10+ Best Math Apps to Assist You with Complex Mathematical Equations

Khan Academy is one of the best math apps offering its service free-of-cost along with detailed practice guides and explanatory videos.
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September 06, 2021
Best Math Apps
With more than three billion smartphone users existing in the world, mobile apps have started serving many segments of the market. Take the Covid pandemic, for instance, mobile apps have kept the education and learning tasks alive when everyone was confined at their homes. During the entire lockdown, best education apps have helped students in learning from their homes as well. As per a report shared by Statista, the first quarter of 2020 saw a surge in the number of installations of educational apps. Apple App Store reported 470 million education app downloads in the same quarter compared to 291 million downloads in the last quarter of 2019. Moreover, Google Play Store had witnessed 466 million educational apps download compared to 351 million apps in the last quarter of 2019. This data is based on the report consisting of the global app download data.

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Furthermore, we are discussing the ten top-rated math apps to help you. These apps got great features and a reputation as well. Thus, users can be worry-free and use any of these companions to make their mathematical problems look easier.

Best math apps for college and school students

It does not matter what qualifications users have or which class users study in; the list will have at least one best app to solve math problems that match your requirements. So, if users are struggling with complex mathematical questions and looking for a reliable guide, stay tuned to this blog until the end.


Apple 3.3
android 2.4

This one of the top 10 math solving apps is existing to assist users with their mathematical problems. The mathematical app is super easy to use and includes 70 plus topics. As users explore the app, users will understand that mathematical solutions provided by this best app to solve math problems are easy to understand and well-explained.

Features of this one of the top apps for math answers

  • Explore over 70+ topics explained in simple language
  • The app includes calculators according to chapters
  • With the pro version, user can unlock 120+ topics to practice
  • Practice your math skills with interactive quizzes
Download this one of the best free math apps

MyScript Calculator

Apple 4.4
android 4.6

This app for math problems makes using a calculator easy. It has an interactive calculator where the user can write as if he/she is writing on a piece of paper. Moreover, the scratch-out gesture helps users in erasing problems super easily. The best thing about this app is that calculating does not look cliched and complex on it. For example, users can continue with the same question on the second line while writing. 

Features of this one of the top fun math apps

  • Use the interactive calculator as if the user is writing on a piece of paper
  • Use scratch-out gesture to erase the data
  • Write the same calculation in continuation even in a different line
  • Explore the history section to go through your previous calculations
Download this one of the top ten math apps

Maple Calculator

Apple 4.7
android 4.2

Maple Calculator is one of the best math apps for kids that provide step-by-step solutions for a wide variety of high-school and university-level questions. This best math solving app makes it quite easy to enter, solve, and visualize mathematical problems from algebra, precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. The app is free to use. However, for using some of the features, you can opt for in-app purchases. 

Features of this best app to solve math problems

  • See 2-D and 3-D graphs of your expression instantly
  • Get answers even when you’re offline:
  • Multiple languages support
  • Get step-by-step solutions
Download this one of the best free math apps


Apple 4.7

This iOS-exclusive math solver with steps app looks simple but useful for even scientific calculations. The app is a perfect choice for users involved in professions such as research, programming, finance, engineering, and more. Moreover, this math app like Gauthmath that solves any problem has a simple layout that can be easily seen in normal calculator apps. However, its features make it greater in comparison to other usual apps.

Features of this one of the top apps that help the user with math

  • This math solving app includes a multi-purpose calculator
  • Users can perform scientific, engineering, and mathematical calculations, among others
  • The app has a simple layout which makes it user-friendly
  • Users can always undo or redo whenever needed
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Khan Academy

Apple 4.3
android 4.5

Khan Academy is an app with a database filled with thousands of interactive exercises and free learning content. Moreover, there are videos based on syllabuses of many levels as well. This best solve my math problem app is designed to make the learning process more accessible. Thus, the app provides its services without charging anything.

