming for some. With time, we had changed our ways of managing taxes as well. A few decades back, the tax management process was dependent on registers and such old-fashioned but time-consuming ways.

However, technology evolved and methods such as online tax preparation sites came into existence. Currently, many online tax sites have collaborated with tax or financial apps to execute tasks such as filing tax returns, calculating refunds, and much more. If we look into statistics of e-filing of tax receipts, 24.6 percent more taxpayers submitted self-prepared e-receipts in the financial year of 2019-2020 compared to previous years.

The data mentioned here is based on the records shared by Internal Revenue Statistics (IRS). Moreover, according to a report shared by Statista, 800,000 French taxpayers paid their taxes in 2016 through mobile applications, while it was limited to 80,762 in 2012.

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Moving forward, we are going to have a look at the 7 best tax return apps for your convenience. These apps will make the tax filing process easier for you. Moreover, you will be able to manage your taxes and check related information easily as well. Now, if you are intrigued enough, let’s begin with the list!

Best tax apps to keep a track of your taxes

These best tax return apps we are discussing further are shortlisted according to their popularity and features. So, you can get rid of your worries and pick the one that suits you!


Apple 4.8
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Founded in 1983, Intuit is a brainchild of Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. Since the beginning, Intuit is working with the principle of helping new and experienced taxpayers in filing tax returns. Later, in 1984, Michael A. Chipman built one of the best apps to file taxes and named it TurboTax. Then, he sold the app to Intuit in 1993. With the collaboration with IRS, the TurboTax tax return app allows users with an income of $30,000 per year or less to use a free version of the software.

Features of TurboTax, best app to file taxes for free

  • The free version of the app is available for taxpayers earning less than $30,000 per year. So, if you fall into the same slot, you can file taxes free without having to pay even a single cent
  • TurboTax, the best app to do taxes, has experts to assist you with your tax return requirements
  • This best tax app for small businesses claims to offer the maximum refund. You can use mobile banking apps to have a look at your account
  • You can track your tax status from the home screen due to its personalized user interface
  • TurboTax support is there to help you in English or Spanish, 24x7
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H&R Block

Apple 4.8
android 4.5

H&R Block serves taxpayers from the USA, Canada, and Australia. However, it was founded as an American company in 1955 by two brothers named Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch. Henry Bloch was a visionary Army Air Forces Navigator in the WWII era. He wanted to begin his own family business with the help of his brothers. In 1946, when he returned, he started a bookkeeping company with his brother and a borrowed capital of $5,000.  

Later, Leon decided to move on and seek a law degree. That resulted in Richard Bloch, another brother of Henry, joining the business. Together, both brothers focused on providing services such as bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and some income tax work. Bloch brothers announced their $5 income tax services with a newspaper ad that got very successful. Later, H&R Block was born. To serve the modern market, with time, H&R Block evolved and adapted new trends. 

Features of H&R Block, one of the best free tax apps

  • You can use H&R Block to get your Emerald Card and manage your credit score
  • A personalized tax organizer helps you in keeping a track of your tax status easily
  • Quick access to your tax returns is one of the best features you will get with this best app to do taxes
  • One-tap help gives you access of the expert help on the go
  • For free, you get services such as online tax preparation, student loan interest management, social security income, and much more
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android 4.5

With the vision of helping taxpayers save time, the TaxSlayer has experience of over 50 years in the industry. This cloud-based do-it-yourself (DIY) app gives you access to all tax-related forms and calculations. TaxSlayer is based in Augusta, Georgia, and was founded by Aubrey Rhodes Sr. Currently, Brian Rhodes is serving as the President and CEO of this best tax app for self employed.

