10+ Best iPhone Games Are Here To Beat Your Boredom in 2023

Our pick of the best mobile games covers all the genres you could want. Kill your time the right way.
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April 07, 2023
Best iPhone Games
Like the best iPhone games? Like it more when they come free of cost? Prefer all the games irrespective of their genre? If the answer to all these questions is a Yes, the feast is ready for you here awaiting your attention. The compilation serves something that you may not have tasted before. All set to ignite your taste buds? Let’s roll on!!

Our Top Picks

We are here to talk about the most happening, the popular ones, and the best known iPhone gameplays that users like to browse through mostly. The compilation is a well-researched attempt to include the best apps that are impressive and keep charming internet users.

List of the Best iPhone Games App for Boredom in 2023

So, let’s have a look at the list of fun iPhone games for all time that can help you keep your life more entertaining.

Card Twister

Apple 5.0

If you are planning hangouts or parties, you will need something that can make hours pass by without making anyone bored. We have Card Twister, the best iPhone game that we want to recommend to you so you can be the fun-bringer of the party and hangouts with friends. Card Twister has amazing dares and questions that you can use for ice-breaking or make someone reveal their secrets.

For games like tongue twisters, charades, truth or dare, spin the bottle, and other such games, Card Twister is a perfect companion to keep so you never run out of fun questions. And the best part is, you can use this app anywhere even if you are on a trip to some remote location and got no network.

Features of Card Twister

  • Supports the offline mode
  • Free to play
  • Includes in-app purchases
  • Suitable for many games
  • Requires two or more people to play
Download Card Twister

Super Mario Run

Apple 3.8

Super Mario Run is as much popular fun iPhone game today. Everyone knows the mission Mario goes through and the danger he faces in the journey. The primary job of the users is to help Mario complete the task. They need to help the lead character to jump correctly by tapping the screen. Amidst the journey, you need to help Mario to collect the coins throughout each level. 

Super Mario Run is from creative Nintendo professionals, who have worked exceptionally well to make the game truly impressive. This is the best iPhone game app, It gets total marks for creativity. The more users play it, the more they feel excited about the same. 

The game is an offering for Mario lovers, fans of touchscreen platforms, and those who love spending the time the right way.

Features of Super Mario Run

  • Played by millions of people
  • Free to download
  • Includes new challenges
  • Play as multiple characters
Download Super Mario Run

The Witness

Apple 4.0

The protagonist is surrounded by puzzles and is alone on an island. When it comes to solving the puzzles, some are extremely easy and just require sheer attention to win over “The Witness”. The hints are there for the players at the screen only and help them level up the lead character. It additionally helps in accessing new areas too. This works as an additional boost for the users.

There are different options in this top rated iPhone game and one such is clicking on a tab to open new doors of opportunity. Finding the hints for the puzzles is more of a satisfying feeling for the users. 

The game for boredom is an offering for: Puzzle-friendly players, people who love challenges and wish to explore new ways to solve such games.

Features of The Witness

  • Available for $9.99 in the US
  • Colorful island puzzles are fun
  • Open world game
  • Discover clues to solve puzzles
Download The Witness

Temple Run 2

Apple 4.5

Another exciting fun iPhone game offering for adventure lovers. The protagonist runs endlessly to achieve the targets. As he runs forward, he needs to collect the offerings that come along while avoiding the obstacles that can come forward in different forms, sizes, and shapes. It is an iPhone game for running enthusiasts who can excel in this run relay.

Temple Run was a smashing success when it launched back in 2011. To take the game further for the players, Temple Run 2 is an additional offering in a similar series this is one of the best iPhone game apps for when you are bored. The sequel is gaining a similar response (positive) from the users.  

The best iPhone games offering for: The players who love their characters to run in the quest of treasure.

Features of Temple Run 2

  • Run away from the monster
  • Slide, Jump, and use powers to survive
  • Collect coins to unlock items
  • Available for free
Download Temple Run 2
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Hitman Go

Apple 4.7

Hitman is one of the top rated iPhone games rated which is offering a stage that a few games offer. In this best iPhone apps game, the lead character runs through creatively designed plots and puzzles in order to complete a mission. These puzzles gradually become more complicated as the lead character runs forward. But the targets are never too complicated to finish. 

The aesthetic in the abstract violence suits perfectly to the plot of Hitman Go. It may look like an offering not for faint-hearted, but it is an absolute offering in the Hitman series. So, if you like hitting your enemies, do sign up for the same.  

The best new iPhone games is an offering for: Hitman lovers and to those who love completing secret missions even if it requires shooting the enemies.

Features of Hitman Go

  • Includes challenging puzzles
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Explore secret passages
  • Use tools such as distractions and disguises to finish your mission
Download Hitman Go

Animal Crossing

Apple 4.8

If you are a Nintendo lover like me, you must have come across the game. In case, you are still not aware of the same, let me bring you the clarity on it. This is the best iPhone apps game that rightly absorbs your leisure time. The plot of Animal Crossing revolves around helping Isabelle and inhabitant beautifying their world with amazing offerings. 

