Best Mutual Fund Apps to Make Your Money Grow with Ease

Discover the mutual fund apps, featuring performance, features, fees, and ease of use that can help you maximize your portfolio in just a few clicks.
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May 29, 2023
mutual fund investment apps
Investing in mutual funds can seem daunting, especially for beginners who lack the time and knowledge required for thorough research. However, with the advent of the best mutual fund apps, investing has become increasingly accessible to everyone. Mutual funds have outperformed inflation rates and savings accounts, making them a smart investment option for those seeking long-term financial stability.

Despite the potential benefits, high fees and a lack of personal control can deter investors. This blog post will outline the best apps to invest in mutual funds that address these concerns and provide an efficient and user-friendly experience. So, whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, read on to kickstart your investment journey.

Our Top Picks

Our team of experts has conducted thorough research on various platforms and determined the mutual fund investment apps based on user-friendliness, fees, investment options, and customer support. With that said, let us dive into the list of apps that we have shortlisted for you.

Best mutual fund apps for Android and iOS in 2023

This year can kickstart better wealth management for you thanks to the mutual fund investment apps mentioned further. Just go through the descriptions and click on the links to land on the downloading page of your phone’s app store. Now, let’s begin with the list!


Apple 4.6
android 3.9

E*TRADE is an exceptional mutual fund app for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options without paying any commission fees. The app provides a customized search to help you find the right mutual funds that match your goals and predefined investment strategies. 

E*TRADE has eliminated all mutual fund commissions, so you can invest in them without worrying about extra costs. The mobile app lets you manage your investments and access your account anytime. All these features make E*TRADE the best app to buy mutual funds today.

Notable features of E*TRADE- Best App to Invest in Mutual Fund

  • Commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, etc
  • Availability of two free trading platforms for all customers
  • Pre-built portfolios with leading mutual funds or ETFs 
  • User-friendly and highly customizable mobile app
  • Access to educational resources and advisors for analysis
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Merrill Edge

Apple 4.6
android 3.9

Merrill Edge is among the best apps to invest in mutual funds, catering to many investors who want to manage their investments efficiently from anywhere. The app provides an extensive range of features, such as the ability to view balances, holdings, order status, and pending and historical transactions. 

Investors can also easily trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options, making investment decisions seamless and faster. With real-time streaming quotes and interactive charts, investors can stay on top of the market's latest trends and movements, giving them a significant edge. Additionally, the app allows users to explore heat maps, making it a visually rich experience for investors who want to gather insights quickly.

Notable features of Merrill Edge- Best App for Mutual Fund

  • Get real-time streaming quotes and market data
  • Get data for stock prices and industry news
  • Powerful calculators and retirement planning solutions for financial futures
  • Manage accounts, make trades, and view transaction histories anytime
  • Deposit checks by taking photos of them and easily transfer money
  • Touch ID and Face ID to sign in to send and receive messages
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TD Ameritrade Mobile

Apple 4.5
android 3.8

TD Ameritrade Mobile is an award-winning mutual fund app with over 13,000 mutual funds available to trade. The platform is designed to make it easier for investors to stay on top of their mutual fund portfolios and make informed decisions. The app's customizable dashboards provide real-time updates to critical market data, including fund performance, prices, and news. This information is complemented by an advanced charting system that enables investors to gain insights into fund performance over time.

TD Ameritrade Mobile provides a wealth of features that enable investors to easily trade, track, and manage their mutual fund investments. Investors can use the app to set up automatic investment plans, buy and sell mutual funds, and even transfer funds in and out of their accounts.

Notable features of TD Ameritrade Mobile- Top Mutual Fund App

  • Stay up-to-date with real-time streaming quotes, charts, and news
  • Browse educational videos on investing strategies, stocks, options, etc
  • Use alerts to spot potential trading opportunities
  • Manage and monitor your accounts with real-time balances and positions
  • Set up your Positions and Watch List screens
  • Transfer funds with comfort
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Apple 4.7
android 4.3

Webull is a one-stop platform for all your investing and trading needs and is considered the best app for mutual fund. It offers commission-free trading on stocks, options, and ETFs, allowing users to optimize their portfolios without any extra charges. The interface is user-friendly, and the app also offers investment guidance through their Smart Advisor feature.

With its low minimum investment requirement ($5), Webull significantly expands the investment opportunities available for retail investors. Its recurring investment feature also enables users to align their investment strategies with market benchmarks, further optimizing their portfolio growth potential.

Notable features of Webull- Best App to Buy Mutual Funds

  • Real-time quotes and market data
  • Commission-free trading for stocks and ETFs
  • Customizable platform's layout to suit individual preferences
  • Real-time trading alerts to help users stay on top of market changes
  • Customizable charting tools with technical indicators and drawing tools
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Charles Schwab

Apple 4.8
android 3.6

Charles Schwab is widely recognized as a top mutual fund investment app due to its user-friendly interface and extensive fund selection. With over 4,000 mutual fund offerings from more than 600 fund families, investors can access an impressive range of investment opportunities. Moreover, the app provides users with a detailed analysis of each fund's performance, including expense ratios and historical returns, which helps investors make informed decisions.

