Best AI Photo Colorizers to Transform Images from Grayscale to Colorful

Transform your monochromatic photos into vibrant masterpieces with the best AI photo colorizer apps. Redefine your memories and cherish them in full color.
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July 11, 2023
ai photo colorizers

Image colorization is a simple process through which you can add colors to grayscale photos to enhance their beauty and add to their aesthetic appeal. Colorizing black and white photos manually can be very challenging and time-consuming. However, with the increasing presence of AI around us, we now have simpler tools and software to do this process.

AI-based photo colorizer software lets you transform old images with just a few simple clicks. By combining AI technology with colorization techniques, image colorizer can quickly revamp your photos by intelligently identifying each object and filling it with the desired colors. It is a great technique for enhancing the visual quality of the photos and making it more vivid.

If you are looking for a simple way to colorize your old photos and bring them back to life, we have got you covered. We have rounded up an inclusive list of AI-based photo colorizer software that offers quick and simple solutions. Continue reading further to know more about these tools.

Revive Your Memories with AI Image Colorizer Software in 2023!

Out of the multiple options available in the market, we have hand-picked some of our favorite AI image recolor software and tools that can simplify the tedious process of image colorization. With advanced digital editing and customizing tools, these tools are suitable for both professional-level editing and recreational purposes.

All the software below are mentioned, along with their detailed descriptions and USPs. carefully examine each of them to find a suitable image colorizer software for you. Let’s head to our list now.


Cutout Pro

Cutout Pro is an AI-powered photo colorizer software and background remover tool that is used by many professional editors and photographers. It offers a suite of simple and beginner-friendly tools that can be used for redesigning images, removing backgrounds, and editing photos and videos. 

It is an AI vision platform that can automatically identify objects and color them automatically. Along with coloring your images, you can also use other editing tools like image enhancer, magnifier, background renderer, and more. 

Features of Cutout Pro - A free AI colorizer software:

  • Simple, drag-and-drop tools for beginners
  • Add elements or remove unwanted objects
  • Special 3D effects for photo enhancement
  • Suitable for small and medium enterprises
  • Enhance, color, and edit digital photos easily
Visit Cutout Pro:

Hotpot AI

Hotpot AI is a smart photo editing tool that is used to enhance creativity and automate drudgery for revamping your photos. Effective image colorize tools can enhance the visual and graphical quality of your pictures and make them look more realistic. 

It is a power-packed editing tool that functions as a photo colorizer, enhancer, background remover, and an all-in-one solution for all your editing needs. Hotpot AI is the best and simplest solution to upscale and reimagine your photos and preserve them for the future. 

Features of Hotpot AI - An AI colorizer tool for professionals:

  • Reimagine and enhance your photos
  • Smart AI technology to develop realistic pictures
  • Secures your privacy by not saving pictures without permissions 
  • Creates social media graphics, personalized art, illustrations, and more
  • Pricing ranges from $0.02- $0.25, depending on volume and subscription
Visit Hotpot AI:

Image Colorizer

Image Colorizer is an AI colorizer tool that is useful in restoring old photos and reviving them in the modern era. With the latest AI technology, Image Colorizer can quickly restore old photos and fill them with colors. It colors the pictures in a natural way and is thus a popular AI colorizer among users. 

Along with colorizing, Image Colorizer is also capable of retouching, enhancing, and repairing old photos. You can fix your old images by removing unwanted objects and backgrounds. All in all, this software is the perfect photo colorizer for upscaling your old photos without damaging them. 

Features of Image Colorizer - The best AI image recolor tool:

  • Adds and fixes colors in a natural way
  • Face retouch feature to fix old portraits
  • Fix low-definition and blurry images easily
  • Processed images are not saved in the database
  • Clean up photos by removing unwanted objects from the background
Visit Image Colorizer:

DeepAI Colorizer

DeepAI Colorizer is a free AI photo colorizer online that can be used to add colors and enhance the quality of your old photographs. The deep learning algorithms of this software are trained to work on both colored and monochrome images. DeepAI Colorizer offers the perfect solution to colorize image and restore it in today’s age. 