Animal Crossing is a good offering that gives you the perfect entry in the animal kingdom. You get to see and decor their world differently to add to the aesthetics of the same.  

The must have iPhone games is an offering for: Enthusiasts who love to get a different experience from an offering that is a lot beautiful.

Features of Animal Crossing

  • Free to download and play
  • Craft cafes and furnitures
  • Celebrate festival themes like Halloween
  • Customize wallpapers and floors
Download Animal Crossing


Apple 3.6

Hearthstone is an exceptional offering for digital card enthusiasts. Hearthstone has been developed along the lines of World of Warcraft. There are nine classes in the game each having its WoW equivalent. These WOW elements include a variety of play styles for the users that they can stick to while playing. Options are also available for single-player and multiplayer.

The gameplay is exceptionally versatile that allows users a range of ways that they can adopt while playing the same. Hearthstone is so intriguing that it keeps users on their toe. It is almost impossible to imagine a more perfect way of getting digital experience. 

The iPhone running game is an offering for Enthusiasts who love getting an exceptional digital experience.

Features of Hearthstone

  • Free to install app
  • Fight enemies in battles
  • Play against real players
  • Play with up to 7 players
Download Hearthstone

Final Fantasy Tactics

Apple 3.9

The sweeping saga feels right for the mobile-app players. Final Fantasy Tactics feels good on mobile when you are sitting idle in the home looking to spend your time the right way. It is worth to have such gameplay on your smartphone. It is the best iPhone apps game that offers that every gaming enthusiast should get the experience of.

In case, you have not played the game, I recommend downloading the same. In case, you know the experience, it is worth giving it a second try. Final Fantasy Tactics will never disappoint you. 

The game is an offering for: Fans of tactics games who love playing logical gameplay.

Features of this Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Available for $13.99 in the US
  • iCloud support to keep your data safe
  • Based on the official Final Fantasy Series
Download Final Fantasy Tactics

Framed 2

Apple 4.1

Replacing its predecessor ‘Framed’ with a super-exciting new version, Framed 2 is an innovative offering for all those who love super thrilling games. The basic plot, if compared to the new offering is almost the same. It feels as if the users are watching a series of mysterious events playouts. this best iPhone games offering has been provided innovatively for the users. 

The users have the opportunity to rearrange the panels in order to reposition them to play the same in a different manner. It is a complicated but a smart puzzle game for the users. 

The beat iphone game is an offering for: Puzzle and comic fans alike and for true Framed fans.

Features of Framed 2

  • The game is a noir themed puzzle
  • Available for $4.99 in the US
  • Need iPhone 5 or later to run
  • A sequel to the 2014 game
Download Framed 2

A Dark Room

Apple 4.8

The fire is burning in a cold dark room and suddenly it starts dying and being the person-in-action, you need to get more woods to let the fire burn continuously. You had to search woods and the story develops. A Dark Room is as much exciting as it is adventurous.

The gameplay starts with humble origin to go beyond the soft start. A Dark Room seems engrossing for the users and picking it would seem like one of the best decisions for puzzle lovers. This is the best iPhone game and fun apps to play when bored.

The game is an offering for Enthusiasts who love playing mysteries and puzzle based offerings.

Features of A Dark Room

  • Available for $1.99 on the Apple App Store
  • Includes no ads
  • Play entire game with voiceovers
  • Requires iOS 10.3 or later
Download A Dark Room

Candy Crush Saga

Apple 4.6

The long line of the color matching game needs no mention. This is the best game apps to play when bored. The saga is filled with juicy candies and awaits bursting as the players combine similar-colored candies. Candy Crush Saga keeps you addicted to the sweet rewards and bonuses that come along. When no lives are left behind, users can ask others for a favor by giving them additional lives. It is a full-fledged offering for iPhone users that millions of players love to play.

The delicious sweet saga is tasty and addictive at the same time. It is a fun living game, we normally play this game to cure boredom. The daily booster wheel is an additional offering that helps users earn extra benefits. The payment feature is additionally embedded to offer more rewards.

The best iPhone game is an offering for Sweet candy lovers and for those who love to own the candy Kingdom with their wise moves.

Features of Candy Crush Saga

  • Free to download and play
  • Simple yet fun
  • Make candy combos to unlock exclusive items
  • Thousands of challenges
Download Candy Crush Saga
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That’s all on the list of best iPhone games from my side. What’s your take on these offerings? Did I miss any prominent name for iPhone users? Or is there something, you would like to read here? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, do let me know on the same in the comment section below. The MobileAppDaily cherish readers’ contribution to helping us become more streamlined with such offerings.

The world of iPhone games is a huge one but the prominence still revolves around few gameplays. And the ongoing interest of users in the iPhone gaming industry is going to help it grow massively. Let’s contribute some shares to this industry by downloading the respective games from the links mentioned above.

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