Twitter Lock Out Is The New Trending Hashtag

Twitter Locks Out Thousands of Accounts, Users Seeking Reason For The Action

Twitter users experiencing huge followers cutback due to accounts lockout

Social Media published date 21st February, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

twitter lock out

Twitter, the blogging social media center has forcefully locked out more than thousand of accounts. On the social media platform, a new hashtag with the name #TwitterLockOut is trending where users are complaining about the move. According to the users, the company is giving automated behavior as the reason for their account lockout. The users are also experiencing a sudden drop in the count of their followers due to the unreasonable lockout.

The issue arises earlier today when a user tweeted that his account was locked out by twitter due to automated behavior. He also pointed out that his account was reduced by hundreds of followers when he re-accessed the account. According to the tweets, the users were asked to re-verify their account via the phone number or email id when they try to access it. Within hours, more than hundreds of users have posted the same issue over the #TwitterLockOut.

While accessing the locked out accounts Twitter mentioned automated behavior as the reason for disabling users’ account. This means users are either using any kind of bot or software to handle their accounts. Most of the affected users replied that they don't use any kind of bot or even tweet scheduling software, though they got locked out of the platform. The range of followers decrement experienced by users ranges between 300 to 2k by the time of writing this article.

Once you encounter Twitter lockout due to any inappropriate action, you need to wait for days to get back your account active. Twitter locks out the account when a user violates its policies and rules. “We may lock an account or place temporary limitations on certain account features if an account appears to be compromised or in violation of the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service”, Twitter mentioned on its Help Center page.

However, few users also supported the move and believe that it will eliminate the fake users from the platform. “My fellow Americans, B advised due 2 the great Twitter lock out last night YUGE #s of Russian Bots lost their profiles. Trumpsters lost big #s of their fake follower Bots. LET us have a moment of silence please, keep them in your thoughts & prayers today”, a user tweeted. We have asked the Twitter over the issue, but didn't receive any reply yet, we will keep you posted as soon as we get a revert from Twitter officials.

Akash Singh Chauhan

Akash Singh Chauhan

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