LinkedIn introduces "collaborative articles" with AI-powered conversation starters

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature called "collaborative articles" that uses AI-powered conversation starters to encourage discussions on the platform.

LinkedIn introduces

LinkedIn has just introduced a new feature called "collaborative articles" that uses AI-powered conversation starters to initiate discussions between experts on the platform. 

This new feature will match each article with relevant member experts based on their skills graph and invite them to add context, extra information, and advice to the stories. The AI-powered prompts have been created by LinkedIn's editorial team and the company believes this will make it easier for people to contribute their perspectives because "starting a conversation is harder than joining one." 

LinkedIn has already been using this technology to produce almost 40 articles in the past two days, covering topics such as writing, creative block, feedback, and semicolons. The AI-powered content has garnered mixed reactions from contributors, but this is not surprising given the reputation of AI for getting it wrong sometimes. 

The collaborative articles idea fits perfectly with LinkedIn's general push of becoming a place where professionals come to learn, not just show off or lead thoughts. This feature will supplement LinkedIn Learning, the e-learning division created after the company purchased 

If you're an expert on the platform, LinkedIn has chosen a select group of experts to contribute to the articles, which could help boost your reputation and grow your following. The articles also end with a note telling readers that they can request access to contribute by liking or reacting to the article. 

Overall, this new feature is an excellent way to encourage discussion and collaboration among professionals on the platform, and I can't wait to see how it develops in the future. 

What are your thoughts on this new feature? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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