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online grocery app development cost In this article, we have discussed the cost of developing a grocery app along with the major factors influencing the overall cost of grocery app development.

The online grocery apps industry has also entered digitization as a follower of the various other mobile app sectors. Our daily lives have become more convenient thanks to mobile apps; everything from ordering takeout to a cab only requires a few keystrokes on a smartphone.

Everyone has understood the necessity of such grocery Big Basket services during the pandemic. Just Instacart, a   delivery service in the US, saw a download increase of 218% in March 2020. So, the time is now if you were thinking of creating an online grocery app.

But knowing how to create a grocery app and what is the cost of app development are the two biggest questions you need to answer to go ahead with your journey.

We have got you covered for the latter inquiry. Read this article till the end to learn about the grocery mobile app development cost and the features that affect the cost of developing a grocery app. We have also talked about how you can monetize your grocery app. Let's begin!

How much does grocery app development cost?

To evaluate the grocery mobile app development price, you must first keep in mind a few things, such as how complicated the grocery app is, its functionality, features, technology, and the development team you select.

Creating a grocery big basket app often begins with gathering requirements and identifying the best technological options to achieve the project's objectives. The cost of developing your grocery online app for just one iOS or Android will be less than developing it for both platforms. The development cost of grocery apps for iPhone and Android also varies. The development region follows.

Varied geographical areas have different app development costs per hour. For example, hiring mobile app developers in the USA can cost between $150 and $250 per hour, while hiring developers in Eastern Europe can cost between $100 and $150 per hour. If you hire Indian developers to create your software, the hourly cost may vary greatly, ranging from $40 to $80.

grocery delivery app development cost

The size of the development team required to develop your grocery online app has a direct impact on how much work is completed. The on-demand grocery store requires a flawless synthesis of HTML and CSS, which could increase the development cost.

The hiring of skilled developers will also impact the cost of development. Small businesses with five to ten employees or freelancers will charge less, whereas large-cap software development companies will charge more.

When developing an on-demand grocery delivery app, pricing is an important factor to consider because it ultimately depends on the level of sophistication. However, based on this estimation, we can calculate that the cost to build a fundamental mobile app with critical features for a single platform would be between $15000 and $25000 if you decide to work with Indian programmers or a company that produces grocery delivery apps.

However, a feature-rich software package for both systems would cost about $35,000 instead. A tech stack and extremely complicated software creating the best grocery delivery apps in the USA will cost more than $50000.

Other factors that affect the online grocery app development cost

Please be aware that this would not be the final cost since numerous things, besides the core development, will affect the cost of making an app. A few of those factors that influence the question of how much is app development cost , includes -

1. Maintenance

Once the grocery delivery application development is finished and made available to users, you might think that the cost has ended. No, the grocery delivery application development expense does not end with this. For the app to retain users' interest and attract new users, it must regularly provide new features. As market trends change and new OS and device versions are released, maintenance costs increase to keep the app operating smoothly. You can estimate that the annual app maintenance cost will be 1/5th of the entire cost of developing the app.

2. App marketing 

Once the on-demand grocery app development is finished, it must be submitted for inclusion in the Google Play and iOS App Stores (Android). A one-time fee must be paid, and the app will be evaluated to see if it adheres to the requirements set forth by these shops. Since there are many rivals, you must allocate money for marketing to promote the app, including getting it evaluated by magazines and making eye-catching advertisements. This advertising cost is an integral part of the online grocery app development cost.

3. Reusing existing code

Since it is common for the cost of grocery delivery application development to go over the budget, you should consider reusing an existing code. Reusing the code from an existing app like the grocery big basket app is one such instance where you may be able to make some savings on your cost of making an app. As a result, businesses search for methods to optimize their spending on how to develop grocery apps. By reusing the code of an existing app, you can cut the cost of coding by 20–30% compared to starting from scratch.

4. Error eradication 

To ensure the program is bug-free when released, it must undergo extensive white box and black box testing. Once the program is released, various issues that need to be addressed are typically brought to light. This should also be counted as an additional online grocery app development cost.

Must-have features of grocery apps that affect the cost of grocery app development

In addition to the list of essential features, a variety of considerations, including those listed below, must be considered when developing an on-demand grocery app. These have an impact on the overall price of creating grocery apps.

grocery app development features

1. Registration

The simple registration process is one of the main factors supporting the upward trend in the grocery delivery application development profit graph. Consequently, making the initial step simple, quick, and efficient is crucial. Thus, having a simple and seamless registration process for your app requires advanced and sophisticated technology that can increase the food delivery app development cost. Here, keeping things concise is the best course of action.

2. Multilingual support

The grocery app features should incorporate the features of multiple languages. Since everyone does not speak English well, it is vital to have this complex feature. And the more languages you add, the more the cost of making an app increase.

3. Technology stack

Best grocery delivery apps in the USA and other nations employ different technology stacks to build their on-demand grocery apps. It relies on the skill set and the predetermined budget for the price of developing mobile apps. But as mentioned above, the more advanced and sophisticated technology used, the higher the grocery delivery app development cost.

4. Push notification 

An essential component of developing a shopping app is push notifications. Online grocery shopping becomes more fun when customers receive regular information about new deals, goods, and services. As a result, these capabilities should be added to the grocery app so that users may always stay up to date. This feature is a must and affects the overall online grocery app development cost.

5. Online on-demand integration 

In the modern day, third-party integration is a frequent occurrence in the best grocery delivery apps in the USA as well as all around the globe. Integration is becoming essential for everyone, whether for payment or collaborating with various social media platforms. You increase the expense of developing an online grocery shopping app by adding additional integrations. Therefore, it's crucial to be picky regarding the necessary set of on-demand third-party integrations. This also significantly impacts the grocery delivery app development cost.

