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Transform your communication abilities with AI-powered coaching apps
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June 27, 2023
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The increasing skills gap poses a threat to the long-term economic prosperity of the country. Major disparities can be witnessed in the communication skills of different individuals. Communication skills are extremely important for people working in the sales department, customer services, or human resources.

Communication is a core leadership skill, regardless of your position or role in the organization. Lack of communication skills and a gap in communication is a persistent problem in many organizations. So, how can we eradicate this problem?

Efficient communication skills training can help in improving and polishing the skills of individuals. With AI taking all over the world, we now have tools to train people in speaking skills as well. Communication skills training apps powered by AI use smart speech and language technology to train individuals.

To help you master the skills, we have reviewed the 8 best AI-based apps to improve your communication skills for you. These apps allow you to practice communication with AI avatars and improve your speaking skills significantly.

Our Top Picks

Communication skills training apps harness the power of artificial intelligence to empower employees with a tool to communicate effectively and improve their skills with utmost confidence and integrity. Check out the best AI-based communication apps that will ensure communication expertise.

Communication Skills Training Apps- Using AI to Enhance Skills in the Future Business Leaders!

AI-powered apps to improve communication skills can benefit anyone who aspires to be at a position of leadership. We have reviewed the new technology-based methods for enhancing communication skills based on their features, relevance, and utility.

All the apps are mentioned with downloadable links that will make it easy for you to install and use it on your device. Let’s head to our list now!



Apple 4.6
android 3.9

Orai is an AI-based communication app that offers you an intuitive platform to practice and improve your communication skills. This app facilitates communication skills training by offering workable insights and feedback on the areas of improvement. 

Orai aims to facilitate industrial competitiveness and the efficiency of companies and individuals by enhancing their communication skills. This smart communication skills app automatically adjusts your skill levels and suggests customized lessons according to that. Orai aims at improving your confidence, clarity, pace, and voice while delivering a speech.

Features of Orai, an AI-powered communication app for mobile

  • Interactive, fun lessons on the go
  • In-depth analysis of your performance
  • Based on advanced and efficient NLP research
  • Intelligent technological tools designed in collaboration with top universities
  • Free 7-day trial and subscription for Orai Pro starts from $10 per month
Download Orai

Stimuler- IELTS Speaking Buddy

Apple 4.0
android 4.7

Stimuler-IELTS Speaking Buddy is an AI-powered communication app that enables non-native English speakers to improve their fluency in the language. Users can utilize the instant AI-generated feedback to improvise on their speaking skills. 

The app delivers effective communication training through its AI coach that provides real-time feedback and improvement suggestions on pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, and other aspects. This app is currently focused on helping users prepare for IELTS as a niche and plans on expanding its operations to public speaking and general English-speaking course.

Features of Stimuler, communication skills app for test prep for IELTS

  • Ideal for non-native English speakers 
  • Analyzes and scores speech on different metrics
  • Detailed insights to refine and finetune your speech
  • 21-day speech improvement roadmap to improve fluency and pronunciation
  • Practice assignments based on 100+ IELTS topics to improve vocabulary and grammar
Download Stimuler

Vocal Image

Apple 4.0
android 4.3

Vocal Image is among the best communication skills training apps that can be used to strengthen your command over language and boost your confidence. This is a voice training app that uses Artificial Intelligence to evaluate the quality of your voice and suggests measures to improve it.  

Vocal Image is a popular AI-powered communication app that has a strong community of over 5,00,000 users. With smart technology, the app offers an efficient way to enhance your voice by recognizing its strengths and weaknesses. It is an effective communication training app that is suitable for anyone who wants to develop a deeper, more attractive, and confident voice.

Features of Vocal Image, an AI-powered communication coach for mobile

  • Helps in improving your accent 
  • Smart voice evaluation using AI technology 
  • Enables video coaching to improve pronunciation
  • Instant feedback and review on your voice and its quality 
  • Personalized plans to make your voice more attractive and deep
Download Vocal Image


Apple 4.0
android 4.3

ELSA is an AI-powered communication coach that helps support and enhance your communication skills. It is among the best communication skills app that can help non-native English language speakers to improve their accents and pronunciation. 

