Best Typing Software in 2023

Navigate the keyboard like a pro with the top-rated typing solutions available for users. These typing software are suitable for novices and experienced alike.
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November 03, 2023
best typing software

Today’s modern society has compelled everyone to work, play, and complete their everyday tasks using some or the other kind of technology. Typing on computers or mobile phones is a primary aspect of almost all jobs today. Whether you are a working professional or a student, aiming to score high on your assignments, typing is mandatory for all.

Being able to type quickly and correctly is an important skill. So, to hasten your progress and improve your typing skills, a plethora of typing software is available in the market. A typing software can help you increase the speed and accuracy of your typing.

In this blog, we have compared and reviewed the best typing software available for all users. Learn how to type more effectively and efficiently with the most accurate typing tools. So, to enhance your typing abilities, continue reading!

List of the Top Typing Software for Enhanced Progress & Speed

In the list below, we go over the best typing software tools that are currently available to enhance your speed while typing. All these tools are reviewed and ranked based on cost, tracking, progress features, and compatibility.

Navigate through our list to find the perfect fit for your requirements. All the tools are mentioned along with their websites which are fully safe to explore and use. Let’s head to our list of the top software suitable for online typing practice.



Learn to type better and faster with the best typing program, Typing.com. It is a free tutor software that is packed with beginner-friendly lessons and tutorials. With its exceptional abilities and simple-to-use features, Typing.com is trusted by millions of students and professionals from all over the world. Its curriculum is primarily centered around keyboarding and digital literacy. This tool is perfect for both beginners and experts. 

With this free typing software, users can improve their skills using a virtual keyboard that vividly displays the letters and fingers that should be used. Along with expert typing tutorials, you can also find lessons related to tech readiness and career preparation. Some advanced lessons can also train you to touch-type programming code. 

Additionally, the software keeps a systematic track record of all your lessons and progress. With a variety of typing tests and assignments, users can monitor their performance over the course of time. For top scorers, the app also offers rewards and badges that can be earned throughout the journey. 

The best part about learning from this free typing software is that you can reinforce your learning through a wide range of games like Keyboard Jump and Tommy, Zombie Defender, and more. 

Features of Typing.com -

  • Completely free to use
  • Offers multi-level games for users
  • Offers the best progress-tracking tools 
  • Offers the best and simplest video tutorials
Visit Typing.com -

Typesy - Touch Typing

Typesy is a top typing software designed to accelerate and empower your digital learning. It is one of the most recognized online typing practice tools available with different versions for schools, working professionals, businesses, and others. The tool is not free to use; however, it offers a 12-month money-back guarantee. 

Unlike other popular typing learning software, Typesy is a cloud-based program that can easily be accessed from any computer. The software synchronizes all your results and progress across different devices. This platform is specifically engineered by experts to help you type as fast as possible. 

The software offers over 700 premium courses that can work exceptionally well to increase your WPM’s speed. Apart from typing, the industry experts at Typesy can also help you develop the best productivity and communication skills. They can also assist you in career counseling and brain training. 

With advanced and beginner-friendly typing exercises, Typesy is the best typing software for adults and children alike. To explore the lessons, users are required to pay for a Typesy subscription that can be simultaneously used by 5 different accounts. The software offers over 450 hours of intensive training lessons on IT, career, typing, and more. Typesy is definitely the best typing training software which is worth giving a shot at. 

Features of Typesy -

  • Allows 5 users over one subscription
  • Allows you to create your video lessons 
  • Supports adaptive learning for beginners
  • Supports offline access, without the internet
Visit Typesy -

Tux Typing

Tux Typing is a free typing software curated specifically for children. It is designed with a simple interface to help children learn typing skills in the most fun and engaging manner possible. It is the best typing software for kids that teaches them to type using Tux, the Linux Penguin. The lessons are set in the form of multi-level gameplays for children. 

The player is supposed to guide Tux to eat fish that are falling from the top of the screen. Each fish has a specific letter written on it. Once the player presses the corresponding key, the Tux positions itself to eat the fish. This game is extremely beneficial in improving the word-per-minute speed of users. 

