Watermark Remover Apps- AI-Powered Tools For Your Next Editing Project!

Check out the best AI watermark remover apps, which are powered by AI to give you the most effective and efficient results.
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June 27, 2023
ai watermark remover apps

With artificial intelligence and technological advancements taking over the world, machines, and software have significantly impacted our lives and work. AI-powered tools like the further-mentioned best AI watermark remover apps offer simplified ways of working that can be used to enhance the productivity and efficiency of manual labor.

AI is everywhere, from education to legal services, art to the entertainment industry, and all the other sectors that you can possibly think of. Along with all this, AI has also taken over the entertainment industry. With the development of AI-based entertainment apps, you can now explore new horizons and ways of leisure and relaxation. Just like that, AI has now entered the tools that we generally use for adding or removing watermarks from videos and pictures.

Many businesses and professionals use watermarks to mark the copyright for their content. These watermarks, however, can negatively impact the beauty and looks of your work. An AI-powered watermark remover is an application that can identify and remove watermarks from digital media, including images and videos.

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These tools use powerful and intelligent technology and algorithms that can easily analyze the image and develop a quick process to remove the watermark from the same. The AI-powered watermark removers possess multiple advantages over traditional methods. These are typically faster and are thus extremely ideal for large-scale applications.

We have compiled a list of the best AI-powered watermark remover apps that can be used to simplify the task of removing unwanted watermarks from the final image or video. These apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Check Out the Best Apps to Remove Watermarks using AI Technology and Advancements!

Our blog covers all the trusted AI-based watermark remover apps that offer a great way to save time and hassle when working on a large-scale project. These remover tools can be used to eliminate any unwanted objects from your final photos or videos.

All the apps are carefully examined and reviewed based on their features, usability, customer reviews, and utility. So, without much a do, let’s start with our list now!



Apple 4.7
android 4.3

Fotor is one of the most popular and commonly used watermark remover apps that is available on Android and iOS mobile devices and desktop computers and is available on the web as well. It is the best AI watermark remover online that offers a comprehensive suite of image editing tools that can cater to the needs of both professionals and beginners alike.

Fotor primarily functions as an image editing software that can be used to remove watermarks, edit photos, make a collage, and design projects. All three versions of this software are fully optimized to meet users’ requirements. It offers an impressive range of tools, including both advanced and basic. The basic tools can be accessed for free.

Features of Fotor, the best watermark remover app for video and image editing

  • Enables editing and designing on the go with the mobile app
  • Share images, get inspired, and win prizes
  • Free app to remove watermark from any image or video
  • Choose from multiple collage templates available
  • Edit multiple photos at the same time using the ‘Batch’ feature
Download Fotor


Apple 4.6
android 4.4

PhotoDirector is an AI-powered app that functions as the best image and video watermark remover app. Similar to other AI watermark remover apps, PhotoDirector offers smart and advanced tools that can be used to simplify the image editing process. The app is equipped with each and every tool that is required for touching up images on the go. 

You can either use this AI watermark remover online or can install the app on your smartphone. You can access all features ranging from basic editing to creative photo filters. The best part about this watermark remover app is that it gives you the freedom to edit the entire photo or a part of it as per your liking.

Features of PhotoDirector, the best AI watermark remover app

  • Edit and enhance newly clicked pictures on the go
  • High-quality photo production in 4k resolution
  • Optimized AI tools that automatically restore the details of an image
  • Precisely remove unwanted objects and watermarks
  • Generate unique stickers to enhance your photos
Download PhotoDirector


Apple 3.5
android 4.3

Snapseed is one of the most commonly used watermark remover apps by Android and iOS users. It is considered the best AI watermark remover online as it is extremely simple to use and does not require any professional knowledge or skills. Apart from this, it also functions as an excellent photo editing application that helps users to enhance the quality and looks of their pictures. 

You can choose from a wide range of tools to enrich the quality of your picture. Different editing options available on this free watermark remover app include a healing brush, glamor glow filters, a vignette, and more. Along with all this, users also get a wide selection of frames, textures, grunge, lighting effects, and much more for their pictures.

Features of Snapseed, the best watermark remover app for smartphone

  • Free app to remove watermarks and edit photos
  • Enhance photos, fix issues, and improve the looks of photos
  • A gesture-based interface that facilitates easy use
  • One of the best watermark remover apps for iPhones
  • Beginner-friendly ai watermark remover online
Download Snapseed


Apple 4.8
android 4.7

PhotoRooms is one of the few AI watermark remover apps that allows you to remove unwanted things from the picture and offers a creative photo-editing platform at the same time. It is considered the best AI watermark remover that offers a utility photography mobile app for users. This app can help you create and edit professional photos in just a few clicks.

This free watermark remover app makes it extremely simple for you to remove the background and other unnecessary items from the picture. When you are done editing and tweaking your photo, you can save it and launch it in other mobile apps as well.