In addition to its impressive fund selection, Charles Schwab offers commission-free transactions for its own branded mutual funds and ETFs, making it an affordable option for users. Moreover, investors can transfer funds easily between accounts and can even set up recurring investments with just a few taps.

Notable features of Charles Schwab- Top Mutual Fund Investment App

  • Commission-free online trading of stocks, ETFs, and options
  • Choose from various investments, including mutual funds, bonds, etc
  • Access to high-quality research and educational resources
  • Invest, monitor your account, and transfer funds on the go. 
  • Mobile check deposit, fingerprint and face ID login, and custom modules
  • 24/7 phone support, live chat, and physical branch locations for assistance
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Apple 4.8
android 4.5

AssetPlus is recognized to provide the best mutual fund to invest in 2023 with exceptional features and reliable services. With just a few taps, you can invest in more than 4000 mutual funds. The app offers an entirely online process that makes investing in mutual funds and starting SIPs hassle-free. 

AssetPlus also offers tax-saving mutual funds or ELSS schemes under Section 80C, providing an investment option for investors looking to save taxes. Additionally, if you cannot make investment decisions, the professional expertise of advisors is available via live chat.

Notable features of AssetPlus- Best Mutual Fund to Invest in 2023

  • Paperless KYC process, completed online
  • Straightforward process of investing in mutual funds
  • SIP calculator to determine returns on mutual fund investments
  • Tax-saving investment options available
  • Access to historical charts and detailed research reports
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Apple 4.7
android 4.1

eToro is a revolutionary platform that has completely redefined investing, making it social and collaborative. It is one of the best mutual fund investment apps available today, offering its users a wide range of investment options in traditional and innovative financial markets worldwide. Unlike other share dealing platforms, eToro allows investors to create diversified portfolios without paying markup, ticketing, or management fees. 

It even absorbs Stamp Duty and Financial Transaction Tax where applicable, making it a more economical and financially viable option for investors looking to maximize their returns. Additionally, eToro offers valuable market research, technical analysis, and ProCharts to assist investors in making informed decisions.

Notable features of eToro- Best Mutual Fund Investment App

  • It allows users to discuss markets and copy successful traders
  • Enjoy zero commission as you invest in leading stocks
  • Powerful trading tools, including ProCharts, market research, and Watchlists 
  • Set up alerts for breaking trends and keep up to date
  • Try a virtual portfolio, credited with $100,000, before investing real money
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Apple 4.2
android 4.0

While Robinhood is known for commission-free trading, the app also offers a great platform for mutual fund investors. With their "Only IRA with a Match" feature, investors can get a 1% matching towards their contributions for retirement. This encourages investors to save more for their future and helps them build their retirement nest egg much faster.

Robinhood also offers a feature called "Robinhood Gold," specifically designed to help investors level up their investments. With Robinhood Gold, investors can earn up to 4.65% on their uninvested cash, access bigger instant deposits (up to $50,000), and enjoy competitive rates for margin investing (if eligible). The platform also provides Nasdaq Level II data and Morningstar research to help investors stay on top of the market.

Notable features of Robinhood- Best App for Mutual Fund

  • Commission-free trading for stocks, ETFs, and options
  • Access advanced market data and earn up to 4.65% on uninvested cash
  • Crypto trading is also available on Robinhood, with zero commission fees
  • Invest securely with 24/7 live support and 2-factor authentication
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Apple 4.5
android 4.3

Fineco ranks among the top mutual fund investment apps for its access to stocks, forex pairs, ETFs, and mutual funds. It is more of a premium trading platform that offers access to a wide range of global markets and financial instruments. With £0 commission and no added spreads on Share CFDs, Fineco stands out from its competitors as an affordable option for traders looking to take their trading to the next level.

In addition to its low fees, Fineco also offers powerful trading tools and a wide range of news and analysis across all three of its in-house platforms. Traders can access 26 global markets and trade over 20,000 financial instruments worldwide.

Notable features of Fineco- Best App to Buy Mutual Funds

  • Zero commission and no added spreads on Share CFDs
  • Access to 26 global markets and over 20,000 financial instruments
  • In-house platforms handle 75,000 executed orders daily
  • Real-time quotes, interactive charting systems, and up-to-date news
  • Integrated trading, investment, and banking services with no monthly fees
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Apple 4.2
android 4.3

Plus500 is one of the mutual fund investment apps that allows investors to trade in contracts for difference (CFDs) in financial instruments such as stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. With a user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed from desktop or mobile devices, Plus500 offers traders the ability to buy or sell assets without actually owning them. 

The platform provides 0 commission trades with tight spreads, ensuring investors enjoy maximum profit margins. Furthermore, with the unlimited Demo Account offered by Plus500, investors can practice trading risk-free, honing their skills before venturing into the real-time markets.

