10 Best Vegan Apps- Find Delicious Vegan Recipes and Food

These best vegan apps are designed to assist you in the vegan lifestyle by providing you with recipes and food items.
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December 02, 2021
best vegan apps
Veganism has taken the world by storm lately. A report by WTVOX states, approximately 79 million vegans are existing all over the world. From that, approximately 9 million vegans are from the US. Thus, you can imagine the scope of Top Vegan Applications. Now when smartphones are being used for any lifestyle you prefer, developers have brought a few apps specifically for Vegans. Recipe, shopping, and more- these Top Vegan Apps can assist you with your needs.

Our Top Picks

Furthermore, we are going to discuss a few best free vegan apps 2021 that will fulfill your vegan-related needs. These apps have unique features like displaying recipes, ordering food, and more.

Top Vegan Apps for your essential needs

These vegetarian apps that we are talking about here are popular among users. Moreover, we have also reviewed their features and user-friendliness to shortlist them. Now, if you are also looking for one of the best vegan recipe apps, keep reading this blog until the end.


Apple 4.7
android 3.7

This top vegan application makes it easier for you to find the food that suits your lifestyle. You can review personalized nutrition scores and ingredients for each item that you want to purchase on this grocery app. Moreover, one of the Best Vegan Apps in 2021 also personalizes recommended products based on your preferences.

Features of this one of the best free Vegan Apps 2021

  • Check nutrition value of each item
  • Find recommendations that suit your lifestyle
  • Find products that you want in your local grocery stores
  • Use the in-built scanner to find nutritional information of any item
Download this vegan nutrition tracker app for Android and iOS

Cruelty Cutter

Apple 3.3
android 3.6

This cooking app is a perfect solution for you if you want to order the best vegan food products. The app provides you with sellers who are approved by PETA. Moreover, you can also share your results on social media apps to inspire others.

Features of this one of the top Vegan Apps

  • Share your results easily on social media
  • Shop from sellers approved by PETA
  • Use coupons to buy cruelty-free products
  • Scan barcodes and find out if the product is vegan
Download this vegan nutrition tracker app for Android and iOS

Oh She Glows

Apple 4.9
android 4.7

This app is a treasury of recipes for the most popular vegan foods from all over the world. This one of the best vegan recipe apps includes recommendations and experiences of New York Bestselling Cookbook Author Angela Liddon. The app is designed to help you in adapting the plant-based food lifestyle easier.

Features of this best Vegan food products app

  • Read recipes for amazing vegan foods
  • Find trending and holiday-themed vegan recipes
  • Explore vibrant high-resolution photographs
  • Filter recipes according to your diets and allergies
Download this most popular vegan foods app for Android and iOS

Happy Cow

Apple 4.9
android 4.8

If you are wondering, how to find vegan restaurants? Well, this app to find top vegan products is the option for you. The app can help you find vegan restaurants and vegetarian food. With the help of this one of the best food delivery apps, you can also find delivery or takeout options for your preferred products.

Features of this Vegan nutrition tracker app

  • Locate Vegan restaurants and food
  • Order food or go for a takeout
  • Available in 180+ countries
  • Free to install mobile app
Download this one of the best vegan apps for Android and iOS
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Vegan Recipes

Apple 5.0
android 4.6

This one of the best vegan recipe apps will let you find your favorite vegan food and recipes. The app is entirely free to download and comes with a few ads. Moreover, you can access these hundreds of vegan recipes for free.

Features of this one of the top Vegan Apps

  • Access hundreds of recipes for free
  • Find Vegan recipes for many cuisines
  • Includes hundreds of juice recipes
  • Includes ads
Download this vegan nutrition tracker app for Android and iOS


Apple 5.0
android 4.6

If you are looking for a vegan beer, this app is perfect for you. The app lets you locate vegan alcohol. There are more than 1 million products listed on this one of the Best Vegan Apps.

Features of this app to locate top Vegan products

  • Find best vegan beer, liquor, or wine
  • There are more than 1 million products listed on the app
  • Check vegan certification on each product
  • Entirely free app to download
Download this top Vegan Application for Android and iOS

Vanilla Bean

Apple 4.1
android 4.7

One of the best Vegan apps, Vanilla Bean focuses on making sure that you do not have to sacrifice the taste even if you are eating healthily. The app allows you to discover the best vegan restaurants near you. It features photos and detailed descriptions of restaurants, including reviews from the community, which help you make the right choices.

Features of this one of the top Vegan Apps

  • Features of this one of the top Vegan Apps
  • Explore more than 33,000 vegan restaurants
  • Check out photos and reviews before selecting the restaurant
  • Use the map to find the green locations in your city
  • The app is easy to use
Download this one of the apps for the best vegan food products for Android and iOS


Apple 4.5
android 4.6

This app is free to install for everyone. There are vegan ingredients, dairy-free recipes, and many vegan cuisines available on the app. Moreover, with each recipe, you find high-resolution images to get you a clear insight into the results you should expect. You can also look for your favorite non veg dishes to find their vegan alternatives. 

Features of this app for most popular Vegan foods

  • Find recipes for your favorite vegan foods
  • Learn about vegan raw materials with Veganpedia
  • Protein Calculator for you to stay fit
  • Featured on PETA in Top 10 vegan apps 
Download this top Vegan Application for Android and iOS

21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Apple 3.7
android 4.0

The app is designed by nutritionists to ensure healthy diets for your lifestyle. You can use the app to get habitual plant-based dairy-free diets. For the first 21 days, the app will help you in staying on track with recipes, reminders, and more.

Features of this one of the top Vegan Apps

  • Get 21 days reminder for vegan meals
  • Find recipes and cook delicious vegan meals
  • Find recipes from all over the world
  • The app is free to install
Download this top Vegan Application for Android and iOS


Apple 2.1
android 4.0

This Android exclusive vegan app is developed by The Vegan Society. The app is designed to help you hit your nutrition goals every day. You can also track your daily progress with the chart that is included in the app.

Features of this one of the best Vegan Apps

  • Follow diet plans to hit nutrition goals 
  • Track your daily progress
  • Get tailored tips daily
  • The app is free to install
Download this one of the best vegan recipe apps for Android and ios
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These Best Vegan Apps that we discussed above are shortlisted due to their features and reviews. Now, if you have an app and you want to get your app reviewed as well, you can contact MobileAppDaily. Your app might have a chance to become a part of blogs such as this one.

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