Features of this one of the top ten math apps

  • Explore interactive exercises and articles to practice
  • Download preferred practice chapters to work on them even without the internet
  • Practice quizzes, tests, and exercises to improve your skills
  • Study subjects such as Politics, Economics, Mathematics, and more  
Download this one of the top fun math apps


Apple 4.8
android 4.7

This one of the best math apps for kids and adults is free to use and requires no internet data. The app provides solutions in stepwise methods for every easy or complex equation. Moreover, the app also includes a multi-functional calculator. Thus, this math solving app can help you in multi-tasking.

Features of this math app that solves any problem

  • This math solver with steps includes solutions for topics from basic arithmetic geometry
  • There are how-to-solve explanations included to make it easier
  • Interactive graphs help understand the question better
  • Statistical topics such as Combinations and Factorials are included as well
Download this math equation solver


Apple 4.1
android 4.6

This one of the top apps to help with math is available in many countries, including the US. The app includes tools and solutions for topics such as Elementary Math, Matrices, Calculus, and more. Moreover, the app is also useful for statistical topics and subjects. However, the app comes with a price that varies according to the country of the buyer.

Features of this one of the best apps that help you with math

  • Explore scientific and mathematical topics with their solutions
  • The app also includes engineering topics such as Electric Circuits and Aeronautics
  • This best math apps for kids and adults includes algorithms to generate flawless results
  • Users can use it to study and to solve professional science and math problems as well
Download this one of the top fun math apps


Apple 4.0
android 4.0

Brainly is a blessing designed to help with tasks such as homework, projects, etc. This one of the top-rated math apps is capable of providing step-by-step instructions to solve any math problem. Moreover, the app also covers other subjects such as Arts, Business, French, German, and more.

Features of this one of the best math apps for kids

  • Brainly is an entirely free educational app
  • Use the Brainly tutor feature to get real-time help from experts
  • The app supports pictures, texts, and voice commands
  • Users can find answers to their questions in minutes
Download this one of the best free math apps

Socratic by Google

Apple 4.9
android 4.5

This free math app includes step-wise explanations for problems. Moreover, the app supports the usage of voice commands or cameras to make it more convenient to use. This math solver app comes with a Google AI to help users with complex math problems.

Features of this math solver app

  • Use voice commands or a phone camera to explore the app and upload questions
  • The AI supports solving complex problems
  • Access online resources for free to practice
  • Study subjects such as Algebra, Biology, Calculus, and more
Download this app that helps with math problems

Microsoft Maths Solver

Apple 4.9
android 4.6

This intelligent math solver app is so simple to use that just panning the camera on an equation can provide solutions without typing any data. Moreover, the app is free to use. This best app that helps with math problems can provide users stepwise solutions to math-related questions in seconds.

Features of this math problem-solving app

  • Solve any math problem within minutes with this app
  • Explore topics such as Statistics, trigonometry, calculus, and more
  • The app includes stepwise explanations and interactive graphs
  • Go through online video lectures for a better understanding
Download this solve my math problem

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

Apple 4.6
android 4.2

This one of the top 10 math solving apps is a perfect tool to solve queries such as graph functions, plot data, parametric curves, and more. Moreover, the app includes detailed algebra-based equations relating to many segments along with stepwise explanations. It comes with no charge in exchange for its services.

Features of this one of the top-rated math apps

  • An app is a perfect tool designed for algebra-based problems
  • Solve topics such as parametric equations, polar functions, and plot functions
  • Users can use it to solve regression problems as well
  • The results can be saved and shared with people from the app
Download this one of the best math apps for kids
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To conclude- What is the best app to solve math problems?

Well, the list that we discussed above includes the 10 best math apps. However, as they are unique in their ways, it is kinda difficult to pick one and credit it as the best app. But, we still found Khan Academy as the leading math solver app with features that give it a push on the top. After reviewing the Khan Academy app, we realized that it does not only offer amazing features but it also makes them accessible for free. Moreover, it also covers many other topics and subjects apart from mathematics.

Now, if you are reading this blog as a developer and want to get your app reviewed, you can contact us for the analysis of your app. Our experts will observe your app and provide you the feedback or any improvement suggestions as well.

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