10+ Best Dialer Apps For Android & iOS in 2021

Tired of picking spam calls? Well, we have got 10+ top dialer apps with the perfect solution for you.
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July 26, 2021
Mobile phones were invented to serve the most basic purpose of calling. Ever since the functions in Smartphones have advanced to include high-quality cameras, voice assistants, and much more, yet we use the same old dialer pads.

Don’t you think it's worth paying attention to a good phone dialer pad?

So while the world is busy selling you the latest upgrade on the biometric system or some other feature, we decided to give you the best options to upgrade the most basic function, a phone has to perform- dialing!

Our Top Picks

In this blog, we are discussing a few best dialer apps for those of you who are tired of spam calls!

Best Phone Dialer Apps to use in 2021

Here's a list of the best phone dialer apps that are known to make calling an exceptional and interesting experience for users. So, if you’re wondering, what is the best phone app for Android, here’s how you can get started.

Truecaller - Best Dialer App


Searching for what is the best phone app for android for dialer apps. Here is Another iOS and Android dialer app that deserves to be on our list of the best dialer apps is Truecaller as it provides fast and accurate call tracking features to the users.

This best phone app offers an extensive range of customization options to its app users. Truecaller is easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface. Moreover, this open dialer also provides dual SIM support to ensure that users can automatically switch between the SIMs.

Features of the top dialer app

  • Smart calling and SMS management in this open dialer
  • Provides Google Duo call integration
  • Spam number blocking
  • Automatic Caller ID detection
  • Flash messaging options
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Simple Dialler - Best Android Dialer


Simple Dialler is the best dialer app for Android which is perfect for those who want simple yet productive features in their dialer keypads. Considered as the best Android dialer replacement, this auto dialer app comes with large keypads that help people who are not able to view smaller icons due to weak eye-sight. Further, keypad functions of this auto dialer app can be customized as per user preferences.

Features of the phone dialler app

  • Customizable font color and size in this auto dialer app
  • Large buttons for a quick display and easy dialing facility in this auto dialing app
  • Option to add a contact button that dials directly from the contact list
  • A contact dialer with confirmation dialogue before every call
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Contacts+ - Best Android Dialer


Contacts+ the top speed dialing app, is a smartly designed phone dialer application that works, allowing users to manage, merge, and find duplicate contacts. It is one of the few apps with backup functionality. Along with this, this is one of the best free apps for Android phones, which can easily integrate all your social media accounts as well as other messaging apps into just one sophisticated UI (User Interface) design.

Some of the necessary functions performed by this best phone dialler app for Android and iPhone include pulling out the metadata, cross-platform synchronization, automatic contact enrichment, and many more.

Features of this dialer app

  • Caller ID & SMS spam block in this auto dialing app
  • One-touch option to call in this contact dialer
  • Smart card integration with the contacts
  • Support for Android Wear
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Drupe - Best Android Dialer


Drupe app is the best phone dialer app for Android and iOS users who are tired of getting spam calls and want to get rid of them permanently. Using this highly-functional top speed dialing app, users can also set reminders for calls to easily recognize the fake and genuine calls on the go.

Along with the previously mentioned functionalities, the call app contact app employs a special that allows users to add animated GIFs to their outgoing calls. This call app contact can also be a one-stop destination for users looking to juggle calls between platforms like WhatsApp, walkie-talkie, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, and so much more.

Features of phone dialler app

  • One of the best phone contacts apps with In-built call recording
  • Caller ID tracker in this phone dialer for Android tablet
  • GIF Stickers integration with contacts
  • Multiple account integration in this  phone dialer for Android tablet
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True Phone Dialer - Best Android Dialer


The True Phone Dialer app is a must-try best Android dialer app that you can find on the Google Play store. The app will replace your contacts and dialer pad to elevate your dialing experience to a new level. True Phone Dialer app has around 50,00,000+ Google Play store installs which makes it one of the most widely used Android dialer apps. 

The True Phone Dialer app is the best free apps for Android phones, which is highly customizable and easy to use. You can even contact your friends on social networks through this app. 