Features of PhotoRoom, Watermark remover app for Android and iOS

  • Uses machine learning models to identify and remove unnecessary objects
  • Add templates, shadows, and other editing elements
  • Offers a ‘Batch Editor’ for large-scale applications
  • Extremely easy to use, no professional skills required
  • Offers a free trial for all user
Download PhotoRoom
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Apple 4.4
android 4.8

PicLab is considered one of the most suitable watermark remover apps for users who are looking for an all-in-one solution to edit their pictures. It is a free photo editing app that offers a wide supply of editing options, including frames, text options, color correction, filters, and more. 

You can customize your photos as per your preference and add shapes and textures of your choice. It is one of the few watermark remover apps that offer complete creative freedom in the presentation and processing of photos. It also has tools for creating beautiful collages out of multiple images and videos.

Features of PicLab, a handy AI watermark remover online

  • Offers simplicity and high functionality 
  • Allows direct publishing of photos to social media platforms
  • Easily add typography, maks, and other effects
  • Snap an instant photo from the built-in camera or choose from your gallery
  • Enables you to adjust contrast, saturation, blur, and more
Download PicLab


Apple 1.0
android 3.1

Apowersoft background eraser is among the well-developed AI watermark remover apps that let you do a lot more than just remove a watermark. It is the best watermark remover app for videos and images that lets you erase all the irrelevant items within a short period of tie. It is the best-suited app to remove watermarks from video projects.

The AI learning capabilities of Apowersoft are constantly being improved to handle complex tasks. It is an effective AI watermark remover online that automates the entire process and gets your complete project ready in no time. The advanced technology of this AI watermark remover app quickly identifies the image, removes the unwanted background, and creates a transparent background image in no time.

Features of Apowersoft, the best AI watermark remover

  • Automatically removes unwanted texts and backgrounds within seconds
  • Available as a mobile app and as software for PC
  • Supports bulk background processing and editing
  • Creative tools that can be used to design products, posters, banners, etc.
  • Simple and fun to use, time-saving
Download Apowersoft


Apple 4.6
android 4.3

Unlike other AI watermark remover apps, Facetune is a fun-to-use platform that offers an unforgettable image editing experience for all users. The app is mostly preferred by users to enhance the quality of their selfies. It is a premier AI watermark remover online that lets you fine-tune your images as per your liking. 

Apart from being an excellent editing app, it is the best watermark remover app for free that lets you unleash your creative potential. A suite of precise editing tools offered by the best AI watermark remover lets you express yourself in your own unique way.

Features of Facetune, AI video watermark remover for smartphones

  • Create unique content as per your preference
  • Retouch photos and videos easily in a snap
  • Wide range of photo filters to match your style and aesthetics
  • Best-suited for selfies and portraits
  • Free app to remove watermark and background
Download Facetune

Photo Retouch

Apple 4.4
android 4.0

Photo Retouch is a free watermark remover app that functions as a helpful tool in removing unwanted objects from your images and videos. You can delete any element that you do not wish to be present in your photographs, including texts, logos, backgrounds, and more. It is considered one of the best AI watermark remover apps that lets you complete the entire process in just a single click.

Photo Retouch is an AI watermark remover online which can be used as a precision eraser tool to sharpen and enhance your photos. It lets you undo your recent edits using an eraser tool. Using the touch erase option, you can remove all the unrequired changes that you recently made in your photos. 

Features of Photo Retouch, AI video watermark remover

  • Simple and quick object removal from the photos
  • Easy clone stamping by simply dragging your finger
  • Versatile functionality- watermark remover, picture enhancer, and more
  • In-app video tutorials to master the use of the application
  • Additional blur background and mosaic effects are available
Download Photo Retouch


Apple 4.8
android 4.2

AirBrush is one of the best watermark remover apps to eliminate unwanted objects from your pictures and to beautify them as per your liking. This app is extremely easy to use and does not require any training or professional experience. This free watermark remover app is set to give you the most simplified and the best image editing experience. 

It is amongst the most used apps to remove watermarks free and for achieving the perfect selfie without much effort. The app aims to provide the best selfie technology and a wide variety of filters for all users at their fingertips.

Features of AirBrush, watermark remover free app

  • Get a perfect portrait in no time
  • Reshape and resize your photos effectively 
  • Skin enhancing features- blemishes remover, brightening options, and more
  • HD editing features- blur, stretch, crop, slim, fine-tune, and more
  • Directly publish your photos to social media handle
Download AirBrush
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Now that we have reviewed the best AI watermark remover apps available for Android and iOS users, we can safely conclude that these apps are based on promising technology that has the potential of simplifying and automating the daunting task of watermark removal. Using advanced algorithms and models, watermark remover apps can modify the ways of image processing and editing.

With the growing advancement in Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, AI watermark remover apps are set to show remarkable progress in the process of identification and elimination of watermarks. In our opinion, watermark remover apps are surely a hit and can be used for producing splendid digital content. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our app reviews will help your project reach to a larger audience and will guarantee sure-shot success for the same. Till then, continue exploring MobileAppDaily for more such insights and updates on mobile apps and the technological world.

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