Microsoft integrates generative AI into its cybersecurity with Security Copilot

Microsoft integrates generative AI into its cybersecurity with Security Copilot

Date: April 05, 2024

Microsoft’s new tool Security Copilot has been designed for cybersecurity professional. This tool is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT4.

Microsoft is taking another step forward in integrating generative AI into all its products. 

The tech giant has recently launched a new tool called Security Copilot, aimed at summarizing and making sense of threat intelligence while prioritizing security incidents. What sets it apart from countless other security tools is the fact that it incorporates OpenAI's text-generating GPT-4. Microsoft's Security executive vice president, Charlie Bell, said, "With Security Copilot, we are building a future where every defender is empowered with the tools and technologies necessary to make the world a safer place." 

While Microsoft did not disclose how Security Copilot uses GPT-4, it highlighted a trained custom model powering the tool that incorporates a growing set of security-specific skills and deploys skills and queries relevant to cybersecurity. Rest assured, the model is not trained on customer data, addressing a common criticism of language model-driven services. 

However, Microsoft acknowledges that AI-generated content can contain mistakes, and it is continuously learning from interactions to create more coherent, relevant, and useful answers. The question remains about how effective the tool will be in production, given the untruthful tendencies of text-generating models. 

Nonetheless, Security Copilot's integration with generative AI models is a promising development in the cybersecurity landscape.

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