10 Best Music Equalizer Apps for iOS - Feel the JAM in Real-Time

This article lists down the best music equalizer apps to fine-tune your phone’s EQ settings. The apps have been listed after taking into account their ratings, features, and reviews.
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February 07, 2023
free equalizer app for iphone
One of the most prevalent uses for our smartphones is, without a doubt, listening to music. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, one of the greatest delights you can have with your device is downloading or streaming your favorite tunes and then blasting them at your leisure. However, if you're a true audiophile, you may be dissatisfied with your phone's default EQ settings, which may favor certain audio frequencies over others. Although third-party music apps for iOS, such as Spotify, also include EQ presets but what equalizer app works with Apple Music to generate the best beats?

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the best music equalizer apps that are also free equalizer apps for iOS, allowing you to fine-tune your phone's EQ settings until you achieve the desired sound. In this curated guide for the best free equalizer apps for iPhone, you will find all the subtle details so you can make a calculated decision to download the best.

Our Top Picks

This list of finest music equalizer apps includes a selection of the top best free equalizer apps for iPhone available in the market. This list of free equalizer apps was compiled using user reviews, app analysis, user interface, usability, number of downloads, online reputation, ratings, company legitimacy, and other factors.

Our goal with this list of top music equalizer apps and free equalizer apps is to make your music experience ecstatic, convenient, soothing, and, most importantly, worthwhile of your time. So, without further ado, read on for more and get to know the best equalizer apps for iPhone.

Get the Perfect Sound with These Must-Have Equalizer Apps For iPhone

Our experienced team has hand-picked the best equalizer apps for iOS that have been examined, tested, and authorized to provide you with a music-listening experience like no other. The list also contains a set of free equalizer apps for iPhone, which will help you with an economical music-thrifting experience.

We're confident that you'll enjoy playing these top music equalizer apps regardless, and that you'll enjoy your music listening experience for the rest of your life. So, let's rediscover music on your phone with these best equalizer apps.

N7 Player - Best Music Equalizer App

Apple 3.6

n7player is an outstanding music player with a unique user interface and strong audio processing. It's an entirely different experience making it the best free equalizer app for iPhone. The dynamic equalization substantially improves the sound experience, and quick access to the now-playing queue allows you complete control over what will be played next. The application's ease of use makes it perfect for beginners, yet the diversity of choices satisfies even the most advanced user.

Key features of N7 Player

  • Supports the vast majority of audio formats and file types
  • A 10-band equalizer with a preamp, a plethora of built-in presets, and the option to create a limitless number of custom ones
  • Boost the bass or treble separately with the BASS and TREBLE controls
Download this best free equalizer app for iPhone

Boom - Free Equalizer App

Apple 4.0

The Boom app revolutionizes music listening with a bass booster, a customized 16-band equalization, and handcrafted presets. You may also use any headphones to enjoy the magic of 3D surround sound and hear your music come to life. It is one of the best free equalizer apps for iPhone, and you need to get this free bass booster app right away!

Key features of Boom

  • 3D Surround Sound: Patented technology that produces incredible sounds on any headphones
  • Bass Booster: Increase the volume of your music and feel every rhythm come to life
  • 29 handcrafted EQ presets including dubstep, pop, and many more
Download this best sound equalizer app

Equalizer+ HD music player - Free Equalizer App for iPhone

Apple 3.8

This Free Bass booster app, Equalizer+ is an all-in-one music player - equalizer - bass booster that gives superb sound quality, automatically customized depending on the headphones used. You can access your complete music collection with this iPhone equalizer app: Offline option for iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox - no need for Wi-Fi, making it one of the best music equalizers.

Key features of Equalizer+ HD music player

  • Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud cloud storage access
  • Offline mode: No need for internet or Wi-Fi with this equalizer app iPhone
  • Local music: All of your iTunes tracks will appear on Equalizer+ immediately
Download this best free equalizer app for iPhone

Equalizer Fx - Top Equalizer Bass Booster

Apple 4.2

Equalizer Fx's powerful 7-band EQ and dynamic bass tuning capabilities allow you to experience the beauty of music. You may also rapidly design your own unique presets. No wonder it is one of the most sought-after free equalizer apps for iPhone and a free Bass booster app. 