Though the game is intended to help children, it also has some higher difficulty levels that can be used to challenge experienced typists. This free typing software can be downloaded for free on a variety of platforms including MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. 

Unlike other top typing software tools, Tux supports typing in multiple languages including Portuguese, Nepalese, Danish, German, French, Spanish, and many more. With beautiful backdrops and high-quality sound effects, Tux definitely offers the best typing lessons for beginners and children. 

Features of Tux Typing -

  • Multiple levels and challenges 
  • The best multilingual typing software
  • Fun and useful for experienced typists
  • Offers guided lessons on touch typing 
Visit Tux Typing -


TypeRacer is the best free typing program for adults and kids that allows you to improve your typing skills. This typing program works smoothly without any interruptions or glitches. With a fun gaming experience, TypeRacer makes it easy for all users to practice keyboard typing. The software allows users from all over the world to race each other by typing as fast as possible. 

It is considered the top typing software as it offers the only multiplayer typing game available online. With an interactive, first-person game, users can surely increase their typing speed and enhance their accuracy. You can practice your typing in the practice mode and challenge other users in competitive typing contests later. 

If you do not wish to compete, you can also use the TypeRacer as an online typing practice tool. This software is completely free to use and can be used on any device. The website offers multiple options to test your typing skills. You can either compete in a live race or test your skills in the practice mode with small countdowns. 

The speed of your car is directly related to the speed of your typing. If your WPM’s speed is fast, the car will move forward quickly, and vice versa. It is by far the most interesting and the best typing software free of any additional costs and charges. 

Features of TypeRacer -

  • Offers a fun learning experience
  • Develops fast and quick typing skills
  • Leaderboard feature to monitor the progress
  • Offers a special mode for typing practice without challenges 
Visit TypeRacer -
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Tipp10 is a free typing tutor software that helps users excel in touch typing. This software is available for all browsers and for Windows, Linux, and OS X. Tipp10 makes it simple for users to learn 10-finger touch typing easily from anywhere, anytime. This open-source typing program can benefit everyone, from a beginner to a typing expert. 

Once you open the Tipp10 website, you will get a brief tutorial on how can you use the tool to improve your typing. Next, the site displays a range of tutorials and lessons, each based on a different level of difficulty. Users can also customize this list based on their preferred time or character limit. 

The interface of the software is well laid out, making it simple for users to navigate through the options available. With a smart progress tracker, Tipp10 can identify your weaknesses and customize the lesson plans accordingly. It can identify what numbers, letters, or symbols you have trouble with and increase their presence in the tutorials. 

Tipp10 is one of the best typing software free of any additional costs which can help professional writers as well. The software rewards you for every milestone that you achieve and helps you keep a systematic track of your progress.

Features of Tipp10 -

  • Available for all browsers for free
  • Simple and highly adaptable interface
  • Supports a variety of customization options
  • Customizes plans and tutorials as per your needs
Visit Tipp10 -


TypingMaster is the top typing software that can adapt to meet the unique needs and preferences of consumers. With over 10 hours of guided exercises and expert tutorials, TypingMaster can help you ace your professional typing skills easily. Regular practice and guidance will ensure that your writing speed is doubled and you are able to work with improved efficiency. 

This free typing software can adjust the lesson plans based on your progress and learning time. It can identify your weak spots and eliminate them with regular practice and exercises. Within 3 to 5 hours of training, you will be able to speed up your typing and improve its accuracy. 

This free typing tutor software also offers a free trial for users to test the features before paying for the subscription. TypingMaster comes with a clean interface that is extremely easy to use and navigate. It offers a variety of typing lessons and tutorials in an engaging manner for its users. 

The software offers a comprehensive performance analysis, allowing users to track their improvement. This tracker offers detailed insights and feedback related to mistakes, keystrokes, and more. With a variety of courses and engaging typing exercises, TypingMaster is an exceptionally designed typing software for adults and younger children. 

