Best Dialer Apps for Android and iOS in 2019
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The Best Dialer Apps for Android and iOS in 2019

Who thought there could be choices for dialer pads? Try these top dialer pads and bring some excitement to your boring dialer pad.

The Best Dialer Apps for Android and iOS in 2019

In every smartphone, there are pre-installed stock dialers that come packed from the manufacturer’s end. But sadly, device dialers are not equipped with many features, as it’s designed to fulfill basic  functions like making calls and organizing contacts. 

There are two problems with these basic dialers: 

  • They cannot be customized for personal needs.
  • They are barely ever updated with the phone. 

Due to such shortcomings of default dialer apps, app developers came up with some of the best dialer apps which can enrich your experience and make calling a fun rather than a monotonous task. 

To make it easier for Android and iOS users, the list is divided into two parts, one of which mentions the best dialer pads for Android, and the other mentions those for iOS. 

Best Dialer Apps for Android

Check out the top dialer apps for Android that pack tons of features.

1. Simple Dialler

Going by its name, this amazing dialer app for Android is a simplistic dialer application and is appropriate for those who are unhappy with their default dialer and are in need of a more exotic dialer. The app has a large keypad, which can be really handy for people with visual problems and also, it can be easily customized as per the preferences of the user.

 amazing dialer app for Android

Notable features of the Simple Phone Dialler app: 

  • Customizable font color and size;
  • Large buttons for a quick display and easy dialing facility;
  • Option to add a contact button that dials directly from the contact list;
  • A confirmation dialogue before every call.

Download for Android

2. exDialer

In comparison to the other dialer applications, it’s an app that features a lucid and clear interface. The dialer app for Android also features various options, which gives an impression of a default Android dialer with the ability to manage contacts and complete call logs. 

Along with this, this app has Android material inspired UI (User interface) and is really fast in terms of performance. A minimalistic look with some amazing features like geocoder and customizable notification alerts have helped it earn its spot on the list.

dialer applications

Notable features of the exDialer app: 

  • In-built gestures and shortcuts for quick access;
  • Multiple languages support;
  • Supports additional customization via Plugins;
  • Excellent app theme support. 

Download for Android

3. Rocket Contacts

Rocket Contacts is one of the fastest contact manager applications that can merge contacts and apps together to provide its users with the 'Fast Open' functionality.

To get fast access to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, the user can simply tap on the platform icon present on the right corner of the screen. In addition, the dialer app for Android allows the user to select the accounts, which he wishes to access or sync with the device.

 fastest contact manager applications

Notable features of the Rocket Contacts phone dialler app: 

  • 'Block calls' option for blocking unwanted calls;
  • Supports fast action with calls;
  • Interactive dialer to call and add new contacts as well;
  • Quick access to frequently used contacts.

Download for Android

4. Dialer+

With Dialer+ app, the user has the option to preface the dialer over the contacts or call log screen. It is a quick way to reach at the desired screen within seconds, and more importantly, a majority of users appreciate such effective shortcuts. 

This dialer app for android is quick and also offers a Magic List feature that which predicts the contacts that you are most likely to call based on predictive algorithms. 

dialer app for android

Notable features of the Dialer+ app: 

  • Robust performance and interactive UI;
  • Tab navigation for quick switch between favorites, history, and contacts;
  • A wide range of themes.
  • Instant options for sending texts and emails directly to groups.

Download for Android

5. Drupe

Drupe app is an ideal dialer app that can easily distinguish spam indications and block spammers and even set reminders for calls. The app is feature rich and rightly ticks all the boxes that should be there in a perfect dialer app.

The dialer app for android is quite user-friendly. It allows the user to make animated calls based on the context of the call, which you won’t find in other dialer apps. It can be a one-stop destination for the user to make calls through all the platforms like WhatsApp, walkie talkie, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, and more.

Contacts+ is a smartly designed dialer app

Notable features of Drupe phone dialler app:

  • In-built call recording;
  • Caller ID tracker;
  • GIF Stickers integration with contacts;
  • Multiple account integration.

Download for Android

Best Dialer Apps for iOS

Here are the top iOS dialer apps that will make dialing a fun activity on your iPhone and iPad.

1. Speed Dial - Smart T9 Dialer

Speed Dial for iPhone offers quick navigation between speed dial pages via birds view and makes it one of the best dialer apps. Its integration with Apple Watch makes it stand out from the crowd and enables the user to call and message instantly.

With its smart connect technology, the images are fetched automatically in case it’s available in contact details. To make it more iOS-centric, the app developers made sure to add FaceTime audio / FaceTime video call.

Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts

Notable features of the Speed Dial app:

  • Speed dial page;
  • 3D touch contacts;
  • Multiple language support;
  • Call reminders.

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2. Contacts+

Contacts+ is a smartly designed dialer app that works as a cloud-based address book for the user. Along with that, this app can easily integrate all your social media accounts as well as other messaging apps into just one sophisticated UI (User Interface).

Some of the necessary functions performed by Contacts+ includes pulling out the metadata and other significant information related to the contacts; such as photos, supports cross-platform sync, automatic contact enrichment option, and more.

best dialer app

Notable features of Contacts+ app: 

  • Caller ID & SMS spam block;
  • One-touch option to call;
  • Smart card integration with the contacts;
  • Support for Android Wear.

Download for iOS

3. Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts

Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts is the next in this list of top dialer apps for iOS. Eyecon is a unique dialer application that doesn’t pop-up ads every now and then, which is quite common in other similar dialer apps. 

Along with that, the Eyecon Phone dialer app is packed with a number of quick shortcuts that users can make use of to connect with their contacts.  The premium version of the app is also available which removes ads, gives access to all future features, and more.

Android dialer app

Notable features of the Eyecon app:

  • Visual Caller ID integration;
  • Sync with social media platforms;
  • Spam filter;
  • Options for customization purposes.

Download for iOS

4. Truecaller

Another Android dialer app that deserves to be on our list of the best dialer apps is Truecaller. It is a feature-rich phone dialer that has come a long way. The dialer app is not just popular among iOS users, but it is widely used by Android users as well.

This mobile application offers an extensive range of customization options to its app users. Truecaller is easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface. Other than that, it also provides dual SIM support to its users along with automatic switching between the SIMs. 

Android dialer app

Notable features of the Truecaller app: 

  • Smart calling and SMS management;
  • Spam number blocking;
  • Automatic Caller ID detection;
  • Flash messaging options.

Download for iOS

5. Instacall lite - Smart Dialer

RIght from quick access to dialer from customizable themes and colors, Instacall lite app has it all. The phone dialer app is easy to use and can be easily set up. Like all other dialer apps, the user has to grant permission to this app to access the contact list.

To run this app smoothly on the iOS compatible devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, make sure that your device is updated with iOS 10.3 or later. Also, the app supports multiple languages like English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, and more.

dialer apps

Notable features of Instacall lite app:

  • Great interface;
  • Astute design;
  • Support speed dial;
  • Color customization.

Download for iOS

MAD Recommendation: Our Favorite Android Dialer Apps

Let’s take a quick look at the free phone dialing apps that we think are best for Android and iOS: 

Best Dialer Apps For Android

  • Simple Dialler
  • Dialer+

Best Dialer Apps for iOS

  • Speed Dial
  • Contacts+

Final Thoughts 

These were some of our top picks when it comes to listing down the best dialer and contacts app for Android and iOS. All dialer applications mentioned in this article come with their set of primary features which makes calling easier and quicker.

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