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how to facetime on android Explore our guide to FaceTime video calls on Android. Follow our step-by-step instructions to navigate high-quality video calls easily.

Android and iOS devices make up the entire smartphone ecosystem. However, there are differences between the two. It is both in terms of user base and features. Over time, this difference is diminishing as both platforms offer third-party apps that fill the void. But, on the flip side, that innate curiosity to try things meant for some other platform.

Surrounded by this curiosity, Android users often ask questions like,” What is FaceTime?”, “How to FaceTime on Android?”, etc. To further add, FaceTime is a video-conferencing service by Apple. It is exclusive to iOS users and can only be accessed via a registered phone number or email.

FaceTime has been a preferred choice for multiple iOS users as it comes pre-installed with the devices. Also, it has stayed an Apple-exclusive feature for long. This was something that Android users envied because of its superior video and audio quality. But with the iOS 15 update, Apple finally upgraded FaceTime for Android.

This detailed guide will tell you how to use FaceTime on Android smartphones. Also, we will cover different nuances related to the topic.

Steps to FaceTime on Android

There is no official FaceTime app for Android or Windows. The only way to access it is via the device's web browser.

Additionally, multiple fake sites claim to have an APK for downloading FaceTime on Android. However, beware, as these sites contain malware and can harm your device. On the other hand, a simple direct link can offer free FaceTime online access to Android users. But there is a catch.

Users can not initiate FaceTime Calls or FaceTime links as Android users. The only way to join is through an invitation. FaceTime on Android doesn't always offer the best quality experience for iOS users. You can only access basic features like full-screen mode, camera, and microphone. 

Now, let's check the steps to use the FaceTime app on Android -

Step 1: Get a FaceTime link from an iOS user. To do so, the iOS user must tap on “Create Link” on the FaceTime app.

how to facetime on android

Step 2: Tap on the FaceTime link received.

facetime on android

Step 3: Enter your name when the prompt appears.

facetime for android

Step 4: Wait for approval from the iOS host.

how do you facetime on android

Step 5: Once the host approves, join the FaceTime call.

Note: Keep your Android device and browser updated to the latest version. This would ensure the best experience. Additionally, using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is recommended.

Features of Apple FaceTime

how to facetime on android

FaceTime offers a simple interface. This allows its users to connect easily. With the best technical specs, it delivers a low latency experience. It provides best-in-class features amongst its competition. Therefore, let's check some features of this video-calling app:

  • Audio and video calling
  • Hand off the call to other devices
  • Screen sharing options
  • SharePlay feature
  • Background blur for professional calls
  • Live caption ability 
  • Filtering background sounds 

How can an iOS user FaceTime an Android user?

Without a FaceTime app for Android, users cannot connect with an Apple ID. However, you can register your name. This allows other users to recognize you and grant permission to join. Additionally, the direct link can be accessed through the default browser. However, the access to the invite link must be updated.

To connect to FaceTime on an Android phone, follow the steps below -

Step 1: Launch the invite on your default web browser upon receiving it.

Step 2: Permit FaceTime for your device's camera and microphone. Tap ‘Allow’ to continue further.

Step 3: Write your name in the text box. This is to ensure that people recognize you on FaceTime calls.

Step 4: The screen for the FaceTime call will appear on your smartphone. Click on "Join" to give permission.

Step 5: Wait for the host to grant you permission.

Step 6: Once done, you can connect and video chat with your friends through FaceTime. You can enjoy all the basic FaceTime features on your device now.

What are the primary considerations for using FaceTime on your Android device?

Connecting FaceTime on Android is now easier than ever. A direct FaceTime link can make it happen. It would allow Android users to call their friends and family worldwide. Also, there is no need to download the FaceTime app.

Before face-timing, here are some considerations for a smooth experience. Let's discuss them in detail:

1. Data

FaceTime can work seamlessly using both Wi-Fi and cellular data.  Make sure to have a stable connection to avoid lag. Also, data charges will incur without a cellular connection.

2. Battery Life

The FaceTime app can excessively drain your battery. Ensure you have a charger handy before starting with a long FaceTime call. 

3. Security 

To ensure safety, accept FaceTime links from credible sources. Before joining FaceTime on Android, ensure that you know the other party.

4. Controls 

You can enjoy FaceTime on Android with easy and accessible controls.  Users can even switch on/off their camera and microphone. Do this before clicking the green button. You can also flip your camera in between the calls. 

What are the best alternative FaceTime apps for Android users?

There are multiple alternatives to using FaceTime on Android. Let’s discuss some of these alternate ways.

1. Facebook

Facebook is among the best social media platforms. It has regained this position since its inception. Connecting and chatting with friends is popular, with over a million users worldwide. It is one of the most straightforward alternatives to FaceTime. 

Facebook Messenger is a free platform. It lets you connect with all users over a video or a voice call. You can download the app, log in with your credentials, and enjoy free video calls across different devices. 

2. Google Meet

Google Meet was previously known as Google Duo. It has all the required features. This makes it the best app for business and professional video calls. It is another excellent alternative to FaceTime. This is especially true for large groups. Furthermore, the app can be accessed on a laptop or a smartphone. Also, it integrates well with other Google Apps.

3. Skype 

Skype is the perfect alternative to the FaceTime app. It is the best video calling platform for personal and professional use. The video calling app allows cross-platform calling as well.

Users can share their status and have fun conversations using stickers and GIFs. From audio to video calls, Skype offers the best quality for all. 

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the simplest messaging platform. Many users across the globe trust it. This reliable app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. A legitimate account can be used to call friends and family anywhere.

Wrapping Up!

Apple’s walled garden has restricted FaceTime for Android. However, the app is available through different sources. Additionally, alternate ways provide high-quality calls and experience with your peers. With this guide, we aim to help you with using FaceTime calls. Also, we showed alternatives to do the same. Therefore, make your choice. Ultimately, we hope in the future, Apple will ease out its policies. It will make it easier for Android users to connect over FaceTime.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Apple’s FaceTime is a video-conferencing service exclusive to iOS devices. It facilitates high-quality audio and video calls and supports features like screen sharing and SharePlay.

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  • How do you FaceTime on Android?

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