Features of TaxSlayer, the best tax filing app

  • Services such as student loan interest and education credits are available for free
  • This best mobile tax filing app claims to get you the maximum refund of your taxes
  • With TaxSlayer Pro, you can report about property incomes, socks, bonds, and other investments directly from the app
  • This best tax calculator app lets you deduct expenses such as property taxes and mortgage interests
  • Access all self-employed forms such as 1099 & Schedule C, anytime you want
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TaxAct Express

Apple 4.4
android 3.9

Founded in 1998, TaxAct Holdings is serving users for their tax preparation needs from its headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. The cloud-based tax preparation service claims that it is capable of providing maximum tax refund to its customers. You can start using this income tax return app anytime to file taxes from anywhere.

Features of TaxAct Express, one of the top tax filing apps

  • TaxAct uses touch ID/ Face ID for a fast and secured log-in experience
  • With real-time alerts from the IRS, you can get to know when your tax return is processed
  • Manage and track the status of your IRS refund from this one of the best tax apps
  • According to your tax situation, you get to use personalized product recommendations
  • Use this best mobile tax filing app for other situations such as Wage income, Education credits & deductions, Interest income, and much more
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Credit Karma Tax

Apple 4.9
android 4.7

Credit Karma was founded in 2007 as a personal finance management company. Currently, it is working as a subsidiary organization of Intuit from its headquarters in San Francisco, California, US. 

Kenneth Lin launched Credit Karma to provide financial services to its users easily. Currently, Credit Karma is also offering a few free services such as free credit score. Moreover, you can also open a savings account to earn interest on your deposits and use them whenever you want. 

Features of Credit Karma Tax, one of the best apps to file taxes

  • This best app to file taxes also offers other services such as credit scores, saving accounts, credit monitoring, among others
  • You can also choose from a list of recommended products like credit cards according to your financial situation
  • You can use Credit Karma to file taxes free. You won’t have to pay even a single cent to even file state and federal tax returns
  • Even without a fee, Credit Karma claims to help you in getting maximum tax refunds
  • This best tax filing app claims to provide 100 percent accuracy in reports including your tax information and status
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Intuit TaxCaster

Apple 3.8
android 4.2

Intuit TaxCaster is one of the free income tax apps providing you services such as annual tax and tax return insights, refund estimates, etc. You can also use this tax management app in Spanish. Moreover, with the help of real-time tax status, you can plan financial scenarios such as trips, marriage, buying a home, etc. 

Features of Intuit TaxCaster, the best income tax return app

  • Check real-time tax insights from this tax app anytime you want
  • Calculate accurate tax refunds and keep a track of the status
  • This tax app is only used to estimate your taxes
  • Intuit TaxCaster is one of the rare tax apps providing its services in the Spanish language as well
  • The latest update has 2020 tax laws embedded for an accurate estimation of tax refunds
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Apple 2.9
android 3.9

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was formed in 1862 to assess and keep a track of the first income tax of the United States of America. Later, it evolved with the time and kept adopting tax management methods according to the modern trends. Lastly, the IRS released IRS2Go to make the tax handling process easier for users. This tax app is useful for real-time tax refund status, tax payments, and tax preparation assistance. 

Features of IRS2Go, the official app to file taxes

  • Use IRS2Go to track the status of your federal income 24 hours after IRS receives your application
  • With IRS Pay, use this one of the income tax apps to pay your taxes directly from the bank account
  • Along with free tax preparation status, check your refund status, and find free tax preparation help from the app itself
  • Access IR2Go to connect with IRS and access its services from anywhere
Download this app to file taxes free
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To get good control over taxes, and to get optimum returns through tax returns, these tax apps can be very useful. With real-time status and tax return estimations, you can plan your finances by using best finance apps to avoid any unpredictable financial emergencies. 

Moreover, the process is faster as well. While a few years back, tax payment and filing for tax returns was a hassle, tax apps are solving that problem for their users and making the entire process super convenient. 

Modern users are tech-savvy. Therefore, with time, the number of tax app users is increasing as well. If you are a developer and thinking of tackling the market with a good app, you can contact MobileAppDaily and submit your app to get your app reviewed. Having expert input is going to help you in predicting the performance of your app in the real market. Moreover, you will also be able to identify possible glitches or errors your app might face in the future.

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