6. GPS Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) functionality is among the important grocery app features that facilitate delivering groceries since it helps drivers find routes. Additionally, it provides users with real-time information on order processing and delivery. Adding GPS is a must, and thus, this also impacts the grocery delivery app development cost.

7. UX/UI

Online grocery shopping delivery must have a flawless user experience while keeping their mature target population in mind. This is necessary to maintain the end user's interest while enhancing the app usage experience. When you pay attention to the following:

  • Rich & robust UI/UX- A solution or app's UI/UX ideas and tactics serve as its heart. It enables the final app's user interface to flow smoothly.
  • Voice search options- Combining simple and sophisticated features in your final product makes it simpler to withstand the pressure of fierce competition. One of the most notable instances is the inclusion of a voice search option. This enables your end users to interact with cutting-edge AI.
  • Backend-A strong backend administration helps the program run in harmony without impairing its usefulness. This is especially important for grocery delivery apps.

These UI/UX features make your app user-friendly and increase cost!

8. Real-time analytics

This function is essential for monitoring all app activity via graphs and statistics. As a result, it becomes simpler to plan for the future and develop offers and methods to entice users. This is a very valuable investment that contributes towards the grocery app development cost estimate that will help you make your app a success.

9. In-app calling

This feature is useful for directly calling the delivery person and business owner from the app. It also lets the delivery person call the customer, and the store owner calls both the user and the delivery person. So, this is an absolute must grocery online app feature for effective communication between the desired parties.

10. Reordering

Users can instantly reorder the supermarket products they previously purchased by including this functionality in your app. This speeds up the process and reduces effort, thus increasing its effectiveness. This feature can increase the grocery app development cost estimate.

How to monetize an online grocery shopping app?

It is important to note that there are numerous ways to monetize grocery delivery applications; most of them are free at the point of usage. Just knowing how much is app development costs will not help you much if you want to make money out of your investment.

The monetization of the application must also be considered. It should be suitable for the customers as well as for your company, as there is no justification for having a negative impact on user experience.

Let's look at some beneficial best practices for the creation of your grocery app.

grocery app development cost estimate

1. Adding higher premiums for groceries 

You offer your clients the convenience of placing grocery orders from the comfort of their homes. As a result, you may easily charge more for these services than a physical store would. Users would be delighted to pay this premium if it were well-justified and restrained from being overused.

2. Delivery fee 

On each delivery, customers are often charged a specific cost. The percentage may be affected by the total cost of the order, the distance, or even the urgency. A set fee for monthly or yearly delivery plans with unlimited deliveries is offered by several supermarket delivery services like Instacart. Additionally, clients might be urged to give delivery gratuities, the entirety of which goes to the merchants who fulfilled their clients' orders.

3. Adding subscriptions 

Subscriptions are the latest method of gold mine commercialization. If you can assure your customers of the quality of service and fast deliveries and gain their trust, you can simply charge a membership fee for their food. You can provide membership perks like free shipping, better discounts, and other things to persuade customers to subscribe.

4. Commission charges

You can charge a specified commission fee from the grocery stores whose goods are being delivered. It is one of the most tried-and-true methods for increasing income. Additionally, it will help in establishing a long-term alliance between the owners of grocery stores and the brand.

5. Charge vendors for your platform  

Grocers in your grocery mobile app can sell their goods on your platform for monthly, annual, or other recurring subscription fees; in exchange, you provide a marketplace for them to do so.

6. In-app advertising

Even while apps are designed to draw in more and more users' attention, you should keep outsize and unwanted distractions. Your in-app content can be smoothly incorporated using a variety of techniques. Native advertisements may offer pertinent recommendations that genuinely enhance the user experience. Such natural advertising is viewed as only a helpful suggestion or notion.

Customers may, for instance, receive in-app recommendations after adding certain goods to the basket for other items regularly purchased with them or for a meal dish with all the necessary components that can be put into the cart immediately.

7. Sponsored sellers 

If your platform is well-liked by users, you can charge businesses for having their goods and services listed higher on your app's app store page with a sponsored tag or Preferred Partner tag, which may enhance conversions.

8. Offering special deals

This is one of the finest ways to make money off your grocery delivery service and cultivate enduring bonds with your users. It must be backed up by your company's marketing effort and geared toward boosting app user engagement. The fact is that exclusive offers and premium services enhance the user experience. Daily specials, expedited shipping, couponing, and birthday discounts are just a few options that can be used.

As new users frequently join your grocery online app via recommendations from seasoned users, creating a loyal in-app community is essential. Many programs allow users to purchase in the group cart by simply sending a link to unregistered users, or they provide discounts or free shipping in exchange for user referrals.


The article's contents have proven that online grocery buying platforms will spread worldwide. Your grocery app development could advance with modern technologies and effective business techniques. The creation of grocery apps facilitates client purchases. However, a variety of features are essential to the creation of an app.

Select software development companies in the USA or from any preferred location that have the know-how on how to develop grocery apps and technologies necessary to contribute to the creation of a fruitful grocery app. You may always ask the top app development companies how to develop grocery apps and also how much app development cost. You can ask for the development cost of the grocery app for iPhone and Android estimate separately, as well as if you wish to launch on both platforms.

Even if the cost of establishing an app for grocery delivery relies on several aspects, including the number of platforms, features, functionalities, pricing schemes, APIs, etc., you can still ask for a grocery app development cost estimate.

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