Alibaba and Huawei to launch generative AI Products as Debate over AI Technologies

This week, several new new developments emerged in the field of AI. Alibaba is reportedly set to launch its own large-scale model on April 11th. Meanwhile, Huawei is planning to launch new Pangu AI Model series.

Alibaba and Huawei to launch generative AI Products

The use of Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic around the world with major tech companies vying for the top spot in AI development. However, concerns about its usefulness and potential risks continue to dominate discussions.

This week, several new developments emerged in the field of AI. Chinese tech firm Alibaba is reportedly set to launch its own large-scale model on April 11th, with the aim of rivaling OpenAI's ChatGPT. Huawei is also set to unveil its new Pangu AI Model series at the Artificial Intelligence Large Model Technology Summit Forum.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has brought its Bing Chat to Android smartphones through its AI-powered keyboard, SwiftKey. It has also released its DALL-E powered AI Image Creator to Edge users on desktop.

In Europe, Germany is considering following Italy in banning OpenAI's ChatGPT due to data security concerns. France and Ireland are also reviewing the findings of Italy's ban.

Meta has released its Segment Anything Model (SAM) which allows AI to extract objects from images and videos with just a click. OpenAI has shared its approach to AI and safety in light of ChatGPT being accessible to millions.

US President Joe Biden has met with the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology to discuss the potential risks and opportunities of AI. He emphasized the need for tech companies to ensure their products are safe before making them public, limit personal data collection, ban targeted advertising on children, and prioritize health and safety in product development.

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