How to Make Your Mobile App GDPR Compliant in 2019?

How to Make Your Mobile App GDPR Compliant in 2019?

Date: April 05, 2024

In 2019, it is crucial for every mobile application to be compliant as per the latest GDPR policies.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is new and developing legislation to allow citizens of the European Union to control how their personal information is collected, shared, and used. The GDPR applies to all businesses with websites that collect personal data from residents of the European Union. The first step in making your mobile app GDPR compliant is to understand the GDPR's principles

The European Union's GDPR

The European Union passed the GDPR, effective May 25, 2018, to safeguard their citizens' personal information. The GDPR governs the storage, processing, and control of Internet users' data.

The European Union's GDPR

The GDPR defines three parties in an Internet purchase through a private mobile website application: 

1. Data Controller: The data controller determines the purpose of data collection, how the data is collected, and how the data is processed. 

2. Data Processor: The data processor is the party who processes data on behalf of the data controller. 

3. Data Subject: The data subject is the website visitor whose data is stored and processed online. 

How To Make Use of Your Mobile App 

Complying with the GDPR benefits your organization. You must make sure that everyone you work with is GDPR complaint with a signed written statement. You must have a privacy policy linked to your mobile app. Users must consent to the collection of their data before someone can process it.

Your mobile app should display your terms and privacy policy. If your app connects to a third-party service such as Microsoft Salesforce, it's your responsibility to inform your visitors of its use and ensure that your third-party service is GDPR compliant. 

Complying With The GDPR

The GDPR requires data collectors and processors to know exactly where users' personal data is stored and where it is processed within their mobile application.

Complying With The GDPR

Your technology/mobile app, no matter how complex or how simplistic it is, must be compliant with these five data processing functions: 

  • Access: Examine all your data sources and storage within your application and decide who can access your consumer's personal information when and which webpages your consumers can access.
  • Identify: Identify personal information throughout your online application to ensure that sensitive information is never displayed to unauthorized employees or third-parties. Security questions and pattern recognition effectively identify your users.
  • Government: Electronically extract and prioritize personal data such as name, email address, social security number, and birthdate.
  • Protect: Protect personal information at varying levels of security. An email address or login id can allow your consumer to traverse your content. A data subject who's purchased merchandise or services through your online application expects privacy when returning to your website. Birthdates and social security numbers should not be readily available.
  • Audit: Changes to personal information within your application system must be permanent and delete or archive all previously occurring stored information. Consumers who ask to be removed from your email list should do so with informed consent and must be correctly processed.

What Role Does Liability Play In It?

Life changes in an instant if you've been catastrophically injured while working for your employer or hit by a commercial truck while you're driving home through a construction site. If an unauthorized person gains access to your personal or account information, you don't even know they accessed your information until you are damaged with unauthorized charges on your card or you have declined credit because someone stole your identity.

If your small business data breach is the source of the stolen information, fines begin at 2% of the amount of the purchases. Liability for a data breach is similar to liability in a traffic accident. Your small business can be devastated to have a third-party lawsuit if you are not GDPR compliant. 

For instance in Microsoft 365, the privacy-focused GDPR requires changes to business processes. Countries, states, and software vendors all have different privacy standards and regulations. The GDPR forces an engineering challenge for all businesses. Microsoft is GDPR compliant and is passing on software features to its users to help them become GDPR compliant. 

Also in the case of increased regulations, Microsoft expects increased privacy laws and regulations. To keep up to date with the latest data privacy legislation and regulations, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website provides resources for mobile app developers.

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) offers privacy compliance classes for certified data protection officers and small business owners to help you integrate the latest changes in privacy regulations into your business software. 

Is GDPR An Ongoing Process?

It's important to realize that the responsibility for your privacy policy will be an ongoing process, not a one-time change or a simple software process. If you don't have data protection professionals on staff, you can consult your attorney to discuss your risks until your organization is GDPR compliant. All of your special offerings, webinars, and events must be GDPR compliant. 

Let’s consider the case of Microsoft Windows, where data controllers and data processors must take a risk-based approach to compliance and are expected to report data breaches within 72 hours. Technology must change with laws and regulations. If you do cash books and paper receipts, you still need to ensure your customers' expectations of privacy will not be breached.

Electronic data processing is easier and faster than new forms, policies, and record keeping. Microsoft Windows offers a compliance manager which performs standard assessments and customer managed assessments and will issue a certificate of GDPR compliance. 

Importance of Choosing The Right GDPR Compliant Software

Choosing the correct GDPR compliant software is as important as choosing the correct car insurance. If your car is struck by an underinsured or uninsured driver, your car insurance pays for your medical care, personal property damage, and lost wages as a result of the accident. Choosing the right law firm to handle your personal injury case is equally important. 

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Final Words

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In case you still have any questions regarding how to make your mobile application completely GDPR compliant, feel free to leave a ‘Comment’ down below. And to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the mobile app industry, make sure to follow MobileAppDaily now.

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