Tinder Beats Netflix As The Top Grossing Non-Game App In Q1 2019

Tinder Beats Netflix As The Top Grossing Non-Game App In Q1 2019

Date: March 28, 2024

For the first time in years, Netflix is no longer the top grossing, non-game mobile app

After so many years it has finally happened, an online dating app where you swipe right and left i.e. Tinder has now become the top-grossing app of Q1 2019. A great contribution to this is also done by the Netflix app as the company decided to stop paying Apple tax.

Which basically means that it no longer allows new users to sign up and even subscribe to its service through its iOS application. This not-so-small change would cost Apple hundreds of millions in lost revenue each year.

So, now new users who are using Netflix app only have to sign up through the Netflix website before using the Netflix app as it implies for both Android and iPhone users.

If we look at the records, Netflix earned $853 million in 2018 on the iOS App Store. A 30 percent cut would have been around $256 million. However, after the first year, subscription apps only have to pay out 15 percent to Apple. But Netflix had a special deal, according to John Gruber— it only had to pay 15 percent from the get-go.


★ On Netflix Pulling Out of iTunes Billing for New Users: https://t.co/sYTemTtsZI — Daring Fireball (@daringfireball) January 4, 2019



Previously, Netflix lost almost $39.4 million from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019 globally because of fewer app subscriptions renewals from the Apple app store. Meanwhile, Tinder revenue climbed up from $183 million in Q1 in 2018 to $260.7 million.

The monetary growth of app stores shows that Apple’s App Store accounted for 64 percent of revenue in Q1, with consumer spending reaching $12.4 billion compared to Google Play’s $7.1 billion. New app downloads slowed on iOS in Q1, decreasing 4.7 percent year-over-year, to 7.4 billion, while Google Play downloads grew 18.8 percent to 20.7 billion.

With that being said, one can say that this year is going to be great for this online dating website. Also, if you want to keep up with all the latest updates about the leading mobile apps, make sure to follow MobileAppDaily now. And to never miss another update, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button to stay tuned.

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