Notable features of Plus500- Mutual Fund Investment App

  • Real-time alerts via email, push notifications, and SMS
  • Unlimited access to a risk-free demo account with no deposit fees and commissions
  • Customizable charts and technical indicators for decisions based on real-time data
  • The service team operates 24/7, providing support to traders around the world
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TD Ameritrade Mobile

Apple 4.5
android 3.8

TD Ameritrade offers a user-friendly interface and multiple features with the task of monitoring and managing one's mutual fund investments on the go. The Dashboard page of the app provides a comprehensive view of not only the markets but one's accounts as well. It helps investors keep track of their earnings at all times.

In addition, the app offers real-time streaming quotes, helpful charts, and news alerts to stay up-to-date with market trends. Along with the ability to trade stocks, options, and ETFs, the app provides educational content and third-party research from leading companies. Investors can access videos on investing strategies, the latest analyst reports, and Twitter integration to stay up-to-date with market sentiment.

Notable features of TD Ameritrade Mobile- Mutual Fund App in 2023

  • Customizable dashboard views for real-time financial information at a glance
  • Secure and convenient mobile check deposit capabilities funds transfers
  • Access to TD Ameritrade's expansive library of educational resources
  • Advanced alerts, notifications, and integration with social media platforms
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Apple 4.7
android 4.6

Betterment has been rated the best app to invest in mutual funds due to its user-friendly platform and expertly-curated portfolio options. Investors can tailor their stock-and-bond risk level according to their financial goals and risk tolerance, with all portfolios built by financial experts.

Investors can also benefit from Betterment's automated tools, such as tax-loss harvesting and tax coordination between accounts, to limit their tax impact The app's Cash Reserve feature offers a competitive high-yield savings account option with FDIC insurance coverage up to $2M ($4M for joint accounts), significantly higher than most traditional banks.

Notable features of Betterment- Top Mutual Fund App

  • Expert-built portfolios with customized stock and bond risk levels
  • Optimizes your investments for for tax-loss harvesting and recurring deposits
  • Comprehensive goal setting and projection tools with one-stop dashboard
  • Additional features like crypto investing, checking accounts, and 401(k) plans
  • High-yield savings with Cash Reserve
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myCAMS Mutual Fund App

Apple 2.5
android 4.0

Among all the mutual fund investment apps, myCAMS Mutual Fund app simplifies mutual fund investing, making it faster, easier, and smarter. With myCAMS, users get a one-view of their portfolio across multiple Mutual Funds, all from trusted brands. The app's top-notch security ensures that user information is not stored in any SIM card or device. 

The app has won the Best Financial App Award at GMASA twice since 2015, indicating its reliability and excellence. The app simplifies transaction processes with features like mobile PIN and pattern login, Aadhaar-based eKYC, and scheduled transactions.

Notable features of myCAMS Mutual Fund App

  • A single gateway for multiple Mutual Funds, eliminating multiple IDs and PINs
  • Easy to use and secure, with Mobile PINs, Patterns, and Passwords
  • Features like myFavourites, myWatchList, and Scheduled Transactions
  • Set up any number of SIPs and purchases through Common One Time Mandate
  • A PAN Level Portfolio view to track and manage their family wrap portfolio
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Apple 4.6
android 3.8

Invstr is among the most reliable apps to invest in mutual funds available to learn about the market today. With its commitment to making investing accessible to everyone, Invstr offers a range of features catering to novice and experienced investors. Additionally, with the ability to invest in fractional shares, Invstr makes it possible for its users to invest in stocks that may otherwise not be affordable.

Another key feature of Invstr is its virtual portfolio, which allows users to manage a $1 million virtual portfolio of stocks and crypto. This feature allows investors to learn about investing without risking a significant portion of their portfolio. It also offers an educational platform that helps investors understand the market and enhances their investment knowledge.

Notable features of Invstr- Leading Mutual Fund App

  • An education platform for money management, investing, and smart spending
  • Trade US stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and fractional shares at zero commission 
  • Virtual portfolio to practice investing without risking real money
  • Personalized Invstr Score and Portfolio Builder for informed investment decisions.
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Fidelity Investments

Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Fidelity Investments is among the popular mutual fund investment apps for its broad range of investment choices, expert insights, and investment tools. With over 75 years of financial expertise, Fidelity is committed to providing a secure and easy-to-use platform for investors of all levels. 

The app allows investors access to industry-leading research and market analysis, allowing them to easily trade stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies. Fidelity’s cash management solutions also allow investors to deposit checks, pay bills, and automate investments.

Notable features of Fidelity Investments- Best Mutual Fund App

  • Backed by 75 years of financial expertise for security and peace of mind
  • Powerful tools, market analysis, and real-time quotes for informed decisions
  • No account fees or minimums, and commission-free trades for US stocks
  • 2-factor authentication, voice biometrics, and alerts for money transfer lockdowns
  • Financial learning resources such as podcasts, articles, and videos
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With the emergence of investment apps, you can easily grow your money with just a few taps on your smartphone. The top 15 mutual fund investment apps we've discussed provide great user experience and offer diverse investment options. It's never too late to start investing, and with these options, you can do it with ease. 

If you're a product owner yourself, don't forget to get your product reviewed to give it the visibility it deserves among your target audience. Until then, start investing and watch your money grow with the help of these amazing mutual fund apps.

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