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Top 5 Benefits of Inventory Management Apps

Check out our blog to know all the details related to the process of inventory management. We are sure that this will help you in completing the task with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

benefits of inventory management apps

A company’s inventory is considered as the most valuable asset as it makes the core of any kind of business. In all the inventory-intensive sectors such as manufacturing, retail, food supply, and more, the inputs and final products lay the foundation of their business. A shortfall in inventory can cause incredible loss and damage to the company. 

Concurrently, a large-sized inventory can form a liability for the company. A sizeable inventory poses the risk of theft, spoilage, or any other kind of damage. An inventory must be sold timely; otherwise, it might have to be disposed of at clearance prices or completely destroyed. 

Due to the multiple benefits of inventory control, stock management becomes a prerequisite for business owners. Having a clear understanding of when to restock inventory, what price to pay, when to sell, and at what price can help you in effectively manage your stock. 

Any business that sells or handles physical products is involved in inventory management. But how you manage inventory can have a major impact on how efficient your business is. Inventory management strategies vary for different types of industries. For instance, storing a huge inventory will not cause any harm to an Oil deposit; however, a fast-fashion brand or a brand dealing in food items cannot maintain a large stock of their products. 

Now that we have established that inventory management is vital to a company’s health, let's read further about the benefits of inventory management and how you can successfully achieve it. In this article, we’ll go over what inventory management is and the top five benefits of investing in an inventory management app. We will also be discussing the cost involved in inventory management and the different types of inventory management.

Let’s get started!

What is inventory management?

Inventory management is the practice of managing inventory to keep your supply chains running smoothly. Through an effective management strategy, companies can determine which and how much stock they should order and maintain. It is essential for fulfilling customer orders on time. This practice is effective and responding to current trends and responding to customer demands accordingly. 

Warehouses and distribution centers use inventory management apps to help them stay organized and not let anything fall through the cracks. We cannot possibly count the utilities and benefits of inventory management apps. These apps can be used for tracking and monitoring the level of orders, sales, inventory, shipments, and more. 

What are inventory management apps?

Now that we have given a gist about what is inventory management, it's time to discuss how we can actually do it.

Out of the different types of inventory management options available, using an inventory management Android app is the most preferred. A stock and inventory app can be defined as a mobile application that automates and streamlines the process of inventory management. An inventory management app will help your business realize all the benefits of inventory control and management. These apps can also play a significant role in reducing the costs involved in inventory management. 

Each and every business is unique, and choosing the most suitable and the best inventory management app will depend upon the complexities, size, and requirements of your business. You can choose an inventory management software or select a free inventory app for Android and iOS smartphones. 

There are many benefits of inventory management apps that are discussed further in the blog. Some of the best inventory management apps, based on their utility and functionality, are listed below:

  • Extensiv
  • Inventory Source
  • Barcoders QuickShip
  • Scout topShelf
  • SkuVault
  • Inventory Planner and more. 

What are the features of Inventory Management Apps?

Inventory management apps come in a large variety. But the best ones have the following features:

  • Reporting capabilities with automatic alerts and notifications
  • Integration with accounting and shipping software
  • Barcode and RFID compatibility 
  • Inventory level, reorder points, and lead time tracking abilities
  • Responsive customer support for software issues

Let’s discuss some of them in detail,

We have already known the benefits of inventory management and understand its importance. Choosing the best inventory management app will better your chances at effective stock management. To help you further, we have listed the important features that you must look for while selecting inventory management apps for your business. 

1. Track inventory in real-time

Keeping a record of your purchase and sale will simplify the job of maintaining an optimal inventory level. An effective stock and inventory app must reflect stock movements and allocations in real-time. A simple inventory tracking app can be used to cater to this purpose. 

2.  Inventory value

Warehouse managers are often appointed to determine the value of inventory stored in the warehouse. Efficient inventory management apps can help you in determining accurate inventory value, cost of goods sold, profit margin, and other variable inventory cost.

3. Low stock alerts

A stock and inventory app can perform exceptionally well in warning you about the low stock levels. The best inventory management app is the one that offers the functionality of setting automatic alarms whenever your stock is running low. 

4. Effective purchase management

Inventory management apps can help you unlock a primary business efficiency by monitoring and regulating your purchases. A suitable stock and inventory app must be able to store all supplier details and information, review transaction history, autofill purchase orders, and do a lot more. 

5. Unlimited SKUs

The best inventory management app should not restrict or limit the number of products and items that you can list. It should also not put any restrictions on the number of consumers or the number of purchases made by the business. 

Benefits of inventory management apps

Now that you know what inventory management software is, here’s why you should consider investing in it for your business. Best inventory management software can simplify the job and will enhance the overall productivity of the business. We have discussed all the benefits of inventory management apps in detail to help you understand better.

1. Lower inventory management costs

When you use inventory management apps, there’s less chance of making costly errors. As a result, you’ll need to spend less on damage control and rectifying mistakes. This can significantly reduce the inventory management cost and will promote higher profits for the company.

Inventory management apps can also save your company time through automated processes, such as barcode scanning integrations. This means you can cut down on labor costs to pick, pack, and prepare shipments.

A primary advantage of inventory management app is that it helps in cutting down on the operating cost. By keeping your operating costs under control, inventory management apps can ultimately help your business stay competitive, especially if you already have thin profit margins.

2. Higher accuracy levels

As we are aware of the benefits of inventory management, we must ensure that it is done with utmost diligence and precision. Manual inventory management methods that use legacy tools like spreadsheets are prone to human error and are difficult to update. 

However, with dedicated inventory management apps, you can expect a high level of accuracy through real-time inventory updates. Along with this, a stock and inventory app can also assist in regulating and monitoring the holding cost in inventory management with maximum accuracy.

This can boost your customer satisfaction ratings and, ultimately, your bottom line.

3. Better forecasting and planning

One of the foremost advantages of inventory management apps is that it can prepare you for the future and can prevent any losses or damages. Most inventory management apps have data analytics capabilities. These can help you forecast inventory needs based on historical and seasonal data.

For example, if past data shows that order volume goes up during the Christmas season, you can plan ahead by stocking up on more inventory. A low-cost inventory management software might not deliver accuracy in future predictions. Therefore, you should carefully examine the inventory management apps and choose the best inventory management app out of the lot. 

Inventory management apps can also give you a better understanding of your product mix. In other words, it can tell you which products sell and which don’t (relatively speaking) so you can adjust stock levels accordingly. 

4. Improved inventory visibility

Another benefit of using a stock and inventory app is that it lets you track your inventory items’ locations and movements in real time. 

That way, you can gain valuable insights into order statuses and detect any emerging supply chain issues early on so you can respond quickly. These insights can help you cut down the cost of the warehouse management system and will optimize the overall inventory management cost as well.

5. Less over and understocking

As a business, running out of stock can cost you in the form of missed sales and dissatisfied customers. Similarly, overstocking can tie up valuable capital that could be invested elsewhere in your business. These apps can significantly reduce inventory management cost and will ensure better yield for your business. 

Inventory management apps help solve both of these problems. How? By letting you know exactly when you need to replenish stock and by how much. Basically, it takes the guesswork out of inventory management. 

Adding it all up

Rising material costs, labor shortages, and supply chain issues have been tough on businesses over the last few years. That’s why it’s more important than ever to utilize all the benefits of inventory management apps. Some of the most popular and well-renowned mobile app development companies have developed inventory management apps for small and large-scale business firms.

If you wish to reduce the costs involved in inventory management, achieve higher accuracy levels, improve your forecasting and planning, make your inventory more visible, and avoid over- and understocking, start looking for an inventory management app today!

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