Features of the true phone dialer app

  • One of the best phone contacts apps with support for Multiple Languages
  • Fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts
  • Extended Dual sim support
  • Well organized contact manager
  • Easy navigation
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Speed Dial - Best Android Dialer


If you’re looking for the best call dialer app for Android that can make speed dialing easy, Speed dial can be your ideal app. It’s birds’ view feature provides quick navigation between speed dial pages. And with Apple Watch integration, this one of the dialer and contacts allows you to call and message instantly, without hassle.

Thanks to its smart dialer and contacts technology, users will also be able to fetch images automatically provided they are available with their contact details in this best Android dialer app. To make it even more user-friendly, the app developers added FaceTime audio and FaceTime video call features in it.

Features of android dialer app

  • Speed dial page in this apps dialer
  • 3D touch contacts in this speed dial app
  • Multiple language support
  • Call reminders in the apps dialer
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Eyecon - Best Dialer App for Android


Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts is the top dialer app for iPhone that users can use to get rid of spam calls. Unlike other free dialer apps, this voice dialing for Android doesn’t spam you with irrelevant ads.

Along with that, the Eyecon mobile dialer app is packed with several quick shortcuts that users can use to connect with their contacts. There’s a premium version available for this voice dialing for Android app that provides users the facility to use all the features without ad interruption.

Features of the phone dialer app

  • Visual Caller ID integration in this dial pad for Android
  • Sync with social media platforms
  • Spam filter in this dial pad for Android
  • Options for customization purposes
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Dialer+ - Best Dialer App for Android


With this call dialer app for Android, the voice dialling app user has the option to preview the dialer functions over the contacts or call log screen. This voice dialling app gives users a quick way to reach the desired screen within seconds, which is considered as a shortcut and highly appreciated by the users.

This best Android phone dialer app is quick and also offers a Magic List feature that predicts the contacts that you are most likely to call based on predictive algorithms.

Features of this app

  • Robust performance and interactive UI in this best phone dialer app for Android and iOS
  • Tab navigation for a quick switch between favorites, history, and contacts
  • A wide range of themes in this best phone dialer app for Android and iOS
  • Instant options for sending texts and emails directly to groups
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Simple Contacts Pro - Best Dialer App for Android


Right from normal number dialing to customized calling functions with vibrant colors and themes, the one of the voice dialing apps has it all. The best dialer for Android is easy to use and set up. Like all other dialer apps, it also requires permission from the users to access the contact list to flawlessly run all the dialer functions. For better device usability, the app lets other mobile phone functions be integrated with dialler app features.

This dialer app runs no ads, whatsoever and offers a smooth user experience. The app also supports multiple customization options including languages like English, Czech, Danish, and Dutch, making it usable for anyone across the globe.

Features of this app

  • Great interface of this dialer app Android
  • Astute design
  • No ads in this dialer app Android
  • Customization options
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Simpler Dialer - Best Dialer App for Android


Simpler, one of the top Android dialers apps, may not be as popular as some of the other dialer apps that we have mentioned in this list but it is a must-try one. The is a free app to download with an additional pro version available via the in-app purchase option. The Simpler, one of the top Android dialers apps, rounds up everything in a simple yet impressive user interface design.

Features of the best voice dialer app for Android

  • T9 Dialer for quick search by name & numbers in this phone dialer app for Android
  • Option for quick calling your frequently used contacts
  • More than 40 innovative themes available
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ZenUI Dialer - Best Dialer App for Android


ZenUI Dialer and Contacts, the top phone dialer app for Android, is the perfect example of an all-in-one call log and dialer app that provides its users with some of the most advanced phone call features that further enables them to block unknown callers as well as spammers. It is among the best apps to have on your phone, that offers additional features like dialer personalization and smart search through contacts.

Features of the dialer app

  • Options for password-protection for all your call logs.
  • Users can easily manage contacts with merging options.
  • It also offers an inbuilt feature for blocking spam/unwanted calls.
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With this, here are the best apps to have on your phone. By now you know that dialer apps are not just there to revamp old keypads but offer many other important functions such as quick call tracking, spam call blocking, contact management, social media synchronization, and much more to the users. Similarly, there are plenty of apps to upgrade messaging on your phone that tech-savvy smartphone users cannot do without. 

And in case you still have some answered queries regarding the above-mentioned apps, or you are an app owner who wants to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily. You can also opt to read detailed app reviews to get an in-depth explanation regarding the features offered by a particular application.

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