10+ Best Horoscope Apps to Get Nearly Accurate Future Predictions

Co-Star Personalized Astrology, the best horoscope app uses AI along with human inputs to provide accurate astrology reports.
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June 18, 2021
Best Horoscope Apps
Horoscopes, with a history stretching from Babylonian time to the 21st century, have a crucial effect on the lives of people. Some believe in Astrology too deep that they do not begin their days without reading horoscopes. Well, a while back, reading horoscopes was limited to newspapers or magazines. However, now, we are lucky to have smartphones around us all the time. With the best zodiac apps, these smartphones are the new astrologers.

As per the report shared by Statista, users from the US spend $39.7 million on the top-earning astrology apps in 2019. Compared to 2018, it was an increase of 64.7%.

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Now as the astrology apps’ market is boosting, the number of apps claiming the title of best daily horoscope app is increasing as well. Therefore, to solve this problem, we have curated a list of genuine good astrology apps you can rely on. So, if it suits your search, you should read the rest of the blog!

Popular horoscope apps to lead you through your future

Moving further, we are discussing the list of a few best astrology apps for your reference. These apps are shortlisted according to their reviews, ratings, and features. Therefore, you can read the features mentioned along with them for your reference and pick the one that suits you best without thinking twice.


Apple 4.7
android 4.5

This one of the free astrology apps is a perfect choice if you are looking for a horoscope app with easy navigation. The app uses data such as your date, time, and place of birth to provide you a future report in detail. With AstroMatrix, you can have a glimpse into important life-changing events you might face in the future.

Features of this most accurate horoscope app

  • Have access to your accurate horoscope report instantly
  • With daily updates, you can get to know about planetary positions
  • With the help of your birth date, time, and place, you can check your romantic compatibility with the partner
  • The in-depth guide to your birth chart allows you to access the exact planetary alignment
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The Daily Horoscope

Apple 4.8
android 4.8

This best Astro app has a userbase of 10 million users. The app includes free features such as Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes along with Chinese and Zodiac yearly horoscopes. Moreover, the app also includes compatibility readings between two signs from different perspectives such as love, friendship, and business.

Features of this one of the top horoscope apps

  • Access daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope instantly
  • Check romantic compatibility with other zodiac signs
  • With a subscription, go back in the past up to a week
  • You can modify colors and font size in the app as well
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Solfile Astrology

Apple 5.0
android 5.0

The best horoscope app, Solfile is the perfect astrology companion that you need. The app is capable of giving predictions within minutes with the highest possible accuracy. There are other features as well in this one of the best astrology apps. You can find areas where you will naturally ace. Moreover, In Focus reports focus on the key insights of your life. 

Features of this best astrology app

  • Free to install
  • Leading technology to accurately calculate your unique profile and impact each day
  • No Astrology vernacular to ensure every sentence is about you and how to Be at your Best
  • Footprint Reports: Personality profile including possible Blind Spots
  • Discovery Reports: 365 days rolling reports for Career, Wealth, Health and lifestyle
  • In Focus Report: Your specific questions answered by Professional Astrologers with extensive business and counselling credibility
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Co-Star Personalized Astrology

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

This AI-supported horoscope app has a unique approach to predicting your horoscopes. The app uses your minute data as well to keep the astrology report most accurate. Moreover, with the input of expert human astrologers, you also get a reliable report along with planet-by-planet compatibility. 

Features of this most accurate daily horoscope

  • The app uses AI to find out accurate planetary positions and predict horoscopes accordingly
  • You can compare zodiac signs to find compatibility for love, finance, communication, and more
  • The app considers the sky map according to your birth date, time, and location
  • With premium features such as personality analysis, real-time planetary positions, you can keep up with the latest horoscopes
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Apple 4.3

This top-rated horoscope app is a perfect tool if you are curious about your compatibility with the crush you are going to ask out! As for astrology believers, zodiac signs might influence the future, so this one of the best psychic apps can assist you with all the horoscope-related information you are looking for.

