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Check out the most essential recruiting tools to simplify the hiring process!
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September 22, 2023
best recruitment tools

With an expansion in your business and continuous changes in the market, building a strong recruitment strategy becomes a mandate. Recruiting tools are specifically developed to help businesses to coordinate hiring tasks and simplify the process of sourcing an ideal candidate.

The best recruitment tools can help you save a lot of time and money. These are also beneficial in helping you funnel more resources into the labor-demanding tasks concerned with talent acquisition.

As we know that the best job search sites help candidates to land their dream job. Most of the recruitment tools work in a similar fashion, helping employers to hire the right candidates for a specified role.

Recruiting tools have the potential to streamline tasks and make it easier for employers to advertise job openings and fill vacant positions in their companies. To help you determine which recruitment software is the best for your business, we have rounded up 13 tools and apps for hiring employees that are worth giving a shot at.

Empower Your Workforce with the Best Talent Hired with the Best Tools for Recruitment!

The recruitment market is growing more competitive by the day, and thus it can be difficult for recruiters to hire employees that fit the role. But you need not worry as the best recruitment tools are here to the rescue.

You must consider implementing the below-mentioned tools in order to secure the best talent for your company. Let's head to our list now!



Elevatus is an award-winning recruitment software that automates the entire talent acquisition cycle from creating job requisitions to onboarding new hires. Till now, Elevatus has helped over 150+ companies from all around the world streamlining their core recruitment functions through the power of AI, cutting-edge technologies, and futuristic recruiting solutions.

Companies using Elevatus can onboard newcomers in a matter of minutes. They can create unlimited onboarding processes, centralize onboarding tasks in a single place, and seamlessly share documents and request e-signatures instantly.

Features of Elevatus - Hiring Tool for Top Companies:

  • Seamless customized onboarding for new hires
  • Unlimited onboarding processes as per requirements
  • Simultaneous sharing of documents with new hires
  • Customized onboarding journey for new hires
  • Automated reminders, seamless tracking, owner assigning, etc. in a single place
Visit Elevatus:


JobScore is a powerful recruitment tool that is equipped with advanced technology and features to simplify the hiring process. It is an online recruiting software solution that aims at eliminating the tedious administrative work and making it easier for HRs to hire employees. 

With a comprehensive suite of tools that are capable of finding, attracting, assessing, and hiring the right candidates, JobScore makes for the best recruitment software for small businesses and large businesses. Employers can post to over 50 job boards and customize the application forms as per their preferences. It is the most suitable recruitment tool for simplifying hiring and improving recruiting results.

Features of JobScore - Top website for hiring employees:

  • Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface
  • Offers pre-designed e-mail templates for better efficiency
  • Flexible and customizable platform to meet varied preferences
  • Allows you to publish jobs to 50+ boards and social media sites
  • Supports applicant tracking and prevents duplicate applications
Visit JobScore:


Textio is a huge writing platform that acts as an effective recruitment tool helping businesses to improve the quality of their recruiting content on different job sites, blogs, e-mails, etc. Using Textio’s central library, recruiters can create, approve, and publish written documents on a centralized platform. 

This HR recruitment software can help hiring managers gain useful insights on the performance of their content and compare it with the competitor’s posts as well. Through its smart dashboard and analytics tools, you can manage the tone of your content and optimize it to reach the targeted audience. 

Features of Textio - Recruiting software for small business owners:

  • A quick, effective, and scalable recruitment tool
  • Supports integration with third-party apps like Gmail, Workday, etc. 
  • Offers a language editor to detect and correct the tone of your content
  • Discover and address inequities in the performance management system
  • Makes feedback actionable and relevant by guiding the recruiting managers 
Visit Textio:


HireEZ is an award-winning tool for recruitment that centralizes all aspects of the recruiting process to make it easy for teams to hire employees. With smart and effective AI sourcing, this hiring tool can help you find candidates across different web profiles and platforms. 