Features of TypingMaster -

  • Interactive and engaging typing platform
  • Allows you to import data from typing trainers
  • Detailed analysis of your typing speed & accuracy
  • Teaches finger placement with a color-coded display
Visit TypingMaster -


Klavaro is a user-friendly typing tutor available for all users. It is one of the best free typing apps that allows you to learn touch typing, irrespective of your preferred language. The software allows you to choose a keyboard and the language of your choice, before moving ahead with the typing tutorial.

 From adaptability to fluidity, the software has an exercise for all. This simple tool teaches you the basics of keyboard typing and helps in improving typing speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The lessons of the software also progress in difficulty as you make progress with the program. 

Users can choose from a variety of keyboard layouts and languages, which makes it suitable for a large number of users. Klavaro offers a clean graphical user interface that is extremely simple for users to navigate and browse through. From basic to advanced courses, you can choose any tutorial based on your requirements and preferences. 

The software also offers progression charts that allow you to monitor progression or regression over the course of time. If you are looking for simple yet highly effective multilingual typing software, Klavaro is the perfect solution for you. 

Features of Klavaro -

  • Supports multilingual typing
  • Offers a selection of keyboard layouts
  • A range of lessons for different levels
  • The best cross-platform software for typing
Visit Klavaro -

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon is a free educational program that offers the best typing tutors for all users. The tutorials can be extremely beneficial in improving the overall efficiency of your typing, including its accuracy and speed. It offers a step-by-step guide which comes in handy for beginners who are just starting out with keyboard typing. 

This typing software enables users to strengthen their typing skills with the help of interactive games and customized lessons. All the tutorials are carefully structured according to your current typing skills and speed. 

With an adaptive response tech, Mavis Beacon adjusts all the tasks and assignments to match your skill level. As you progress, the typing lessons and assignments become more challenging and complex. 

It is the best typing software that offers over 400 personalized lessons, assessments, and practice exercises for users. Use this multimedia-rich typing software and type like a professional. 

Features of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing -

  • 10+ arcade-style games to play
  • Enjoy music along with tutorials
  • Offers a detailed analysis of your skills
  • Adapts lessons and assignments to your skill level
Visit Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing -


KeyBlaze is a popular typing learning software. It offers the easiest and the most fun to learn typing accurately and quickly. This is the best typing software for beginners as it initiates the tutorials from the basics. It offers a detailed tutorial about home keys and the neighboring keys. 

As you progress, the KeyBlaze software expands the complexity of the lessons to capitalization, numbers, punctuation, and more. It is ranked among the top free typing apps which is primarily focused on teaching all the fundamental typing skills with the help of poetry, prose, problem keys, and advanced assessments. 

The expert lessons offered by KeyBlaze help users strengthen their muscle memory for all fingers. It is the best typing software free of any additional charges which ensures that all users are able to perfect their typing skills as both beginners and experts.

It helps in increasing the word-per-minute speed while maintaining the accuracy of the text. If you are looking for simple typing lessons for beginners, we recommend you try your hands on the best typing program, KeyBlaze. 

Features of KeyBlaze -

  • Comprehensive lessons and tutorials
  • Multiple rehearsing tools like poems, prose, etc.
  • Offers a set of interactive games to learn
  • Tracks and keeps a record of your progress 
Visit KeyBlaze -

Rata Type

Learn to type fast and accurately with the Rata Type tutorials. It is a free resource that can prove to be extremely beneficial for polishing your typing skills as a beginner. The software offers the best lesson plans and techniques that can help you with touch typing. 

Unlike some of the best typing software, RataType groups the learners into different batches. Students within a group can interact with each other and learn together. The best part about using this software is that all the lessons offered by RataType are bite-sized, making it easier for users to learn on the go. 

Along with lessons, you can also test your typing skills and compare your score against others. 
A huge variety of lessons for kids and adults can be accessed without any charges using the RataType tool. Apart from typing lessons, this tool also offers tips and tricks that can come in handy for every professional typist. 

It is the easiest and the most straightforward typing software for adults and kids. After completing the assignments, RataType also provides a certificate for your achievements. This software can be accessed from anywhere around the world and is definitely worth giving a try. 

