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cost to build a cash app This blog talks in detail about the cost of developing an app like Cash and the factors influencing the overall cost of development.

For decades, the world has been moving toward digitalization in all aspects of life, and the pandemic further accelerated this process. Following the trend, the day of a cashless economy is already approaching. Formerly, we could only transact with cash, but today P2P payment apps like Cash have replaced contactless payment transfers. 

The Cash app enters the market in order to satisfy these demands of the current world and make many people's daily lives simple and manageable. Almost 100 million people have downloaded the Cash app, with 36 million active monthly users.

If you are planning to enter the app market by creating money transfer apps that are popular and convenient, then this article is for you. Read this post if you want to learn how much it costs to build an app similar to Cash. We'll also examine the main characteristics and price-influencing elements. Let's start!

Cost to develop an app like Cash

The price of creating a mobile app is tough to pin down because the estimate will vary greatly. Depending on the platform you pick, your level of skill, and whether you want customizations, cost estimates for apps like Cash might be very different. An app like CashApp, meanwhile, may be developed for anywhere between $3,000 and $70,000.

However, before calculating the estimates or cost to build an app like Cash, you must decide which level of app you want. For instance:

1. The basic version 

Cash app's entry-level or basic version costs between $10,000 and $15,000. This version has certain important restrictions. The Cash App supports a number of platforms, accepts cryptocurrency, and allows users to share links; however, these features are not available in the app's most basic form.

2. The moderate version 

The following software version will be a moderate one with much more advanced features than the basic one. But, you cannot plan to use any AI integration or cutting-edge technologies. The cash app cost would be between $15,000 and $40,000.

3. The complex version

A sophisticated or complex version of the Cash app may have top-notch features and components that can give users a more immersive and seamless experience. It would be feasible to make use of all the features, including transparency, the creation of payment link, platform compatibility, and AI integration. You can expect the cost to create a Cash app at $40,000 and go up to $90,000.

Features that affect the cost of building a Cash-like app

cash like app development cost

The foundation of a peer-to-peer payment app like Cash app is its features. Taking from the Cash app review, your software will be more valuable to users if you provide the necessary functionality as the Cash app does. Any p2p payment app should have the functionality that it offers to its consumers. 

Thus, to give you clarity on the question: what do you need to make a cash app, we've listed a few fundamental features that will help you make your app more appealing and worthwhile. Also, these features impact the overall cost of designing an app like cash.

1. Transfer money

With just one button click, app users may instantly send money to anyone using the Cash app, thanks to this straightforward but helpful feature. The entire transfer process is quick and simple.

2. Seamless bank deposit

Senders who want to transfer money to their bank after receiving it on the Cash App find this function extremely helpful. Users of your app can instantly transfer money to their bank accounts with a single click, thanks to the direct bank deposit feature!

3. Facility for multiple accounts

Applications like the Cash app demonstrate the viability of providing advantages to both consumers and corporations. It has feature sets and profiles tailored to the user segments and acquisition rate (of your fintech app), which is a terrific approach to boost user retention in payment applications like the Cash app. This can also, however, impact your cost to build a Cash app.

4. Push notifications and messaging

It's critical to let your users know about their transactions. The dates on which the money was taken out of the sender's account and placed into the recipient's account must be disclosed to them. Push notifications can inform users of information such as app updates and other news. 

5. Stocks purchasing functionality

This is another feature that might affect the Cash-like app development cost, but it will also be worth it. This function allows app users to invest in the equities they like. In most cases, there is no fee associated with stock trading in this process, but customers would have to pay a fee to the government organizations.

6. Convert bitcoin to cash

Thanks to access to a platform or marketplace, you can sell your Bitcoins without leaving the Cash App. Following the sale of the Bitcoin, app users should be able to deposit the proceeds into the bank accounts connected to the app. When you include this feature in your payment app, customers of your app may easily exchange their bitcoins for cash whenever they want. However, you can expect your Cash-like app development cost to increase with the inclusion of this feature. 

7. AI-based Chatbot

You can incorporate an AI-based chatbot into your app so that it can offer your consumers support around the clock. This will lower your customer care expenses while also enhancing your program's overall usability. But this will also increase your Cash app cost. This is nonetheless an important feature to include when you make a cash app. 

8. CMS System

Content is a key component of any app, and payment apps like Cash app are no exception. Essentially, it entails creating, managing, and improving the users' digital experiences. As a result, a CMS function can be included in the app to track the app's content.

9. Unique ID/OTP

The users will retain their data, including name, date of birth, credit/debit card information, account information, payee account information, and so on. As a result, it is your duty to provide every valued consumer with secure transactions. To register with the app and begin any transaction, the requirement of a separate ID or OTP makes the transaction safe and secure. This feature is secured using third-party SDKs from Firebase, Twilio, Nexmo, and Digimiles. The incorporation of third-party integrations can affect the Cash-like app development cost. 

10. Real-time analytics and reporting

You can easily gain insights into how your payment app, like Cash App, operates by using analytics during and after the cash app building process. This provides useful data on your users' interactions with your app. To enhance the functionality of your apps similar to the Cash app, you can use this feature to identify its weaknesses and pain points.

