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Mobile App As A Product And Not A Project The aim is to craft mobile application solutions that can actually engage the users

Today, the mobile app world is not only restricted to a business promotion platform but has grown as a business generation platform. Today, each business wishes to touch base with their target customer base through their own mobile application owing to the large customer reach it offers and the huge audience of smartphone users it offers.

However, as we further concentrate on the details, the competition in the mobile app world is growing immensely and this makes it even tougher for businesses to make their app popular among its long list of competitors.

And here is where they need to make sure that the mobile application development agency you choose is capable of creating a mobile application that meets your expectations.  

CIS, Cyber Infrastructure is a well-recognized IT consulting service provider serving state-of-the-art mobile app solutions to thousands of businesses and agencies across the globe.

The mobile application development company is served by a team of top Android app developers and iOS app developers who treat your mobile app development requirement more often as a product, not just as a project.

People at CIS make sure that your mobile application meets the level of functionality and the performance parameters that you expect from your app.

The first approach is to craft mobile application solutions that can actually engage the users and appeal to your target customer base, helping you achieve your business goals and earn profits. 

Mobile App Development Approach of CIS 

We follow a well-configured mobile app development approach that is primarily designed according to your custom requirements. We at CIS understand the uniqueness of each business, its target audience, and its app purpose. 

Mobile App Development Approach of CIS 

Therefore, analyze your individual app development requirements to craft purely custom solutions for you. The app development procedure is as follows: 

1. Requirement Collection 

We start by collecting your individual mobile app requirements in the documented form and through various other communication channels.  

2. Analysis Phase 

The second phase is the analysis phase where we assess the various requirements from you and discuss it with the development team for its feasibility. Based on the feasibility of your requirements the requirements are ceased and time and cost estimates are shared. 

3. Design Phase 

Once the approvals come from your side and the payment terms are meant your mobile app solution goes into the design phase where your app design is created and it is considered as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model of your application. This design is then passed over to the development team to make it into a functional model. 

4. The Actual Development 

When the approved app design comes into the development phase the actual coding starts. We consider your mobile app as a product and not just a project and therefore make sure that each functionality parameter meets its purpose. 

With this, our team of top Android app developers crafts the best possible user experience for your application. 

5. Testing and Bug Fixing 

Along with parallel testing during the development phase where parallel bug fixing is carried on simultaneously to achieve high agility, the completed app code is tested in a real case environment.

Our quality analysts use key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the quality and performance of the app, based on which the app is modified (if needed) and the final version is created. 

6. Product Submission and Launch 

Once the application stands as a product that you asked for, it is sent to the client for his review. Based on his review and feedback, the app is finalized after making any changes (if he requires any changes).

And then, he is also given access to the after-service query department where he can ask for any query after the project is completed. The app is ready for the launch and is submitted to the client in the decided ETA and to meet its launch schedule. 

Agile Project Methodology 

We at CIS follow an agile project development methodology to bring your app idea to life and offer optimum client delight. In our agile project methodology, we make sure that the mobile product development is kick-started as soon as possible.

With this, the sprint managers make sure that various milestones are created and are met by their team of developers in a transparent manner. We will make sure that the client gets an authoritative level of transparency over the progress of product development.

Therefore, we manage milestone reporting and any query resolution. We offer the client a single point of contact through which he is well updated about the course of development at every point of time. 

MVP Solution Development 

Through our MVP development approach, we will make sure that the mobile app we make for you is developed in the pattern of an MVP solution throughout the process so as to make sure at each stage that the app is built in the right direction and meeting the purpose it is made for.

With this, a minimum viable product is able to evaluate its functionality at every point of development. And based on this evaluation the project progress is taken into consideration.

This is to make sure that the app delivered is actually functional and you are meeting your expectations with the app.

Other than mobile app development, CIS is a one-stop IT solution provider, the best web development company, and the preferred partner for outsourced customer services.

The company offers a long list of services like Custom Software Development Services, Artificial Intelligence app solutions, Blockchain App Development, Big Data Integration, Digital Marketing Services, Digital Asset Development Solutions, Enterprise Mobility App Development, CAD/CAM Architectural Services, etc.

We as a mobile application development company make sure that your mobile application attains a popular sport in the App Store or the Google App World and engages more and more users.

So you can defeat the high competition in the mobile app world and achieve your revenue generation goals through your application.

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