Features of Rata Type -

  • The best typing software free of any charges
  • Supports an excellent design and user interface
  • Lessons are based on a modern curriculum 
  • Create groups and learn in an interactive manner
Visit Rata Type -


TypingClub is a web-based typing tool that offers the most effective and efficient way to learn and excel in typing. With TypingClub, users can increase their typing speed while maintaining the fluency and accuracy of the text. This software is primarily focused on students and it helps them to identify which finger they should use to type a specific letter. 

It is the most comprehensive and the best typing program that also offers additional lessons on vocabulary and spelling. From syllabification to vowel sounds, the TypingClub has a planned lesson for all. The interface of the software features a virtual keyboard and a hand guide to show proper hand position while typing on a keyboard. 

The software is packed with interactive games and videos to keep the students motivated to learn. From QWERTY to DVORAK keyboards, TypingClub can be used to learn typing on all. It can also teach typing in different languages including Italian, French, Spanish, and much more. As you progress through the lessons, you will be rewarded with a star and badges. 

You can also manage your typing sessions using a calendar that keeps track of the total time practiced, the number of attempts per day, and the total number of attempts in a week. TypingClub is undoubtedly the best typing software available for kids. 

Features of TypingClub -

  • The most accessible typing program
  • Ensures an interactive experience with games
  • Supports a voice-over feature for better understanding
  • Offers a typing playback feature to review your performance
Visit TypingClub -

KAZ Type

KAZ Type is an express typing course that guarantees to teach you typing in only 90 days. With its advanced accelerated teaching method, this software can be extremely useful for those who wish to improve their typing skills within a short period of time. KAZ can smoothly run on your desktops and be used easily from anywhere. 

KAZ is the preferred choice of over 1 lakh people worldwide who wish to learn typing. It uses brain balance and muscle memory to offer an accelerated teaching method for its users. The KAZ Type is available on all major course providers in the US and the UK. It is trusted by many businesses, schools, and individuals across the globe. 

With a 90-minute learning trajectory, KAZ provides its customers with free trials, typing tests, and a choice between online typing classes and downloadable study material. Users can either opt for a personal, educational, or business version of the software to suit their needs. 

Before committing to the paid subscription, users can also enjoy a free trial of all the KAZ Type’s features and functionalities. So, if you wish to learn typing quickly and accurately, KAZ Type is the best typing software available for you. 

Features of KAZ Type -

  • Appropriate for personal & professional use
  • Employes intuitive teaching techniques
  • Offers the best quality educational material
  • Extremely easy to download and use
Visit KAZ Type -

Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor is a convenient and easy-to-use keyboard app that will surely improve your typing speed and will help in reducing typos. Using fun and interactive games, users can easily develop their typing skills or polish the existing ones. It follows a simple modular structure that divides all the lessons and challenges into different chapters. 

This top typing software combines a beautiful interface with expert lessons to ensure that the users are able to develop their skills in the most engaging manner possible. It can teach you to type letters, numbers, and long paragraphs without the need to look at the keyboard. As for the games, each one offers a different difficulty level and is based on different challenges. 

The software also tracks and displays your speed per minute. Users can also create their own typing lessons to test themselves and assess their learnings. It is considered the best typing program for adults as it gives users the freedom to select their preferred language and keyboard layout. 

You can get this best typing software for PC free download link from the Internet and try Rapid Tutor Typing for yourself. With a trouble-free installation and expert-guided lesson plans, Rapid Typing Tutor is definitely among the top typing software available today. 

Features of Rapid Typing Tutor -

  • Offers multiple customization options
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offers a colorful interface for young users
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced learners 
Visit Rapid Typing Tutor -

Typing Instructor

Typing Instructor is a pioneering typing software that enables users to learn and excel in keyboard typing. With creative learning themes and interactive arcade games, Typing Instructor is the perfect choice for both beginners and professionals. Along with sharpening your typing skills, this software also keeps the typists engaged in earning rewards, winning games, and collecting points. 

This innovative program is designed to help young children, teens, and adults strengthen their typing skills and polish their keyboarding skills. There are over 20 different typing plans for the users to choose from. All these lessons are tailored to meet the needs of different consumers. You can opt for a plan with or without the games. The software also offers a specific plan for kids only. 

