5+ Best Subtitles Apps to Add or Download Subtitles

MixCaptions, one of the best apps for subtitles, lets users transcribe videos automatically to create content.
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September 08, 2021
Best subtitles apps
There’s a simple concept of cinema and shows, if you want to experience the best of them, you need to go beyond languages you are familiar with. Now, binge-watching is not limited to one particular language and it does not matter where you stay. If you keep up with entertainment trends, you must have noticed that dramas and movies in languages such as Korean, Spanish, French, Malayalam, and more are getting globally popular apart from English. And subtitles are playing a crucial role in the increasing popularity of these international shows.

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In this blog, we are discussing a few mobile apps to download subtitles that you can install on your preferred device. These apps will help you in finding subtitles for your favorite shows and downloading them.

Top apps to download subtitles for an enhanced watching experience

Moving further, we have shortlisted a few best apps for subtitles after reviewing them. lLet’s begin with the list of subtitle apps and their features.

Subtitles Viewer

Apple 4.1

This iOS-exclusive subtitle app is a perfect companion if you love watching shows and movies in languages you do not understand. You can explore the opensubtitles.org integrated database and search for subtitles you are looking for. The app includes subtitles for movies and shows in languages such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, Bengali, and Malay, among others.

Features of this one of the best subtitles application

  • You can download three subtitles for free
  • Download subtitles in more than 20 languages
  • Best for the hard of hearing or deaf community
  • Exclusively available for iOS devices only
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Apple 4.6
android 3.3

This best subtitle app for Android and iOS is an intelligent tool for video content creators. The tool can automatically transcribe everything said in the video to help with adding subtitles. Adding subtitles can make a video watchable for almost everyone. Therefore, MixCaptions can be a wise choice if you want to grow your social media presence.

Features of this video subtitle app

  • Transcribe video dialogues automatically
  • Provides the freedom to edit subtitles once they are generated
  • You can export SRT files separately as well
  • Change where you want to display subtitles in videos
Download this one of the best apps for subtitles

Add Subtitles

Apple 3.4

This video subtitle app for content creators is available exclusively for iOS devices. The subtitle app uses advanced voice recognition technology to transcribe texts. You can transcribe videos of the length of your choice seamlessly. Moreover, this one of the best subtitles apps includes features such as exporting subtitles in SRT and text files.

Features of this one of the top subtitle apps

  • Transcribe videos automatically with voice recognition
  • There’s no limit for video length to transcribe
  • You can customize the fonts, colors, and text style
  • Export SRT and text files  
Download this one of the best apps for subtitles


Apple 4.6
android 1.7

This best subtitle app for Android and iOS devices comes with features such as adding captions, filters, translations, and more. There are more than 100 templates available to use for caption designing. Moreover, you can also customize the text style and add gradients or images to them.

Features of this one of the best apps for subtitles

  • Customize text style with gradients or images
  • Use 100+ templates to design captions in
  • Record videos directly from the app
  • Add texts or import SRT files to add into videos
Download this subtitles app for Android and iOS
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Apple 3.3
android 3.3

SubReader’s premium services let you hear subtitles aloud. The video subtitle app comes with a 14-days free trial along with a monthly and an annual plan. You can install the app to hear subtitles while streaming or watching in cinema halls. To make the experience best, the app is supported by an AI to make subtitles more natural.

Features of this best subtitle app for Android and iOS

  • Supported by AI for a more natural touch in sounds
  • Comes with a free trial of 14 days
  • You can access subtitles for services such as Netflix and HBO 
  • Read subtitles in cinemas as well while watching your favorite movie
Download this best subtitles app for Android and iOS

Subbr Free

android 3.3

This Android exclusive subtitle app is useful for adding and editing subtitles. You can read and write subtitles in formats such as TMPlayer, MicroDVD, SubViewer 1.0 and 2.0, and more. You can add English subtitles or subtitles in your preferred language as well. 

Features of this one of the best apps for subtitles

  • Synchronize subtitles with videos easily
  • Read or write subtitles for your videos
  • Change style and colors of subtitles
  • Edit texts with HTML tags as well
Download this video subtitle app for Android

GMT Subtitles

android 3.0

The Android exclusive subtitle app is designed to help you in locating subtitles for your favorite movies and shows. The app can auto-detect the video and shortlist subtitles accordingly. Moreover, this subtitles app for Android allows you to manually or automatically download subtitles missing for videos that you will watch in the future as well. 

Features of this subtitles app for movies

  • Download subtitles automatically or manually
  • The app can detect videos manually to find subtitles
  • Search subtitles manually for your favorite videos
  • Explore subtitles in multiple languages
  • Play the video directly from this subtitle app itself
Download this best subtitle app for Android
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Subtitles help us in exploring the world beyond our understanding of languages. Therefore, the variety of content to entertain us gets expanded as well. These subtitle apps that we discussed above are the best companion for the best entertainment. Not only do these apps make the content more accessible, but also enjoyable for users with hearing issues. You can also get your app reviewed if you want and experts of MobileAppDaily will provide you the feedback on your app. For that, you need to contact MobileAppDaily and submit your app for review. It will definitely help your app from a marketing perspective.


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