The advanced image colorizer technology makes things easier for users by automatically and neatly coloring the objects. You can customize your old photos as per your preferences using this free AI colorizer tool. 

Features of DeepAI Colorizer - Top free AI colorizer tool:

  • Repair and retouch old images
  • Images must be up to 1200px in width and height
  • Colorizes black and white, historical images instantly
  • Simple and easy-to-use tools for beginners and hobbyists 
  • Deep learning model trained on colored and grayscale images
Visit DeepAI Colorizer:
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Palette is a simple AI tool that lets you transform old and boring images into colorful and visually appealing images quickly. With smart AI-powered tools, Palette can revive your black-and-white memories and turn them into beautiful pictures that can be cherished forever. 

The AI colorizer tools offered by Palette enable vibrant and dynamic colorization options, unlike many other photo colorizer tools that primarily result in brown, purple, and red tones. The Palette is smart enough to not only add colors to the photograph but also adapt to the changing light conditions. This capability ensures that the pictures are reimagined in the most natural way possible. 

Features of Palette - An easy photo colorization tool:

  • Offers flexible pricing options for all users
  • Available worldwide and compatible with many browsers
  • Large professional capacity with bulk processing options
  • Images are automatically deleted from the server, ensuring the user’s privacy
  • Supports integration with third-party apps- iPhone photos, Google Drive, etc. 
Visit Palette:

Vance AI

Vance AI is a fully featured photo editing software that can be used online or on your desktop. It is one of the most popular AI image colorizer apps that can upscale your images without distorting or harming their quality. The advanced AI tools offered by the software ensure higher clarity and better visual quality for all your pictures.

As an AI image recolor app, Vance AI can effectively transform different photo styles, including portraits, landscapes, and more. Along with colorizing images, Vance AI also offers effective tools for face enhancement, artifact removal, and quality improvement. 

Features of Vance AI - An AI photo recolor and editing tool:

  • Images can be deleted after 24 hours for security purposes
  • Enlarges images to up to 800% without harming the quality
  • Supports batch processing of the images via the desktop app
  • Instantly sharpens fuzzy photos and colorizes black-and-white shots
  • Multiple AI upscaling models for customizing digital art, texts, compressed images, etc.
Visit Vance AI:

Colourise offers a suite of the best image colorize tools that can be accessed online for free. It is a cloud-based AI colorizer that uses deep-learning algorithms to color black-and-white photos with just a simple click. 

If you have any old photos that you wish to colorize for printing or sharing on social media, will be your best choice. This AI colorizer tool is simple to use and is preferred by many professionals as it restores lifelike colors to your old photographs. 

Features of Colourise - An image colorizer with AI tools:

  • Colorises images quickly within 30 seconds
  • Drag-and-drop, intuitive interface for users
  • Experiment with grayscale, sepia, and faded images as well
  • Colorise and download your images without any watermarks
  • Automatically reveals and predicts real colors in black and white photos
Visit Colourise:


Img2go is an online image-editing software that enables you to easily edit and revamp image files and photos through multiple effects and tools. Img2go functions as an efficient photo colorizer, image enhancer, and online image convertor. With its huge selection of editing tools and options, this software is a complete package and can single-handedly tackle all your editing needs. 

This AI image colorizer app is extremely simple and convenient to use. It is, thereby, a preferred choice for both amateurs and professional editors and designers. Along with offering editing options, this tool is highly versatile in its working. It can easily turn any file into JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or any other format as well. 

Features of Img2go - An AI colourize photo app for beginners and professionals:

  • Simple and intuitive interface for beginners
  • Convert PDFs and other documents into images
  • Alter and customize file size to post on social media
  • Convert RAW camera images to professional portraits
  • Wide selection of enhancement tools, effects, and filters
Visit Img2go:
9. is an AI photo colorizer that revives your old family photos with the help of cutting-edge AI technology. With just one simple click, the image colorize tools offered by this software can make a black-and-white photo come alive with the vibrancy of colors. is an ideal image colorizer for reviving old family photos, restoring old portraits, or generating new portraits from an existing photograph. This AI colorizer is based on the open-source project DeOldify that allows you to either upload your photos or use API. 