With a multi-player and multi-level game, you not only are able to learn typing but can also retain these skills for a longer period of time. The software takes the typing lessons to a thematic adventure, where they learn to type on a world trip or a photo safari. The journey begins from a travel port and is packed with multiple challenges, lessons, and difficulties. 

Typing Instructor is an award-winning and the best typing program available for people of different ages and skill levels. Try this tool today to improve your typing speed and accuracy. 

Features of Typing Instructor -

  • Offers over 20 different lesson plans
  • Engaging and interactive games
  • Guarantees to improve speed & accuracy
  • Over 100 expert lessons, techniques, and tests
Visit Typing Instructor -


TheTypingCat is the best typing program that offers regular exercises and practice sessions to strengthen your typing skills. This tool can help you learn touch typing in the most effective manner possible. Most of the features and tests of this typing software can be accessed for free. It is considered the best typing software as it allows users to improve their typing skills with only 10 minutes of daily practice. 

This tool is ideal for both beginners and advanced typists. With the tutorials, you can easily learn about the correct finger to use while typing a specific character. Users can put their knowledge and skills to the test with advanced typing tests and assessments offered by TheTypingCat. 

With the basic lesson plans, you can learn to type quickly, without actually looking at the keyboard. The advanced lessons introduce punctuation, capitalization, and other complex concepts in keyboard typing. 

TheTypingCat also lets users practice their typing skills by rewriting funny excerpts and quotes. This is an innovative and highly engaging approach to developing typing skills in beginners. This software is definitely a must-try for professional typists and students. 

Features of TheTypingCat -

  • Offers a huge variety of courses
  • Completely free to use with some ads
  • A variety of keyboard layouts to choose from
  • Learn proper finger positioning and quick typing 
Visit TheTypingCat -
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What are the key features to look for in the best typing software?

While choosing the best typing software for your purpose, you must always consider its functionalities and features. Some of the primary features that we considered while preparing our list of the top typing software are listed below -

1. Customizable settings

Users must always opt for typing software that offers a range of customizable features. These customizations can help users to tailor the software to their needs. You must look for customizable settings for the app’s look, speed of lessons, and the method of assessment. 

2. A huge range of activities

A young software offering a huge selection of typing exercises should be your best bet. A variety of exercises ranging from easy to complex ones can ensure that your skills are polished thoroughly. 

3. Systematic progress tracking

The best typing software must be able to offer detailed information about your typing speed, accuracy, and fluency. A systematic report will help you analyze the performance and make adjustments accordingly. 

4. Real-time feedback 

Some of the best typing software offers real-time updates and feedback on your progress. These must also offer expert guidance and advice to improve your typing speed and accuracy. 

Why should use typing software to learn keyboard typing?

Some of the best free typing programs for adults and kids offer exceptional guidance and simple tips to improve your typing skills. There are a variety of typing software available in the market and here’s why you should use one- 

1. Improved efficiency 

Learning keyboard typing from the best typing program ensures that you can complete your assignments or professional work quickly. Typing quickly ensures that you can type at a faster speed and are able to complete the work on time. 

2. Enhance communication

If you know how to type smoothly on a keyboard, and you can easily reply to e-mails or messages. Top typing software can help users practice their typing skills by writing mock mails and other content. 

3. Better job prospects 

The ability to type quickly and accurately makes you stand out from the rest of the job applicants. This ensures higher chances of getting placed at a company of your preference. 

Final Verdict!

In this blog, we have thoroughly reviewed the 15 best typing software available for users in 2023. These software tools stand out from the rest in terms of their capabilities, usability, and effectiveness. You can choose from a range of free and paid software to hone your keyboard typing skills. 

From engaging games to expert tutorials and complex assessments, the best typing software can surely help you ace the game and rank the best among your peers and colleagues. These tools are extremely useful to become a proficient typist and are thus a must-try for all. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our product listings will help you reach the targeted audience easily. Till then, if you wish to explore similar topics, top apps, and the latest news, subscribe to MobileAppDaily. 

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