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Top 5 Android App Development Trends Of 2018

Don't miss out on these trends to make your app unbeatable. 5 Android App Development Trends Of 2018

Since last 10 years, Android has been acting as a major platform for smartphones across the globe. The technology that once started to evolve the smartphones now has become a million dollar business. Over the years Google has given many updates to Android from Marshmallow to the latest Oreo, embedded with new features every time. This has proven that integrating the mobile apps to your business will assure the revenue growth. Most of the business already have their own mobile app but shining among the 3.6 million Android apps in Google Play Store requires extra efforts. In order to be ahead of others, you need to be aware of the latest Android app development trends. 

Android App Development

These trends include the latest Android technology that helps the apps in enhancing the user experience. The mobile apps adapting these trends as early as possible are able to make a great impression on the users and experiences exponential hike in the number of downloads. Check Out these top 5 Android app development trends to boost your app with the latest technology. 

1. Machine Learning & AI In Android Mobile Apps

Investvent in AI

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the major breakthroughs for mobile app technology in recent years. The integration of AI enables the apps to easily tackle the complex processes along with additional skills. With the help of machine learning, the developers can make their apps smarter than for the users. The products like chatbots are already using the technology for understanding human behavior for better interactions. 

AI interaction

Here are the latest Android development trends under AI & Machine learning 

  • Deep learning theory- This vertical of machine learning helps the computer systems to imitate the human brain with the help of neural networks. 
  • Capsule Networks- It is the enhanced form of neural networks that help in maintaining the hierarchical relationship.
  • Automated machine learning (AutoML)- The AutoML is specifically developed for the business applications. The owners can build machine learning models for their business with AutoML without the need for a complex programming environment

The integration of AI has resulted in great user experience and door to new features. The delivery and ride-hailing apps like Uber are already using the technology to serve personalized user experience.

2. Android Instant Apps

In 2016, Google has introduced the Instant apps at its annual developer conference that changed the traditional approach of the developers. The new technology from the tech giant enabled the users to open an app in the Google Play Store without installing it. Last year, the company has released the developers kit of the technology that lets developers build their own Instant apps. The developers can provide a certain part of the app in the store that will allow the user to interact without downloading it. With this technique, the user will be able to experience the product without wasting their mobile data and time. According to Google over 500 million devices now supports the Android instant apps

android instant app

The latest version of Android Studio allows the developers to modularize their app for the users to access a small portion of it as an Instant app. The Android Instant apps remove all the barriers between and offer the more convenient option to the users. Once the users accessed the app and liked it they can download for using the complete version for further use. For now, there are only some apps having the Instant app version, so it's a great chance for your app to attract the users with this latest trend.

3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an open source project that was started with the joint action of Twitter and Google. AMP is the stripped down version of the HTML that makes the mobile pages lightweight and loads faster. The technology enabled the developers to build complex web pages that can be loaded faster across all the mobile devices. The web pages built using the AMP are tended to load 15 to 85% faster than the non-AMP web pages. The reduced loading time enhances the user experience and also help the publishers in achieving better user engagement. Google has also provided the mobile searching index that puts the AMP friendly web pages higher in the search.

Google AMP

With the help of AMP, you will be able to get

1. Higher search ranking 
2. Higher CTR
3. Lower bounce rate
4. Better user engagement
5. Higher user retention

4. Internet Of Things (IoT) In Android App Development

The Internet of Things is the technology that creates a convenient environment for people by connecting the electronic devices. To put it more simply, the inventors have made possible to control different electronic devices using your smartphone. The technology has already become an integral part of our living and according to Gartner, there will be 20.4 billion IoT connected devices across the globe by 2020. The home automation makers are continuously working on the system to come up with enhanced smart home technologies that can be controlled using smartphones or apps.


Android apps equipped with the IoT compatibility will be preferred by the consumers in the coming time. According to a survey, almost 60,000 people search for the ‘smart home’ devices every month on the search engines. In order to lead the mobile app market, you need to make sure that your Android App must utilize the IoT to grab a maximum number of users’ attention. 

User attention

5. Cloud-Based Android Apps

The demands and expectation of the Android users have gone much higher over the period of time. This led the developers to embed more complex and heavy features to their mobile apps. The complex programming and additional features come with more space requirement and make the app sluggish. To solve this problem the developers have started moving towards the cloud-based Android apps. These apps are supported by the cloud storage that removes the burden of heavy data. In addition, the cloud-based android apps also ensure the business owners that they can access the data anytime and anywhere. Moreover, this technology brings the security solutions to the developers. The cloud-based android apps are several times more secure than the apps with local storage to protect users’ confidential data. 

Android Cloud based apps

Here are the benefits of cloud-based Android apps

1. Uncompromised data security for commercial business apps
2. Data can be streamed more conveniently from cloud storage
3. Makes the app works faster on Android devices
4. Reduction in hosting and equipment cost

Wrapping Up

The mobile app economy is thriving with profit and it is expected to hit $6.3 trillion by 2021. In addition, according to a survey, 75-80% of the developers prefer android compared to any other platform. This creates an opportunity for you to leverage these android app development trends of 2018 to steal the show with your app this year. 

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