Features of - An AI photo colorizer online:

  • Offers a range of photo restoration options
  • Ideal for video restoration and colorization
  • Offers high-definition, 4k photo colorization
  • Ensures secure storage and privacy protection 
  • Cool, fast, and effective way for colorizing images


Picwish is an AI-powered photo editing platform that offers a huge selection of image processing and editing tools. This software is suitable for freeing you up from mundane editing tasks for more valuable creative work. With its exceptional professional capacity, Picwish can serve a lot of industries and businesses, including graphic designers, marketers, car dealers, and more. 

Along with being the best AI colorizer tool, Picwish can also be used to customize or remove the background as per the user’s preference and requirement. Picwish also provides other editing options such as image compressor and image cropper. All the tools offered by Picwish are extremely easy to use and are thus suitable for beginners as well. 

Features of Picwish - An easy photo colorization tool:

  • Supports social media integration with other apps
  • Enables batch editing features for bulk processing
  • Huge selection of enhancement and transform tools
  • Vast library of built-in templates that can be customized
  • Removes background and unwanted objects to clear up images
Visit Picwish:

Black-and-photos and videos are timeless and hold a special memory of our past. However, filling them with vibrant colors will add to their visual appeal and aesthetics. If you are a beginner looking for a simple tool for restoring photos, Movavi is the perfect solution for you. Its robust set of tools enables professional-quality editing and restoration in the most convenient manner. 

It is suitable for removing all the unnecessary tools from the frame and is among the best AI photo editing apps available for mobile devices. With its simple yet extremely powerful tools for image editing and colorizing, Movavi makes for the top choice of many consumers worldwide. 

Features of Movavi - An editing and image colorizer app:

  • Advanced and basic photo editing filters
  • Hosts a set of user-friendly tools for beginners
  • Supports multiple and popular graphic formats
  • Supports image restoration with neural networks
  • Automatic photo enhancement in just one click with AI
Visit Movavi:


Photomyne is a photo colorizer app that allows you to relive your past memories in the present. The exclusive range of features and tools offered by Photomyne helps you turn monochromatic and boring photos into vibrant portraits, full of colors and happy memories. 

All that you need to do is, scan your old photos using your mobile phone and infuse them with a new life using editing and restoration filters. This app is a go-to for many professionals as the image quality is spot on, and there are multiple storage options available. Photomyne enables its users to save their memories in a digital album and revive the pre-digital era. 

Features of Photomyne - An image colorizer and restoration tool:

  • Touch-up old photos and portraits 
  • Sharpens and cleans up the images easily
  • Colorize your old photos for brighter memories
  • Directly share pictures to social media or store in cloud storage 
  • Cost-effective alternative to other photo scanner services and apps
Visit Photomyne:


Face26 is a fully-optimized AI tool that is developed to improve, enhance, and fix photos and pictures easily. This tool can quickly transform all your old photos into high-definition, colorful images that can be cherished forever. It is a simple photo colorizer tool that does not require prior editing knowledge and skills. 

Face26 is the perfect AI colorizer tool packed with professional-grade effects and performance to give your pictures a new and fresh look. If you are looking for a tool to upscale your images automatically with the power of AI, Face26 is the ideal solution for you. 

Features of Face26 - An AI image colorizer for mobile devices:

  • Instantly enhance and fix images
  • Offers a free version with all the features
  • Simple to operate, does not demand any prior knowledge 
  • Enhances the quality of your photos with higher resolution
  • Available as a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices
Visit Face26:


Vertexshare is a comprehensive software designed to simplify the process of designing and editing. This image colorizer app is highly naked in several countries due to its advanced and effective tools. Along with image colorizing, the tool is extremely effective in merging images and creating panorama images automatically. 

Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, Vertexshare lets you create HDR images with zero learning curve and prior experience. This AI colorizer tool enhances color and contrast without halos, artifacts, or aberrations. 

Features of Vertexshare - A photo colorizer tool for professionals:

  • Completely safe and secure to use
  • Supports both online and offline working
  • Merge and stitch photos to create panorama
  • Offers a user-friendly interface for beginners
  • Automatically colorize black and white photos
Visit Vertexshare:


PixBim is regarded as one of the most advanced AI applications that can automatically color black and white photos. Using deep learning technology, this photo colorizer app can turn your monochrome images into vibrant and visually stunning pictures in no time. 

