Use FaceTime on Android Smartphones - A Detailed Guide

Explore our guide to simplify FaceTime video calls, irrespective of your device. Follow our step-by-step instructions to navigate video calls easily.

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FaceTime is a free video call service compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As long as you have a phone number or an e-mail address linked to your Apple ID, you can easily enjoy FaceTime calls. 

It has been a preferred choice for iOS users as it comes pre-installed with all devices. For far too long, FaceTime has been an Apple-exclusive feature. This has been an envy for most Android users as FaceTime offers superior video and audio quality. However, with the iOS 15 update, Apple has finally made it possible to connect FaceTime calls with an Android smartphone. 

Using FaceTime on Android is now easier than ever. Read our detailed guide to using FaceTime on Android smartphones. With our simple tips and tricks, you will not have to fumble around downloading and setting up new apps and accounts to video call your friends. 

What is Apple’s FaceTime?

Apple FaceTime is a pre-installed application on all iOS devices that allows users to make video calls to other iOS devices. To FaceTime someone through an Apple device, all you need to do is open the app and dial the contact number you wish to talk to. This video-calling app has grown exponentially over the years, with frequent iOS updates. 

The interface is simple and straightforward, allowing all users to connect with one another easily. With the best technical specifications, FaceTime can deliver a low-latency experience, even across long distances. Some exceptional features of this video-calling app include the following- 

  • Audio and video calling
  • Hand off the call to other devices
  • Screen sharing options
  • SharePlay feature
  • Background blur for professional calls
  • Live caption ability 
  • Filtering background sounds 

Collectively, all these features ensure the best video-calling experience for all users. All these features perfectly align with the communication preferences of different users. 

how to facetime on android

Can you use FaceTime on Android?

Android users were not able to enjoy high-quality FaceTime calls through their smartphones for the longest time. However, with the recent iOS updates, this feature can now be used on Android and Windows devices as well. 

Though these devices do not offer a pre-installed FaceTime app, users can still join the video calls using a direct link. With an invitation from an iOS user, Windows and Android users can enjoy FaceTime. 

How do you FaceTime on Android?

Apple has still not released an official FaceTime app for Android or Windows. So, without an app, how can you access FaceTime for Android? The only way to access FaceTime through Android smartphones is through your device’s web browser. 

There are many fake sites claiming to have an APK  for downloading FaceTime on Android; however, these sites contain malware and can be extremely harmful to your device. Although a direct link can offer free FaceTime online access to Android users, there is still a catch. 

As an Android user, you cannot initiate video calls but only join them through an invite. Using FaceTime on Android or other devices does not always offer the best quality experience for iOS users; rather, you can only have access to basic features like full-screen mode, camera, and microphone. Advanced features like screen sharing and SharePlay are not available for Android users. Additionally, you cannot use stickers, emoji stickers, or other filters. 

How can an iOS user FaceTime an Android user?

Only iOS users can initiate a FaceTime call and send an invite link to Android users. An Android user can ask for your permission to join the call and connect with others as well. If the FaceTime caller declines the permission, users can join the call despite constant efforts. 

To initiate a FaceTime call and Android users, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 1 Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone and tap on the ‘Create Link’ option present on the screen.
Step 2 A mini screen will appear in front of you. Under the FaceTime Link, click on the ‘Add Name’ option.
Step 3 Type a name for your link and tap ‘OK’ to save the link
Step 4 From the mini screen, select an option to where you wish to share the link. Alternatively, you can also copy the link and paste the link on the message tab.
Step 5 By default, FaceTime can also compose a custom message with an invite link.
Step 6 After sending the link, you will receive a notification to grant permission to the Android users.
Step 7 If you wish to allow a person to join the call, you can press the green tick.

How can you join a FaceTime call as an Android user?

Android phones do not support FaceTime downloads. As a result, the users can only join a call via invite. You can receive an invite link via direct messaging or through other messaging apps on your smartphone. 

Though there is no FaceTime app for Android, users cannot connect with an Apple ID. You can register with your name, allowing others to recognize you and grant permission to join the call. The direct link can be accessed through the default browser on your device. You must ensure that your device is updated to access the invite link. 

To connect to FaceTime on an Android phone, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 As you receive the FaceTime call invite on your smartphone, launch it on your default web browser.
Step 2 FaceTime will then ask permission to access your device’s camera and microphone. Tap ‘Allow’ to continue further.
Step 3 Write your name in the text box to ensure that the people in the call are able to recognize you.
Step 4 The screen for the FaceTime call will appear on your smartphone. Click on the ‘Join’ option to ask permission from the host to participate in the call.
Step 5 Wait for the host to grant you permission
Step 6 Once done, you can now connect and video chat with your friends through FaceTime. You can enjoy all the basic FaceTime features on your device now.


What are the primary considerations for using FaceTime on your Android device?

Connecting FaceTime on Android is now easier than ever. A direct invite link can help Android users video call their friends and family across the world without having to download the FaceTime app. 

Before face-timing your friends through an Android device, you must consider the following considerations to ensure a smooth experience over the call. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Data

FaceTime can work seamlessly well using both WiFi and cellular data. If you do not have access to a stable internet connection, your video and audio might lag. Additionally, data charges can apply if you do not have an internet connection. 

2. Battery Life

The FaceTime app can excessively drain your battery. Make sure that you have a charger handy before starting out with a long FaceTime call. 

3. Security 

To ensure your online safety, you must ensure that you are accepting FaceTime invites from reliable sources only. Before joining FaceTime on Android, make sure that you know the other person on the call. 

4. Controls 

You can enjoy FaceTime on Android with easy and accessible controls. Users can switch on/off their camera and microphone before clicking the green Join button on the screen. You can also flip your camera in between the calls. 

What are the best alternative FaceTime apps for Android users?

Apart from using FaceTime on Android, users can also connect through multiple other apps. Let’s discuss some alternative ways to connect a video call between Android and iPhone in detail. 

1. Facebook

Facebook has been the largest social networking platform over the past few years. With over a million users worldwide, it is one of the most popular networking sites for people to connect and chat with their friends. It is one of the simplest and the most straightforward alternatives to FaceTime. 

Facebook Messenger is a free platform that lets you connect with all users over a video or a voice call. You can simply download the app, log in with your credentials, and enjoy free video calls across different devices. 

2. Google Meet

Google Meet, previously known as Google Duo, is packed with all the essential features that make it the best app for business and professional video calls. If you are looking for an alternative to FaceTime on a laptop or other devices, Google Meet is an excellent choice for large groups. 

The app supports excellent integration with other Google apps and is thus great for professional meetings and presentations. 

3. Skype 

The Skype app developed by Microsoft is the perfect alternative to the FaceTime app. It is the best video calling platform that has all the features that make it ideal for both professional and personal use. You can connect with other Skype users through any device. 

Users can share their status and have fun conversations using stickers and GIFs. From audio to video calls, Skype offers the best quality for all. 

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the simplest messaging platform trusted by many users across the globe. It is the most reliable video calling service available for smartphone users. The WhatsApp is available for all iOS, Android, and Windows users. 

With a legit account, users can chat and call their friends and family from anywhere in the world. 

Wrapping Up!

Apple’s walled garden has restricted many Android users from enjoying the privileges and benefits of the FaceTime app. Though FaceTime is not exclusively available for Android, you can definitely use alternative ways to enjoy this high-quality video calling app. 

With our simple guide, you will not be cut off from experiencing the most convenient video-calling app exclusively available for iOS users. We hope that Apple eases out its rigid policies in the future, making it easier for Android users to connect over FaceTime. 

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