10 Best Racing Games for Phones for an Action-packed Racing Adventure

The thrill that racing games offer to players, that has been popular since its inception. From the days of 1973, when the first racing game called Atari’s Space Race was produced, we have seen an evolution with a speed fast as ThrustSSC. Currently, we are blessed enough to experience the racing game era where games such as NFS, Asphalt, and F1 race exist.
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October 29, 2021
Best racing games for phones
In this blog, we have picked a few best racing games for Android and iOS devices. These racing games are chosen after their reviews to make sure that you only get the best possible options.

Our Top Picks

Here you will find some leading racing games from the mobile game industry. These games offer a great experience, stunning graphics, and so much action. So, let’s begin the journey now.

Best racing game apps for an action-packed gaming experience

These mobile racing games that you will meet here are known to be the best time killers existing out there. These games have everything one might expect from phone car games- speed, bonuses, gifts, crazy maps, and much more. So, let’s join the race of these best racing game apps and see who you choose as the winner!

CSR Racing 2

Apple 4.7
android 4.6

If you are a fan of mobile racing games online, then CSR Racing 2 is a perfect choice for you. The game has stunning realistic graphics that make the experience so much better. On the other hand, the AR model of the app also allows you to see cars in your collection in a real-world environment from the screen. 

Features of this top free racing game

  • It supports multiplayer gaming
  • AR mode allows real-world visualization of the car
  • The game is free to install
  • You can expand your car collection as you progress
  • Realistic graphics and amazing music are the best part
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Asphalt 9: Legends

Apple 4.7
android 4.5

This one of the top racing games for phones is a masterpiece for those who love action-packed racing. Throughout the maps, you explore stunning locations and activities. There are cars that you can customize- from looks to power, anything with in-game points that you gain as you progress.

Features of this one of the free racing game apps

  • Customize vehicles with in-game points
  • Progress to become a Car Racing Street Legend
  • Use Nitrospeed to unleash the monster that your car is
  • Collect more than 60 cars throughout the game
  • Enjoy stunning visuals and great music while playing
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Need for Speed No limits

Apple 4.8
android 4.2

EA is quite popular for its visually rich games for multiple devices such as Playstation or PCs. The same game producer company brought the NFS series into existence; first for consoles, now for smartphones as well. This one of the best iOS racing games series is a gaming experience with no limits as the name says.

Features of this one of the top phone racing games

  • Includes top cars from McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and more
  • Filled with stunts and actions
  • Includes over 1,000 challenging races
  • The king of mobile street racing games
  • Jump, drift, and destroy competitors to win
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Real Racing 3

Apple 4.8
android 4.3

The brainchild of the producer company of the NFS series EA, Real Racing 3 is known for its realistic charm. Apart from the stunning graphics it has, this one of the top racing games for phones includes top cars such as F1, Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Audi, among others. The game will occupy 2.5 GB of space on your Android devices.

Features of this one of the best phone racing games

  • Play with top cars such as F1, Bugatti, and Aston Martin among others
  • There are 40 circuits setup in 19 real-world locations
  • You get 250 cars from the entire gameplay
  • Play with competitors from all over the world
  • Prove your speed to top the leaderboards  
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Traffic Rider

Apple 4.5
android 4.3

A brilliant racing game, Traffic Rider comes with amazing graphics and smooth gameplay. The first-person game has 29 motorbikes to choose from. Moreover, in the career mode, there are over 70 missions to complete to become a master racer. You can also monitor online leaderboards to see where you stand compared to other players from across the world.

Features of this one of the best Android and iOS racing games

  • Free to play
  • 3D-graphics
  • 29 types of motorbikes
  • Supports 19 languages
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GRID Autosport

Apple 4.2
android 4.4

This amazing racing game is available for $9.99 for iOS and Android devices. The game is known for its AAA-quality graphics and in-game features. There are more than 100 cars and circuits that make sure you have the best gaming experience. Moreover, after buying the game, you get to download tracks and cars of your choice for free.

Features of this one of the racing games for phones

  • Unlock entire game content and DLCs with one time purchase
  • Get access to cars and tracks of your choice with the purchase
  • Customize controls as per your comfort
  • Supports languages such as English, German, Spanish, and more
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Horizon Chase – World Tour

Apple 4.2
android 4.5

This beautiful racing game offers 16-bit graphics but in a unique way. The game is designed to not only focus on speed and action but also the visual experience. Moreover, if you love the 80s themed games, then this one of the top racing games for phones is a perfect deal for you.

Features of this one of the best racing apps

  • Offers 16-bit graphic elements for a retro experience
  • Classic themed arcade games experience
  • Includes multiple kinds of weather such as sunsets, rains, etc
  • Beautiful soundtracks for an extra experience
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Thumb Drift

Apple 4.4
android 3.9

This top free racing game, as suggested, uses your thumb to create actions such as Drifting. The gameplay is designed to focus on racing along with the drifting concept. Moreover, there are more than 100 cars for you to enjoy the game with. You can race on 6 different types of locations.

Features of this one of the best racing apps

  • Race on 6+ locations
  • Unlock 100+ unique cars
  • Use thumb to drift your cars
  • The game has stunning graphics
  • It is available for free to download and install
Download this one of the best mobile racing games for Android and iOS

Hill Climb Racing 2

Apple 4.6
android 4.4

If you love free racing game apps that offer more than just simple racing, then this gaming app is a perfect pick for you. This one of the best mobile racing games online allows you to play with real-world players through multiplayer mode. Moreover, You can unlock more than 20 cars and bikes as you progress through the game.

Features of this one of the top free racing game apps

  • Unlock 20+ racing cars and bikes
  • Upgrade your vehicles as you progress
  • Customize cars and characters of the game
  • Team up with friends and play online
Download this one of the best phone racing games for Android and iOS

F1 Mobile Racing

Apple 4.5
android 3.7

If you love rich graphics, multiplayer events, monster cars, and trucks, then this top free racing game is the perfect pick for you. The game includes top drivers from all around the world like Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and more. 

Features of this one of the top racing games for phones

  • Play multiplayer or progress through the solo storyline
  • Unlock cars and upgrade your F1 car as you progress
  • Multiple exotic and extreme locations are included
  • Participate against the AI for an extra thrill
Download this one of the best racing games for Android and iOS
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To conclude, these phone racing games that we included above are the perfect choice for your gaming needs. So, you can pick any of them without thinking twice if you want to experience amazing racing gameplay.

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