Unlike other recruitment software, HireEZ is powered by AI technology that helps it automate and build personalized recruitment campaigns to meet different business needs. HireEZ is a free recruitment software that is meant for Talent Acquisition Leaders, Recruiters, Sourcers, and Staffing Agencies.  

Features of HireEZ - Hiring tools for small and large companies:

  • Extremely easy and intuitive to set up and use
  • Achieve sure shot quality-of-hire for your company
  • Automates the process of sourcing and recruitment
  • AI-equipped technology to customize and personalize the experience
  • Gives a detailed overview of tracking status, outreach templates, and schedules
Visit HireEZ:
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LinkedIn is an all-encompassing recruitment tool that connects with you job seekers and lets you hire a suitable candidate for a specific job role. Hiring employees through LinkedIn is a very common practice among both large and small-sized businesses. It gathers data along different LinkedIn profiles to help policymakers, educators, employers, and workers with useful insights to align workflow supply with demand globally. 

This HR recruitment software simplifies the process of screening and hiring employees that are fit for the job. With its powerful job search tool, job seekers can discover opportunities from all over the world. Similarly, LinkedIn helps employers to find a suitable fit by analyzing relevant skills and experience mentioned on the candidate’s profile page. 

Features of LinkedIn - Leading website for hiring employees:

  • Advanced search filters to refine job search
  • Collaboration tools for effective candidate management
  • Sales navigator tools to access leads’ account information 
  • Allows users to analyze their performance through profile views
  • Personalized InMail option to connect with relevant professionals
Visit LinkedIn:


Recuitte is a collaborative and free recruitment software that helps businesses to hire competent staff and build a strong team. Similar to other recruitment tools, Recruittee helps HRs to boost and automate the process of hiring employees and optimize it to ensure better business efficiency. 

Through its inclusive dashboard, Recruittee enables the entire team to work together to pull the best talent for the organization. With an inclusive and powerful suite of tools for sourcing top talent, combating interview bias, and building lasting relationships with candidates, Recruittee is hands down the best recruiting software for small business and large business owners. 

Features of Recruittee - A simple hiring tool for companies:

  • Enables collaboration and team-based recruitment 
  • Promotes accurate and feedback-driven hiring decisions
  • Offers a choice of 3 subscription plans- Launch, Scale, and Lead
  • Streamlines communication and ensures well-rounded evaluation
  • Supports multi-postings and smart campaigns to source candidates
Visit Recruittee:

Breezy HR

Breezy HR is an all-inclusive recruitment tool that can support recruiting managers in everything, starting from posting jobs to making offers to potential candidates. It is a free recruitment software that covers both advanced and basic segments of the hiring process. 

Its smart recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software simplifies the hiring process by advertising job opportunities on multiple job boards and sites. Optimized recruiting tools are also capable of automating the process of analyzing resumes, interviews, and data analysis. As the best website for hiring employees, Breezy HR is a modernized recruiting solution that drags the pain out of the hiring process. 

Features of Breezy HR - Among the best tools for recruitment:

  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface 
  • Posts and advertises jobs to 50 different platforms
  • Suitable solution for fast-growing small to medium-sized companies
  • Creates customized and mobile-optimized career sites for job promotion
  • Supports software integration with LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Analytics, and more
Visit Breezy HR:


SmartRecruiters offers the best recruitment tools that are used and trusted by many global enterprises. It is used by leading organizations for making the best hires and completing the entire process with minimum cost and time. It is a modern web-based platform that offers the best tools for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring. 

This HR recruitment software is used for hiring employees across different industries, including technology, retail, hospitality, entertainment, and more. SmartRecruiters is an ideal website for hiring employees that helps recruiters store, sort, and search through resumes in order to find the best candidate for the job. 

Features of SmartRecruiters - A hiring tool for easy recruitment:

  • Supports AI-based candidate matching
  • Delivers sourcing and hiring plan analytics to determine the cost
  • Offers an overview of all candidates gathered from different sources
  • Enables interview management through integration with Google Calendar
  • Simplifies background screening, reference checking, and recruiting process
Visit SmartRecruiters:


Greenhouse is the best hiring tool and software for fast-growing businesses. This recruitment tool takes a powerful hiring approach supported by a comprehensive suite of tools and services. It aims at offering a positive candidate experience and tracking those efforts with surveys. 