Features of this one of the top apps for horoscopes

  • Read daily, weekly, and monthly zodiac signs
  • Check love compatibility between two zodiac signs
  • Connect with psychics through the live chat
  • Find out what does your Chinese zodiac sign mean
  • Check seasonal horoscopes as well
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Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone

Apple 4.6
android 4.0

The app comes in two versions, free and premium. Along with daily and monthly horoscopes, AstrologyZone provides accurate predictions for each zodiac sign. Moreover, you can also check the relationship compatibility between different zodiac signs.

Features of this one of the top free daily horoscopes apps

  • Explore the app to get detailed horoscopes for different zodiac signs
  • With the premium version, keep a track of a weekly advanced horoscope report
  • Get an insight into exact planet locations and their effects on various zodiac signs
  • With daily horoscopes, explore short predictions about your day, week, month, or even year
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Apple 4.9
android 4.7

With your birth information such as birthdate, time, and location, the app generates a horoscope report instantly. Moreover, this one of the daily horoscope apps allows you to have an insight into everyday personalized reports so that you can keep a track of your predictions.

Features of this one of the top astrology apps

  • With your birth information, the app allows you to have a detailed horoscope report
  • Moreover, you can check the planetary position according to your zodiac sign
  • Explore insightful daily horoscopes created for you with accuracy
  • Choose a planet to get an interpreted insight into your future
  • Categorize charts of friends, family, or acquaintances and compare them with the comparison wheel
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The Pattern

Apple 4.3
android 4.2

This best astrology app is a perfect choice for users looking for the most accurate predictions. The app includes features such as zodiac compatibility, friendship dynamic, shared patterns, and more. The Pattern uses scientific data such as various world timing cycles to create a report with potential insights.

Features of this best zodiac app

  • The app includes in-depth analysis into personality traits
  • Create profiles of multiple people to explore similarities and their cycles
  • Explore insights into romantic relationships
  • Be a part of the community to share and know experiences
  • Make friends on The Pattern and communicate with them directly
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Sanctuary Astrology

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

This best Astro app gives you access to your unique birth chart along with features such as 1 on 1 conversation with a real astrologer, personalized horoscopes, Astro readings, and more. Moreover, the app also provides personalized tarot card readings to give you a better insight.

Features of this best horoscope app

  • Access daily horoscope as per your birth sign
  • With live chat, get involved in the Psychic reading 
  • The Daily Tarot Reading is included as well
  • Know your Sun, Moon, and rising sign instantly
  • On birthdays, get special readings!
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Daily Horoscope by Yodha

Apple 4.8
android 4.7

This popular horoscope app is a perfect choice for users who love to begin their day with horoscopes. The app includes a team of 200+ astrologers to make sure predictions you get are as accurate as they can get. Moreover, you can access morning predictions every day for all 12 zodiac signs without much hassle.

Features of this top-rated horoscope app

  • The app is 100% free and does not include any ads
  • You get access to the everyday horoscope for all 12 signs
  • Reminders send you motivating quotes for your love life, personal growth, and more
  • The app combines Vedic astrology knowledge with modern technology to provide accurate horoscopes
Download this most accurate daily horoscope app

Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope

Apple 4.6
android 3.8

The app gives you access to a network of expert astrologers to whom you can connect and ask your queries. The only information you need to share is your birth date and you are ready! With this best astrology app, you get an insight into aspects such as relationship or friendship compatibility, important future events, and more.

Features of this best astrology app

  • Connect with real professional astrologers and ask your queries
  • With a combination of Vedic and modern astrology, access accurate horoscope on the go
  • Check daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope anytime you want
  • Access advice related to your career, relationship, business, and more
Download this best astrology app
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Modern apps for horoscopes use not only ancient techniques taken from Vedic documents, but also include principles of modern technology and findings. A few apps such as The Pattern use AI to explore space and identify correct planetary positions. 

As time is moving forward, technology is getting smarter. Therefore, more and more developers are diving into the world of app development at a rapid speed. Now, if you want to join this race with your idea as well, make sure to get your app reviewed once it is ready. It will help you in understanding the in-depth potential of the app in the future. 


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