It is a great conversational AI software that delivers a ton of practice sessions and short videos to improve your communication skills. You can practice pronunciation and overall English speaking with this app. ELSA is the best example of using artificial intelligence in business communication enrichment. The app has carefully examined all the aspects of the English language and has developed a unique experience for users that will help them learn the best.

Features of ELSA, an English communication skills app

  • Simple to use and extremely easy to access
  • Beneficial for both educators and students
  • Improves proficiency in learning the language
  • Suitable to be used by anyone above the age of 4
  • Uses short videos and games for making learning fun
Download ELSA
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Apple 4.0
android 3.8

Huni is a smart AI-based communication app that is specifically designed for supporting children on their learning journey. The app is powered by a speech recognition feature and is thus extremely suitable for helping you improve your communication skills.

It is one of the most simple communication skills improvement apps that give you a list of words and asks you to read them out loud one by one. Using innovative AI technology, Huni monitors your pronunciation of each word and will train your speech accordingly. You can try the pronunciation multiple times and polish your pronunciation of the word.

Features of Huni, An AI-powered communication coach online

  • Speech training based on voice recognition
  • Capable of text-to-speech and touch functionalities
  • Smart assistive learning plans that are easy to access
  • Available for both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets
  • Specially designed for kids with delayed speech or non-verbal children
Download Huni

Speakify AI

Apple 4.0
android 4.4

Speakify is an AI-powered communication app that offers an optimized and the most effective solution for learning English. The app allows you to learn the language in a fun and interactive manner and is ideal to be used by users of all age groups. 

Speakify AI helps you in building a strong hold over vocabulary and grammar and also develops your reading, writing, and speaking skills alongside. It is equipped with an AI-powered communication coach that assesses your language and provides relevant feedback to improve it. Speakify AI is regarded as the best conversational AI platform as it delivers a fast, fun, and effective way of thoroughly learning the language.

Features of Speakify AI, an AI-based communication app

  • Enables learning and practicing with real people
  • A fun learning experience for people of all age groups
  • Active AI-based tutor that gives feedback to improve grammar
  • Supports you in practicing for job interviews and public speaking
  • Learning lessons and practice sessions based on real-life scenarios
Download Speakify AI

Emerson AI

Apple 3.8
android 3.6

Emerson AI is an intelligent AI-powered communication coach that delivers an exceptional language-learning experience for all users. It is based on the GPT-3 language model and can be used for both practicing language and searching for answers to your questions and doubts. 

The best part about using this AI-powered communication app is that it can speak in your native language and can understand all the prompts, including images. Emerson’s functionality ranges beyond that of an ordinary AI chatbot. This AI-powered tutor never gets tired of teaching you new things and is thus extremely ideal for language learners and for people who love engaging in witty conversations.

Features of Emerson AI, English communication skills app based on GPT-3

  • Find solutions to all your questions and doubts
  • Supports communication through texts and voice notes
  • Engage in witty conversations and learn something new.
  • Learn and practice foreign languages anytime and anywhere.
  • Suitable to be used for both educational and recreational purposes
Download Emerson AI

Speaking and Pronunciation Coach

Apple 4.0
android 3.5

ChatterFox is an AI-based communication app that is specifically designed to help users in achieving a polished American accent. This is a unique AI-powered communication coach as it offers live feedback and effective grammar coaching for all its users. 

You can access the online language courses by ChatterFox through your mobile phones or laptops. All the courses are developed after thorough research to ensure the best productivity and efficiency. The app offers visual instructions that demonstrate the movement of facial muscles that will help you in successfully accomplish a particular sound.

Features of ChatterFox, a communication skills training app

  • Delivers AI-based feedback, video lessons, and test assessments
  • Interactive exercises and lessons to achieve specific learning goals
  • Offers language coaching from real tutors that are available 7 days a week
  • Ideal for users who demand personalized coaching to get a polished American accent
  • Offers the best AI platform software and an optimized mobile app for Android and iOS
Download ChatterFox
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How can you achieve communication success with Communication Skills Training Apps?

In order to polish your communication skills, you must be well-equipped with the app and should learn to use it effectively. Fully utilizing the AI-powered communication coach apps will guarantee the best results. Let’s discuss some points that you must consider in order to achieve sure shot success. 

