10 Best Musical Games to Entertain You with Good Rhythms

Keep up with notes and rhythms to ace these best musical games!
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May 25, 2022
Best Musical Games
Phone games have been saving us from boredom for almost a decade now. And since the inception of the concept of mobile gaming, there have been multiple developments in graphics, genres, themes, and quality. Today, among the most popular gaming categories, musical games maintain high popularity as well. In this blog, we are discussing some of these best musical game apps for your convenience.

Our Top Picks

These best music games are picked after proper reviews and we also considered other factors such as their user opinion, ratings, game features, etc. All of these top games are thoughtfully designed by keeping modern UI trends in mind to offer the best possible experience. So, you can pick any of these fun music games and kill the boredom with some amazing rhythms.

Best Cool Music Games

With each name included in this list of music-based games, you will find their features and download links for Android and iOS operating systems. We will now begin the list without any further ado. To ensure you have insight into all the best music games to play, stay with us until the end of this blog.


Apple 4.9
android 4.5

This music game app is loved by millions of users across the globe. The Piano rhythm game follows Deemo who stays in a world of treehouses. In the story mode of this one of the best music games for iPhone and Android, you get more than 60 free songs and 220+ total songs.

Features of this one of the top rhythm games

  • Comes with free and paid songs
  • Unlock tracks as you progress
  • A modern fairytale following Deemo
  • Amazing gameplay
Download this best rhythm game


Apple 4.8
android 4.6

The music game app comes with 160+ songs from over 100 artists. There are three different difficulty levels for each song as well. In this one of the best music games for Android and iOS devices, you follow the storyline based on two girls. 

Features of this one of the best mobile rhythm games

  • Over 160 songs from 100+ artists to play
  • 3 difficulty levels for each rhythm
  • Free to install
  • Comes with in-app purchases
Download this best rhythm game


Apple 4.4
android 4.1

One of the best music rhythm games online, VOEZ is available for free. The storyline of this one of the top musical game apps is focused on students from Lan Kong High School who decided to pursue their musical dreams. VOEZ is a band that will grow as you progress through the game.

Features of this one of the top music games

  • Free to play
  • Dynamic tracks
  • Multiple characters
  • Includes ads and in-app purchases
Download this one of the best fun music games

Cyber Surfer

Apple 4.0
android 4.6

A cyberpunk game that lets you use the lightsaber to smash blocks with the same colors. With catchy songs from Jpop, Kpop, Imagine Dragons, and more, you surf and make way to your progress. The VIP version comes with no ads and more than 200 hot songs.

Features of this one of the best mobile rhythm games

  • Multiple genres of music
  • No ads with VIP features
  • Unlock 200+ hot songs with the VIP package
  • Move fingers to control the surfer and the lightsaber
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Apple 4.1
android 3.6

The free musical game includes classical music pieces for players to enjoy. There are multiple multiplayer modes like League mode to play against other players, single-player mode, etc. Moreover, with the Thumb optimized feature, players can also play the game with their thumbs easily.

Features of this one of the best music games

  • Comes with classical music pieces
  • Allows competing against other pianists
  • As you progress, the tougher the game gets
  • Available for free with ads and in-app purchases
Download this music-based game


Apple 4.2
android 4.3

The music game app comes with 5 levels and 100+ tracks that will take you through an amazing gameplay experience. As you progress through the game, you can also collect characters and rank up to unlock more in-game surprises. Overall, the game offers a stunning experience that everyone can enjoy.

Features of this one of the best musical games

  • Covers music from industries like J-pop, Chiptune, etc
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter easily
  • Multiple level options
  • Weekly updated music
Download this best rhythm game

Tiles Hop

Apple 4.3
android 4.3

This music-based game comes with a small ball included in the game which you hold and drag to make it jump on tiles. These tiles will change patterns depending on the song that you choose to play. You can also unlock the app’s VIP features to enjoy an ad-free experience with 1000+ songs.

Features of this music game app

  • More than 1000 songs
  • No ads with VIP features
  • Allows you to upload your favorite songs
  • 3D visuals and effects
Download this one of the cool music games

Magic Tiles 3

Apple 3.9
android 4.2

In this game, you need to focus on black tiles only and all-white tiles need to be avoided. The game works like a piano, so every time you press the right tile, you generate the music and improve your score. With the VIP version, you can be free from ads and unlock more than 5000 songs to enjoy on this game.

Features of this top music-based game

  • The VIP version makes the game ad-free
  • Frequently updated vocals
  • Multiple genres are included
  • Free revives with the VIP version
Download this best rhythm game


Apple 4.9
android 4.6

This one of the best rhythm games has a rhythmic universe where as you progress, you unlock music of new genres. There are bosses as well in this game which will be defeated with the power of your music. To progress through the game, you are supposed to follow tunes and rhythms. 

Features of this one of the cool music games

  • Follow tunes and rhythms to progress
  • Multiple boss fights
  • Artistic picture book styled graphics
  • Stunning anime-themed artworks
Download this music-based game


Apple 4.6
android 4.5

Played by millions of gamers across the world, in Beatstar, you tap the beat of 100s of songs. You can also climb ranks as you progress through the game. To play the game, you need to touch and swipe notes. But as you progress, the task keeps getting harder.

Features of this one of the best mobile rhythm games

  • Swipe and tap every note to progress
  • 100s of songs and their beats
  • Ace songs to unlock new songs
  • Playlists collaborated by 100s of artists
Download this top music-based game
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So, these were the top musical games that deserved your attention. As mentioned earlier, we reviewed these options and carefully selected them, so, you can pick any option without thinking twice.

Now, if you are a developer and are reading this blog for some inspiration, you can also get your app reviewed when it’s prepared. It will help you in understanding the real potential of your app and you will be able to market it to a large audience. You can also visit MobileAppDaily to keep an eye on the latest app development trends.

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