Factors influencing the cost of Cash-like app development

The cost of creating a mobile app from scratch varies greatly and is dependent on various variables enacted during and after the cash app-building process. Some of the elements include:

  • Depending on the project objectives, the size, and the location of the team of app developers, developing apps similar to Cash apps would be less expensive. A reputable fintech application development firm will be able to relieve you with the question of how to make a Cash app. They will deliver you a well-built app within your budget if you choose to outsource it to the cash app building company. Yet, the charges can end up being more than you anticipated if you decide to work with a freelancer or a less skilled cash app developer.
  • The cost of an app similar to Cash app varies depending on the backend requirements to integrate API; also, the development process may cost more when backend developers are involved. A backend also costs more to construct by the cash app developer since it takes longer.
  • Unquestionably, one of the key factors influencing a payment app development price is its design. Not only will well-designed software look attractive, but it will also be simple to use and navigate. The design must be clear and uncomplicated for users to quickly comprehend and utilize a fintech application's numerous functionalities. The complexity of the design and the required number of screens will affect the Cash app development cost.
  • The post-development stage of a Cash app can be viewed as an additional variable that affects the operation, maintenance, and Cash-like app development cost. Testing and deployment are part of the post-development process. It centers on determining whether or not the app operates properly across all platforms. It focuses on fixing the problems before developing the marketing strategy. Depending on your needs, app testing might range from $5000 to $15,000 in price.
  • Your choice of app platform will also impact the price of the development of money apps like Cash app. As opposed to creating a hybrid or web app, creating a native app for iOS requires working with a different team of developers which can impact the Cash app development cost. Native apps typically cost more to create but provide a better user experience. On the other hand, web and hybrid apps cost less to create but might not provide the same quality of user experience as a native app.
  • A typical payment app development takes 153 hours to create, impacting the cash app development cost. A money transfer app, however, can be created in as little as 107 hours or as much as 200 hours. The precise timetable largely depends on how complex your application is. Typically, it will take longer if you require highly customized designs, specific features, or unusual release platforms. And the more hours a cash app developer takes to create an app like that, the more expensive the clone cash app cost will be.

How to monetize your money transfer app?

All apps must make sure that their service is popular and continues to be profitable. And thus, you must follow suit when you plan to create a Cash-like app. Here are the ways you can recover your cost to make a cash app by making money from your money transfer and payment app development -

cost to make a cash app

1. Charging businesses

Businesses accepting Cash App payments are charged 2.75% of each transaction. These payments are made in two ways: Individuals send peer-to-peer payments to businesses through the application. The second way is when someone pays a business with a cash card. Cash cards are Visa prepaid cards that you can order and are linked to your spending balance. Charging per translation can help you monetize your app in a user-friendly manner.   

2. Bitcoin exchange

Cash App users will be able to buy and sell bitcoin with their balance starting in late 2017. After offering the service for free, Cash App began charging a consumer fee of up to 1.76% on Bitcoin purchases in late 2019, making the cost to make a cash app more profitable. This is among the most lucrative and profitable ways to make money with the Cash-like app. You can charge your customers up to 4% per bitcoin transaction and make money easily.

3. Referral programs

If you are thinking about how to make a Cash app profitable, then incorporating referral programs in your app is your answer. Money transfers or money apps like Cash app can grow and generate revenue by attracting additional customers with the help of referral programs. 

Many money transfer apps offer discounts to new users with a referral code. Some of these referral codes are made available to the public through marketing efforts (such as television advertising). As the benefits of money transfer software extend beyond its user base, it is important to highlight how other parties may benefit (e.g., direct financial assistance to families in other countries). 

4. Quick credit card payments and transfers

With fees ranging from 0.5% to 1.75%, individual users can speed up transfers from their Cash App account to their bank account. This makes the Cash app profitable. Users will like your app if they can deposit funds into their bank account immediately instead of waiting for the usual 2-3 day deposit period. Both users and you benefit from this. It also allows users to use the platform to make personal payments using their credit card instead of their Cash App balance and earn money with a 3% transaction fee. This will help you cover the cost of making a cash app.

An important point to consider when developing a money transfer app like Cash app

Money transfer programs risk breaking anti-money laundering and terrorist funding regulations when transmitting money across borders. Collaborating with a third-party payment gateway that already conforms to anti-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering laws is what we advise doing to reduce this risk.

Also, you should be able to assist in safe payment and transaction processes and stop users from sending money to scammers. Ensuring your software has the required intelligence and algorithms will help you achieve this.


A bespoke payment app like Cash App has a promising future because everyone is now moving toward the digital world and attempting to create a Cash app and knowing the cost to build a Cash app. People are quickly switching to internet banking for payments because it offers them more advantages and makes managing their work easier. 
Now that you have clarity on questions like what do you need to make a cash app and how much does it cost to develop an app, it's time to release your p2p mobile app development with the help of fintech app development companies if you want to provide your consumers with this kind of service and grow your business.

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