10 Best Android Browsers to Improve Internet Surfing Experience

These best Android browsers are thoughtfully developed to help you in availing a faster and safer internet browsing experience!
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November 14, 2022
best android browsers
Android smartphones have billion of users across the globe who use these phones to stream, download and produce tons of content. However, most of the activities done on the top Android browsers for surfing are for entertainment, research, news, and more. Additionally, no matter what best browser for phones you choose to use, internet security, good readability, faster loading time, and more are some of the mandatory features that you get them with.

Furthermore, through this blog, we tried to help you in finding the top browser for Android smartphones that can help you in enjoying the internet surfing experience with the best possible quality standards possible.

Our Top Picks

Each best browser for Android included in this list is shortlisted on the basis of its popularity, features, reviews, and more. So, for a safer but high-quality internet browsing experience, you can install any of these private browsers for Android without thinking twice.

Most Popular Browsers for Android Smartphones

With every best web browser for Android that you see in this list, there will be features, ratings, and download links. You can just pick one browser and click on the download button to land on the download page of the browser. Now, let’s begin the list!

Opera Browser, the best Android browser in 2022

android 4.3

Opera Browser is known for the safe and secure browsing experience that it offers. This fastest browser for Android comes with additional features such as ad-block, dark mode, and more. You can also use Opera Browser as one of the top VPN apps to brows restricted websites at your location. Additionally, you can surf internet, stream media, use the browser for video chatting, and do much more without having to pay a single penny. Additionally, Opera Browser also includes the best private browser for Android smartphones where you can browse the internet without leaving a trace on your smartphone.

Features of this safest browser for Android

  • Free ad-blocker for a seamless browsing experience
  • Comes with a dark mode too
  • Set your content and news preferences
  • Sync the browser across multiple devices
Download this best Adblock browser

Dolphin Browser, the most secure browser for Android

android 4.0

Downloaded and used by millions of Android users, this fastest Android browser in 2022 is a user favorite alternative to use. The best browser for phones comes with features like adblocker, flash player, bookmarks, incognito, gestures, sonar, and more. With its amazing Flash Player support, the quality of surfing and streaming on this best browser for Android is top-notch. Additionally, the top browser for Android also comes with an in-built file manager that lets you manage and move your downloaded content. 

Features of this best Android browser with AdBlock

  • Use gesture control to access the internet
  • Use the Sonar feature to voice search
  • Customizable browser themes
  • Share content faster with the help of most-recent used apps
Download this best Adblock browser

DuckDuckGo, the fastest browser for Android

android 4.6

This fastest Android browser in 2022 is known for offering the best security and protection against being tracked by websites. DuckDuckGo is also one of the best Android browsers that come with features such as email protection, website protection, app tracking protection, and more. The safest browser for Android comes with smart encryption as well which is designed to help protect your internet experience

Features of this most secure browser for Android smartphones

  • Includes smart encryption
  • Comes with a smart encryption
  • Offers protection from hidden website trackers
  • Search on the internet anonymously 
Download this top best Android browser with AdBlock

Kiwi Browser, the best private browser for Android

android 3.8

Used by millions of people, Kiwi Browser is a trustable to read news, surfing the internet, watching videos, listening to music, and more. The best Android browser in 2022 also offers translation features for over 50 languages. In this fastest browser for Android, you will also find some advanced tools such as the developer tool to inspect web pages, and more.

Features of this safest browser for Android

  • It’s entirely free to use
  • Includes ads
  • Browse internet without any traces
  • Supports tablets too
Download this best private browser
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Vivaldi Browser, the top browser app for Android

android 4.1

This one of the best chrome alternatives will allow you to browse internet privately and without interruptions. There are ad blocker and tracker blocker tools included in this one of the most popular browsers. The browser app for Android also offers smart tools such as screenshots, quick notes, translating web pages, etc. Overall, the browser app for Android is designed to offer you a smooth internet surfing experience.

Features of this best web browser for Android

  • Free to install
  • Sync browser across devices
  • Includes custom filters
  • Smart tools for better visibility
Download this one of the top private browsers

Firefox, one of the fastest Android browser in 2022

android 4.4

Firefox has established itself as one of the fastest Android browsers for surfing web for years. The most secure browser for Android is also a leader in offering customizations of the experience you expect from a browser. You can change wallpapers, sync the browser across devices, keep on intelligent suggestions, and more. 

Features of this best adblock browser for Android

  • Customize wallpapers
  • Super fast loading speed
  • Syncable across devices
  • Resume your previous session easily
Download this top browser app

Surfy Browser, one of the most most popular browsers

android 4.0

This top browser for Android is designed to protect your privacy. And, to do that, it offers fingerprint or passcode protection for your bookmarks, browsing, and incognito modes. The best Android browser in 2022 is also equipped with a text-to-voice technology which enables you to to listen your web pages easily. Additionally, Surfy Browser is one of the most customizable browser you will come across as well.

Features of this fastest browser for Android

  • Supports text-to-voice to read your web pages
  • Provides fingerprint or passcode protection
  • Customizable tools, themes, colors, and more
  • Includes an adblocker too
Download this best private browser

Via Browser, the safest browser for Android

android 4.1

The best Android browser in 2022, Via Browser does not annoy you with unnecessary news suggestions, ads, etc. The browser is quite simple to use and follows minimalism in its theme. Additionally, as the size of the browser is lite, it is capable of delivering some amazing web page loading speeds to enhance your overall internet experience.

Features of this one of the top private browsers for Android

  • Minimalistic design
  • Liter in size 
  • Offers best loading speed
  • No ads or annoying news notifications
Download this one of the most popular browsers

Brave Private Browser, most secure browser for Android

android 4.5

Brave Browser is quite popular for offering some of the best features to protect internet users from the exploitations done by websites. The adblocker browser includes a strong ad blocker to save you from annoying ads that follow you everywhere. However, you can also earn some Brave Rewards with some privacy-respecting ads that Brave Browser allows to come through if you want.

Features of this one of the best chrome alternatives

  • Free to use
  • Blocks ad trackers
  • Improves the loading speed by up to 8x
  • Includes a blocker for battery-draining software
Download this best adblock browser

Microsoft Edge, the best browser for phones

android 4.5

A top browser for speed and performance, Microsoft Edge is an all-in-one solution for browser needs. The tool allows you to stream videos, surf internet safely, find deals nearby, earn rewards on the basis of your search history, and more. You can personalize your browsing experience too by adding favorite websites, customizing privacy settings, and more. 

Features of this best web browser for Android

  • Free to use
  • Simple theme
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable privacy controls
Download this best web browser
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So, these were some of the best Android browsers existing out there. These browsers are fast, private, and designed to provide you the best internet experience. The above list includes names that are already used by a huge number of internet users across the world everyday. Almost all of these browsers are designed to offer you a better internet usage experience as well. So, install any of the above-mentioned options and dive right into the world of seamless internet surfing.

In the end, we want to inform you that it is also possible for you to see your app in such lists by MobileAppDaily if you are a developer. However, to list your product, you have to submit your app and then our experts will review the app as they did for these best Android browsers. If qualified, it can be an opportunity for you to know the raw potential of your digital product and you might also get some feedback that could help you in improving your app if required.

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