As an increasingly growing website for hiring employees, Greenhouse supports leading companies with the right technology, know-how, and the best tools to hire great talent. Many global leaders like Allbirds, Betterment, ClassPass, and more trust it for effective recruiting tools. 

Features of Greenhouse - Top website for hiring employees:

  • Offers analytics and reporting to track key metrics
  • Easy to mold as per the company’s recruiting initiative
  • Ideal for recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers
  • Supports small and mid-sized enterprises' scalability 
  • Access to customer success team, video-based training, library, and more
Visit Greenhouse:


Workday is an all-in-one website for hiring employees, managing finances, and doing a lot more to maximize business potential. It is a cloud-based platform that is extremely useful in enterprise resource planning and human capital management. This one of the best recruitment tools offered by Workday is best suited for medium to large-sized companies. 

Similar to other recruiting tools, Workday supports collaboration by bringing all the team members to the center of the enterprise and streamlining their efforts towards a unified goal. With its optimized technology, it helps large companies with multiple locations in the process of hiring employees. 

Features of Workday - Recruitment software for large organizations:

  • Ideal to be used by both individuals and organizations
  • Helps in effective staff management through reports and analysis
  • Embedded AI technology for delivering a personalized user experience
  • Enables collaborative and continuous planning between the entire team
  • Offers a safe SaaS platform to manage payroll, benefits, compensation, etc.
Visit Workday:


Jobvite is one of the best hiring apps and a leading recruiting software that is designed to streamline the hiring process. It is a cloud-based platform that assists in managing the entire hiring process. From screening, job distribution, and interviewing, to sending out appointment letters, Jobvite can help you with everything. 

With its fully optimized tools for recruitment, Jobvite makes it easier for companies to hire employees and ensure a personalized experience for all candidates. Along with this, it also provides a variety of tools to manage compliance and onboarding procedure. If you are looking to attract and engage competent candidates for a specific profile, Jobvite is the best solution for you. 

Features of Jobvite - Best recruiting tools for hiring employees:

  • Ideal and a go-to platform for SaaS companies
  • Easy-to-navigate and simple-to-use platform
  • Offers customized application form for all companies
  • Enables you to upload and manage bulk resumes quickly 
  • Jobvite Hire- automatically feeds the job posting to social media and other platforms
Visit Jobvite:


Workable is a free recruitment software that offers the best hiring tools to manage and streamline the recruitment process. It elevates the administrative burden associated with the process of hiring employees by automating the mundane tasks of browsing, screening, and managing a large pool of candidates. 

Workable is meant for all types of organizations in any part of the world. Workable’s scalable tools and enterprise-grade tech make it one of the best mobile apps for hiring employees. If you are looking for the best recruitment tools for finding qualified candidates and determining top talents, Workable is the best app for you. 

Features of Workable - Among the best apps to hire employees:

  • Highly scalable and emphasis on diversity
  • Offers a centralized platform for completing the hiring process
  • Supports integration with over 40 different systems and platforms
  • Helps in finding the best fit through AI-powered sourcing technology
  • Assists you in creating SEO-optimized job descriptions to expand the reach
Visit Workable:


JazzHR is among the best tools for recruitment that help you find and hire the best talent easily. It features a fully-optimized Applicant Tracking System(ATS) that empowers HR professionals to hunt, screen, and appoint a suitable candidate for the job position. With a comprehensive suite of organizing tools, JazzHR can be used to streamline the hiring process and make it hassle-free and smooth. 

It is an affordable software that is purpose-built to empower growing companies to exceed their recruiting goals. With affordable pricing and the best set of recruiting tools, JazzHR is an ideal recruiting software for small business and mid-sized business owners. 