With its smart AI features, PixBim reimagines the photo in color, fixes it, and enhances it with just one click. After the colorization process is done, users can save the high-definition, full-size pictures on their devices or cloud storage. PixBim offers free upgrades and a vast variety of tools that make it among the top AI image colorizer apps available in the market. 

Features of PixBim - An app to colorize image and edit pictures:

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Offers a free trial for all users to explore the features
  • Supports batch processing for intense professional tasks
  • Stand-alone software for all your editing and restoration needs
  • Creates the colored photo of the same size and dimension as the original
Visit PixBim:
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Let’s Discuss the Primary Features of the Best Photo Colorizer Tools

AI colorizer tools are primarily designed to restore and transform old black-and-white photos into beautiful and colorful pictures. There are multiple options available for users in the market; some work better than others. So, how can you select the best one?

We have listed some important features that you must take into consideration before selecting a colorizing tool for your project. 

1. Instant and Automatic Colorization

AI photo recolor tools are based on advanced algorithms and technology. This empowers them to intelligently identify the objects and fill in colors automatically. An ideal image colorizer tool does not demand prior editing knowledge, as all the work is seamlessly done by AI tools. 

All that you need to do is, upload your picture on the app and wait for the colorizer to do its magic. Most AI image colorizer apps and tools are capable of delivering results in mere 30 seconds. 

2. Life-like effects and colors

Advanced AI models aim at enhancing the photos in the most realistic way possible. AI colorizer tools produce natural-looking images based on their knowledge of historical data and patterns. The monochromatic images are blended with vibrant hues to give them a life-like feel. These tools are thus a great way to revive your old memories in the modern, digital world. 

3. Customization Options

Colrizing apps offer multiple options for customizing pictures. Users can tweak and play around with the colorized photograph through a range of filters and effects available to them. You can adjust the colors, lights, add effects, crop, resize, and do a lot more to tailor the image as per their preferences. 

4. Bulk Processing 

If you are looking for a colorizer app for professional or industrial purposes, you must look out for one that offers batch-processing features. Through this feature, professional editors can restore and reshape multiple images in one go. Editing images in bulk will save a lot of time and reduce the manual effort required to complete the task. 

5. Image Restoration and Editing

Most AI colorizer tools are packed with additional features for restoring and editing images. Image restoration enhances and improves the overall image quality by increasing the resolution. With the editing tools, users can reshape, resize, adjust exposure, saturation, and light, and do a lot more to enhance the visual appeal of their digital photographs. 

How does AI Image Colorization Work?

Colored photography was not developed until 60 or 70 years ago, and thus the memories of our grandparents are locked in monochromatic pictures and videos. It is extremely easy to transform a colored photograph to black and white, but until recently, doing the opposite felt impossible. 

With the introduction and development of AI technology, colorizing black-and-white images is extremely easy. Through deep learning models and intelligent tools, AI-based colorizer tools can scan photographs, recognize and identify them, and fill them with the most dynamic and vibrant colors. 

Smart AI technology can easily recognize patterns and identify exactly how the photograph should be colored. Within seconds, an image colorizer can turn a monochromatic photo into something more vibrant and visually appealing. 

It is a simple yet the most effective technology that anyone can easily use. If you are looking for a way to relive your happy memories in full colors and high-definition quality, using the top photo colorizer tools is the best way out. 

Final Verdict!

AI-based photo colorizer software offers robust and effective tools for transforming old photos into captivating and beautiful visuals filled with colors. With the power of advanced AI algorithms, these apps can automatically analyze and identify the colors and apply them in the most realistic manner possible. 

Along with colorizing tools, these apps often come equipped with advanced and basic editing tools that are suitable for both professional and amateur editors. With superior accessibility and convenience over manual colorizing techniques, AI-based photo colorizer tools are definitely a game-changing development. All the above-mentioned apps offer great features and utility in the process of colorization and are thus worth giving a try. 

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