  • Set Specific Goals

Before beginning your communication skills training journey with an AI coach, you must mark the skills you seek to improve. You can use a particular app to improve public speaking skills, negotiation skills, listening skills, reading skills, and more. 

  • Define a Structured Learning Plan

An AI-powered communication coach can help you design and abide by a structured module or lesson plan for effective communication skills training. Following the recommended learning pattern will surely help you in developing the right skills easily. 

  • Practice through interactive exercises

In order to master the skills, you must practice regularly. Many different apps to improve communication skills offer a huge selection of interactive exercises and lessons that can help you with both basic and advanced concepts. Practicing these exercises regularly will reinforce your learning. 

  • Consider the feedback and suggestions

An AI-powered communication coach is designed to offer personalized suggestions and feedback based on the user’s performance. These apps also give you an additional feature of self-assessment that lets you monitor your progress easily. Considering these suggestions will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and will help you focus on specific skills that need improvement. 

  • Practice in real-life situations

Communication skills improvement apps deliver a huge selection of lesson plans but are somehow restrictive in their learning environment. You can learn multiple skills using an AI communication coach and should be able to apply it effectively in real-life situations. You can practice your skills in different situations like board meetings, presentations, social interactions, and more. 

What kind of communication skills can you practice with Communication Skills Training Apps?

AI-powered communication coach apps are effective in offering multiple lessons to develop a strong communication skill set. Some of the skills that you can easily learn using these apps are listed below

  • Active Listening

Communication apps are filled with interactive exercises that can be beneficial for improving your active listening skills. You can learn how to maintain focus during any conversation along with improving your paraphrasing skills as well. 

  • Public Speaking 

Communication Coach apps are primarily used for polishing public speaking skills. Through their AI-driven technology, these apps can offer personalized suggestions on improving your body language, vocabulary, sentence structure, voice modulation, and more. 

  • Interpersonal Communication 

Along with inculcating public speaking skills, AI-powered communication apps can also be useful in improving the interpersonal communication of an individual. You can focus on and improve multiple skills such as empathy, conflict resolution, assertiveness, giving and receiving feedback, and more. 

  • Non-verbal Communication

Apart from training in verbal communication skills, communication training apps are also effective in improving non-verbal communication skills such as facial expressions, eye contact, smart body language, gestures, and more. 

  • Written Communication

Some communications skills training apps offer lessons and practice exercises to improve writing skills. These apps can help you in effectively drafting an e-mail, concise message, and more. 

Who should use apps to improve communication skills?

Communication skills training apps can benefit many individuals who are looking to improve their communication abilities. Some of the groups that can claim the benefits of these apps are mentioned below:

  • Students

Educational assignments and school projects demand high-quality communication and reading skills. Students at all levels can use the best communication apps to improve their oratory skills, reading and writing skills, and learn public speaking. 

  • Professionals 

If you are working professionally, effective communication skills will come in handy at all levels and positions. Skills training apps can be used by a business owner, executive, salesperson, teacher, manager, and many others. 

  • Public Speakers

If you are a passionate public speaker or are involved in a profession that demands public speaking, communication skills training apps are meant for you. You can polish your speech-delivering skills, improve body language, enhance vocal variety, and do a lot more using these apps. 

  • Non-native English Speakers

Skills training apps are best suited for individuals whose primary language is not English. Effectively using a communication coach can help in improving your pronunciation and proficiency in the language easily. 

Final Verdict!

In conclusion, we can confidently say that communication skills training powered by AI technology holds the potential to greatly improve an individual’s ability to read, write, and speak a particular language. By providing effective learning lessons and personalized feedback and suggestions, AI-based communication can help with your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and a lot more. 

The above-mentioned AI-powered communication coach apps are extremely beneficial in enhancing your public speaking skills by helping you improve your tone, clarity, body language, and more. Unlike other learning apps, communication skills training apps leverage NLP (Natural Language Process) algorithms; these apps can significantly enhance your communication skills.

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our experts will meticulously review your apps and will deliver useful insights that can help in improving your app. Along with this, our app reviews also ensure a greater reach for your project. Until then, continue to explore for more such insights and useful information.

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