Features of JazzHR - Best recruiting software for small business owners:

  • Extremely easy to learn and use
  • Enables access to unlimited users
  • Compatible with desktop and mobile devices
  • Publishes the job posts to multiple sites at once
  • Offers intuitive reporting and communication tools
Visit JazzHR:


SurveyMonkey is an online survey and free recruitment software that can help you to create, manage, and run professional surveys. It is the world’s leading platform that has managed to help many businesses to measure their performance and hire the best candidates. 

This recruitment tool is packed with survey templates that can be used by recruiting managers to precisely analyze the data and make informed decisions based on that. SurveyMonkey helps businesses to improve their recruitment process based on candidates’ feedback and reviews. 

Features of SurveyMonkey - An effective HR recruitment software:

  • Simple to use and an intuitive interface
  • Manage and analyze the recruiter’s performance
  • Get a head start on effective employee engagement
  • Supports integration with other apps like Zapier, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Demonstrative videos and tutorials to understand the working of all the tools
Visit SurveyMonkey:
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What are the Benefits of Recruitment Tools?

As it is already established that using recruiting tools can make hiring simple and faster. These tools are extremely useful for both large and small-sized businesses. Let's understand the advantages of using these tools in some detail:

1. Time-Saving

Hiring employees that are fit for a specific position is a tedious job that demands a lot of time and energy. HR recruitment software is ideal for streamlining administrative and hiring tasks, reducing the time spent by recruiting professionals. It can automate multiple tasks like data screening, resume verification, etc. Using a recruitment tool will help HRs to communicate smoothly with potential candidates. 

2. Less Disruption

Understaffed companies can never perform at their best potential. HR recruitment software can help to hire teams stay on top of the recruitment process demand and ensure that there are no hiring gaps. Using these tools can help reduce the effect of workforce management disruption by filling the gaps quickly and ensuring the best talent for the company. 

3. Improved Hiring Decisions

The best recruiting tools are meant to ensure that you hire the right people at each and every point. With access to apps for hiring employees, recruitment teams are more likely to make informed and accurate hiring decisions. A recruitment tool is based on data and its analysis that can help HRs in making the right choice. 

4. Faster and Smoother Hiring Process

A recruitment tool has the potential to support the entire HR team by automating the mundane recruitment process and eliminating the administrative burden. From sifting resumes through a bundle to verifying the candidate’s background, the best hiring apps can do it all. 

5. Satisfied Candidates

Maintaining the employees’ satisfaction is extremely important for both small and big businesses. Using the best recruitment tools and apps to hire employees can help you maintain the satisfaction of employees easily. These tools can enrich a candidate’s experience by simplifying the application process. 

What are the primary features of recruitment software?

There is a huge selection of recruiting tools that can be selected as per your business requirements. These tools can transform the talent acquisition process and are thus extremely handy. Some of the key features that you must look at before selecting a recruitment tool are listed below -

1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An applicant tracking system is a necessity for effective candidate management. It can help in collecting employee information, storing important data, and managing the entire recruitment process through a single platform. ATS is beneficial in enhancing collaboration between different departments and improving in-house communication. 

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to transform human life and has thus taken its place in many crucial aspects of commerce and business as well. Recruitment tools that are powered by AI technology can help in finding relevant candidates easily, screen assessment results, and deliver a personalized experience for both employers and employees. 

3. Assessments

Educational qualifications and industry experience are not the only parameters for selecting a suitable candidate. Using assessment tools like aptitude tests, language proficiency tests, or technical aptitude tests is important for pre-screening and hiring employees for the company. 

4. Interview Software

Some of the top recruitment tools and hiring apps are equipped with special interview tools that can help employers in conducting the pre-screening round. These tools can reduce the cost and time that goes into arranging a face-to-face interview round. 

Final Verdict!

Investing in the best recruitment tools is an excellent way for companies to simplify their hiring process and increase their overall efficiency. These tools prove to be extremely useful in making the hiring process a lot more structured and cost-effective. 

Not only can recruiting tools speed up the hiring process, but they can also streamline the workflow, helping release time that can be spent on more strategic tasks. If you are determined to hire the best talent for your business, the top tools for recruitment are definitely worth giving a shot at. 

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