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Mobile Security Systems for the Elderly Know which type of mobile security system is best for your parents!

The ideal security system for seniors is not always what is best for younger families. Older adults have specific needs that an alarm system should address. For instance, if the person has health concerns, the system should notify the relevant persons in the event of a mishap.

Besides health, another concern for seniors is that they are an easy target for someone who wants to take advantage of their vulnerability. Older people are more likely to fall and suffer injuries. Other vital features for seniors include remote control access and home automation. Luckily, home security systems can solve all these issues, and all you need to do is to find the right one.

What are Main Types of Security Systems?

Several types of home security systems exist, ranging from essential burglar detection alarms to CCTV and security lights. Most of them have at least one alarm and a motion sensor. It could also be monitored or not.

Home security apps and systems fall under two broad categories: wireless and hardwired. Hardwired systems are wired into a home’s power supply, which means that they are hard to install and require professional installation. This might make their total initial cost to be higher than others. On the brighter side, hardwired gadgets rarely run out of power.

Most wireless security devices work using power from batteries, which makes them easy to install. They are suitable for most places, but you should be careful not to prevent the battery from running out.

List of Best Security Systems For Seniors

Since there are several types of security devices, you should take the time to shop the best for seniors.

Best Types of Security Systems

1. Medical Alert System

While robberies are a common concern for home security, health is also vital. With every passing year, health emergencies are more likely to occur compared to home invasions. Therefore, it is crucial to look for options that feature a medical alert system.

Although you can purchase the medical safety gadget separately, having one that has been integrated into your home security system ensures the independence of the seniors in the home.

Thanks to the convenience of a medical alert system, seniors can get help by just pressing a button. Whether they experience a fall or a reoccurrence of a previous medical condition, the system can be used to notify the doctor and family members to avail of the necessary assistance. Some even have impact sensors that detect when the wearer falls.

2. Remote Control Access

Most seniors like going on vacation and trips out of their home cities but are skeptical because they have nobody to watch their homes while they are away. By making use of remote control applications, they can get away from home and still monitor their homes quickly.

Remote control access allows the homeowner to manage certain elements such as lights, locks and temperature settings. Having this system in your house from the onset is a good idea because it will serve you even later in life.

3. Home Automation

A good home automation system can help prevent some of the stress that you are likely to experience in your daily routines. Many seniors have a hard time recalling putting on the alarm every evening.

Automating the home will make such tasks non-issues because it allows the owners to program-specific settings. Some aspects that can be automated include turning on the lights at particular times and maintaining the temperatures within a particular range.

What are Home Security Compatibility Options?

Compatibility with a home security device depends on a few factors. One of them is the age of the home and whether it has modern connectivity features. A rural home offers varying compatibility compared to a country home.

Different Home Security

However, some security gadgets for seniors are made to fit almost anywhere. The options include landlines, cellular and Wi-Fi.

1. Landline Connected Home Security

If you reside in a place with poor cell connectivity, you ought to consider this option. The landline-based device does not rely on Wi-Fi and cell phone connectivity, implying that you can depend on it to provide the best services.

2. Mobile Connected Home Security

This is one of the most expensive security systems. Its major advantage is that cellular connections are nearly impossible to tamper with. However, the mobile service should be reliable within the region you want to use it to ensure maximum security and solid coverage. Connectivity losses can prevent the ability to check security alerts, remote operating capacity, and cameras.

3. Wi-Fi Security Systems

Most modern systems rely on broadband, which means that they use Wi-Fi connectivity to function. Therefore, this connection is by far the most used and reliable option of the three. The only downside is that it operates in areas with strong coverage only, otherwise, using it would be challenging.

Final Words

Besides these features, make sure that the system includes all the basics like window sensors, smoke detectors, and motion sensors. Every aspect of your home should be free from potential home invasions and other dangers like gas leaks and home fires. Having a suitable system for seniors is the best gift you can give them. In addition to this, people also need to keep in mind the importance of mobile device security along with other aspects.


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