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Digital Commerce With aiCommerce More than 70 percent of businesses now use AI tools in some form or another.

AI technology has enabled e-commerce websites to perform various advanced functions, for instance, recommendation options for products in a uniquely suited format to shoppers that further enable users to search for products using conversational language or even pictures, in a similar manner as they are interacting with a real person.

According to Statista, this year alone, there are going to be an estimated 1.92 billion global digital buyers.

The figure is a dead giveaway of how many people are inclined towards making online purchases.

However, despite the staggering number, it’s worth pointing out that digital commerce still has room for improvement — quite a lot, actually.

And when it comes to taking digital commerce to the next level, the two words would readily pop into the minds of e-commerce entrepreneurs… Artificial Intelligence.

With aiCommerce, the realm of digital commerce is bound to be shaken, yet again.

What is aiCommerce, anyway?

From a bird's-eye view, aiCommerce represents the exciting fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the world of digital commerce. But its reach extends far beyond websites, as AI development companies are now weaving this transformative technology into the very fabric of e-commerce mobile apps

aiCommerce enables merchants or retailers to cultivate a closer relationship and engagement with their customers by creating more meaningful experiences. This helps them operate faster and smarter, instead of having to guess what content to offer for certain segments of people.

With aiCommerce, the store owners can now leverage their customer interaction to create a more personalized shopping experience for their audience. In case you want to know more about this new technology, you can get help from the best ecommerce development companies around you.

The experts can provide you with deeper insights and help you leverage aiCommerce in brand building and customer satisfaction.

How can Artificial Intelligence be used in eCommerce? 

Now that you have an idea of how aiCommerce works, let’s look into how it is applied in the e-commerce space:

1. Augmented Reality Shopping 

In today’s e-commerce arena, online shopping has made huge strides through augmented reality shopping.

AI makes it possible for your customers to view your products in 3D and even try them on!

Check out this mobile virtual dressing room by Gap:

Augmented Reality Shopping

Gap allows you to see in augmented reality what your clothing pieces look like when worn. 

Open the app, steadily holding your phone, and a selection of apparel will appear. Pick one and drag it toward the center of the screen, like so:

Artificial Intelligence be used in eCommerce

With the app, you can pick your size and color and view it in different angles — front, side by side, and 360 degrees.

You can even decide to purchase it immediately or “put it back” on the virtual shelf.

With the help of AR, the store owners can cut down on product returns since the customers can see beforehand how the product would look at varying angles, etc.

Whether you’re running a dropshipping business, POD, or other methods of e-commerce, AR can help take your business to the next level.

You can also apply this idea if you’re selling other items. Presenting them in 3D makes your customers feel like they’re holding them in their hands.

To set up augmented reality shopping for your store, you can exploit AI tools like Avametric, which is best for fashion apparel, and Sayduck for other items.

2. Chatbots

With the necessary information stored in their memory, chatbots can answer queries and respond to complaints intelligently, as if they are real people.

Since they can study human behavior and interaction, they can offer relevant replies, hence improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Chatbots also help improve business efficiency. They can be used to reply to messages anytime, especially when you can’t log in 24/7 and have to handle other tasks.

To install chatbots on your website, you can get one from Intercom.

install chatbots

The chatbot typically appears at the bottom right side of your website. You can set it to appear automatically at a certain period, or wait for visitors to click the icon.

Visitors can send a message directly if you’re not yet available to respond and the chatbot can store it until you can get back.

Visitors can also minimize the chatbox if they want to. With this feature, you can be sure chatbots don’t disrupt your visitor’s e-commerce website experience.

3. Email Marketing

Emails have been a go-to strategy in digital marketing because of their affordability and direct approach toward customer interaction.

With AI tools, the potential for how email marketing can positively impact your business has yet again soared.

AI is capable of automation, machine learning, and personalization based on customer data and behavior, and more.

These capabilities help you capture more leads, increase your conversions, and build customer loyalty.

To employ AI tools in your automated email marketing strategies, you can use one called Optimail.

automated email marketing strategies

Optimail applies AI to optimizing the effectiveness of your email campaigns through full automation.

It personalizes your campaign by constantly monitoring interactions with customers and automatically sending messages most suitable to them. 

It intuitively builds your campaign by allowing you to do a variation test in one click, set up through visual customization features, and schedule message delivery.

It even tells you what your campaign is doing by showing insights and impact scores.

With this tool, you can create more targeted campaigns guaranteed to increase customer engagement and conversions and even decrease the number of spam reports.

4. Visual Search

Have you experienced looking for a product online but couldn’t remember what it was called? 

Perhaps you only have a photo of it, but you don’t think you can use that to run a search online.

Well, let me break the news for you. Innovative AI tools enable you to do that now.

That piece of info is an even bigger relief for your business and your customers, thanks to visual search tools like Syte.

It provides business owners like you with deep-learning technology that works like this:

Visual Search

Take a photo of the item you’re looking for and Syte will run the visual search for you.

It can show you results based on similarity, size, and other filters that you can refine and modify.

5. Personalized UX

Website visitors hold high expectations on the user experience, whether they’re viewing it on a mobile or desktop.

When creating your website, ensure its outstanding UX first. Otherwise, you can quickly lose your customers.

This principle applies not only when building your website but even when developing mobile apps, if you’re planning to do that. 

Once you’ve addressed that, then you can level up your site’s UX by personalizing it through AI tools.

One such tool you can use is

 Personalized UX has smart and predictive features that change in real-time according to customer preferences in item color, size, shape, and others.

It reflects these changes in widgets like banner offers, landing pages, and other components that it creates and recommends.

On its own, can even conduct an A/B test and target the best-performing patterns.

Best of all, it comes with completely responsive and mobile-friendly elements.

Such a responsive design will be crucial in achieving the first-class UX that your customers will expect, and that can help you rank high in search results pages.

6. Autocomplete Search

Any business website aims to spike its conversion rates through rapid, straightforward and memorable shopping experiences for its customers.

One helpful feature is an autocomplete search to assist shoppers in finding intended and related products and phrases.

To help you build that feature, you can tap tools such as Loop54.

The tool recommends phrases related to the word searched, helping users avoid spelling errors and use correct terminology, including items.

Autocomplete Search

It also gives shoppers more product ideas by showing suggestions and similar purchases by other people.

Multi Maxi Dress

Autocomplete search features are advantageous for businesses like yours. They can lead to higher average session duration and profit.

Need For Leveraging AI-Powered Tools 

Leveraging ultraefficient AI tools like the ones mentioned above can potentially take your business to heights. 

You don’t need to wait long before you can begin enjoying the benefits it offers. Use them as soon as you can, and you’ll see the difference AI can make in your business.

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