Key features of Equalizer Fx

  • Effective bass-enhancing effects
  • DJ transitions and a 7-band EQ
  • Get beautiful music visualizers with this iPhone equalizer app
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Bass Booster 3D - Best Music Equalizer App

Apple 4.2

You may listen to music from anywhere with Bass Booster 3D. Connect your collection and listen to music offline and in the background. The premium bass booster & equalizer will generate ecstatic waves to the music you play. This best bass booster app is for everyone to take advantage of.

Key features of Bass Booster 3D

  • Bass Booster, Volume Amplification, Manual Equalizer, Custom Presets, Shuffle Features, Simple Navigation
  • Download music from your library or the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Offline Mode: No need for Wi-Fi or Internet with this equalizer app iPhone
Download this best sound equalizer app

Bass Booster & EQ Amplifier - Best Free Equalizer App for iPhone

Apple 3.9

This programme includes a low-frequency (Bass) Booster as well as a 10-band Equalizer with adjustable controls. This iPhone equalizer app also offers a 3D Spatializer option, which is claimed to provide a unique listening experience. You should download this music equalizer app right away to improve your experience.

Key features of Bass Booster & EQ Amplifier

  • Positioning & 3D Audio Spatializer
  • Get audio visualizations with this best equalizer app for iPhone
  • 15+ preset equalizers available with this equalizer app iPhone
  • Design of custom EQ presets
Download this best sound equalizer app

Power Beat - Best Sound Equalizer App

Apple 4.2

With the audio editing tools Bass Booster offers directly to your device, you can get the most out of each song and enjoy your music like never before with this best music equalizer.

Improve the audio quality of every song in your library and enjoy a better listening experience every time you listen to music with a suite of editing tools that will make your songs seem like they were edited by a professional DJ with this best apple music equalizer.

Key features of Power Beat

  • Add your favorite tracks directly from your smartphone, and amplify the effects of your tunes with a single click from your library
  • With a few taps, you can edit songs saved in iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • To raise the bass of each music on your device, use an easy-to-use interface to add stronger effects to your tunes
Download this best free equalizer app for iPhone

Equalizer - Best Bass Booster App

Apple 3.3

Equalizer bass booster is the App Store's most powerful and accurate equalization, as well as the most sophisticated playlist controls. It helps you play music instantly using simple gestures. For anybody who likes to equalize quickly, this iPhone equalizer app should be the first choice. Have a look at this best equalizer app for iPhone’s key features.

Key features of Equalizer

  • Play music from your Music Library instantly, including podcasts and music videos (audio only)
  • Move the seven control points to adjust the powerful parametric equalizer, or put in the settings directly
  • Adjust the EQ curve for each ear separately (now ranges from -30 to + 30 dB)
Download this best equalizer app for iOS

Decibel X - Best Sound Equalizer App

Apple 4.6

This programme transforms your iOS smartphone into a professional sound level meter, identifies dangerous ambient noises, and assists in the protection of your hearing and health.

"Decibel X" is the market's leading noise meter app and the best equalizer app for iPhone, with extremely reliable, pre-calibrated measurements and support for dBA and dBC. Let's have a look at some of the best Apple music equalizer’s key features.

Key features of Decibel X

  • The app is tested and pre-calibrated for all Apple devices. The precision is matching with real SPL devices
  • Get Apple Watch support with this equalizer app iPhone
  • See the noise level right from your wrist
  • Export noise levels directly into Health app
Download this best free equalizer app for iPhone

TB Equalizer - Top Equalizer Bass Booster

Apple 4.7

ToneBoosters Equalization is a high-quality, professional, dynamic equalizer plug-in with an unrivaled workflow, warm, non-linear filters, bass booster & equalizer, and a stunning, user-friendly interface. You would love this best apple music equalizer for its exceptional features and functionalities. 

This best equalizer app for iPhone captures and processes the microphone (or external sound card) input in real-time making it the best music equalizer.

Key features of TB Equalizer

  • Professional equalizer, mastering grade
  • Integrated spectrum and dynamics analysis
  • The same high-quality sound as the famous PC version
Download this best equalizer app for iOS
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So, here are our top ten selections for the best music equalizer apps along with free equalizer apps along with best equalizer apps for iOS for the audiophile in you. We hope that this extensive collection which also contains free equalizer apps for iPhone has helped you decide on your next equalization app. These apps have something for everyone, whether you are new to them or not. So get ready to enjoy your music in the greatest way possible with these best music equalizers and download this music equalizer app.

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