Top 5 Apps You Should Download Right Now to Play Fantasy Sports [2021]

Awake your sportsmanship by playing your favorite game with these amazing fantasy apps.
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June 25, 2021
Best Apps to Play Fantasy Sport Games
If your favorite sports season is around the corner and you’re looking for a perfect fantasy sports app then you are going to find one in this blog. In this list of top apps to play fantasy sports, you will find the apps that are proven amazing by their massive user-base. Every sports lover likes to use these apps because of the unique features and the services these apps facilitate to them.

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Take a glance at some of the amazing fantasy sports apps.

Best Apps to Play Fantasy Sport Games

With this list, you get to choose from the best fantasy apps in the world. These apps are packed with amazing features and come with a wide community of sports enthusiasts that make these apps hard to take hands off from.


Apple 4.9
android 4.5

DraftKings is probably famous for its massive payouts. Their cash prize range from as little as $3 to one million dollars. It supports fantasy football, baseball, basketball, golf, and a total of 12 fantasy sports.

So basically this app offers everything to everyone. The weekly contests are filled with their massive fan base. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to play fantasy sports, DraftKings has various free contests as well. Since it is a famous application, some expert players can minimize your winning chances. But that’s fun all about. Beat the big and win big!

Features of DraftKings

  • Join for free
  • Play with friends or other fans
  • Create your own leagues
  • Earn experience badges for big wins
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Apple 4.8
android 3.8

FanDuel can easily be recommended as a ‘Must-use’ app for all serious fantasy sports players out there. The competition of FanDuel is straight from DraftKings. Thanks to this competition, they are constantly offering millions of cash prizes in their DFS games and come with attractive features in their apps.

Like DraftKings, it includes all your favorite sports. Besides all attractive prizes and a number of sports, FanDuel has a simple and intuitive user interface with a smart sorting option. Hence, if you like clean and productive UI then you might like this app for your daily fantasy contests.

Features of FanDuel

  • Win cash prize all season long
  • Get full scores and news
  • Play with your friends
  • Keep track of rankings among your friends
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ESPN Fantasy Sports

Apple 4.7
android 4.0

Basketball, football, hockey, and baseball, this popular fantasy sport has got you covered with the sports topped with amazing features. With the small gamification features like “Predict the Winner” ESPN Fantasy sports allows players to win big cash prizes.

To customize your own team, the app offers you a collection of hundreds of free logos to personalize your fantasy sports team. The additional features include knowing all the details and latest news about the games and players that help users to stay up to date. The app assists them to draft a team that brings home big prizes.

Features of ESPN Fantasy Sports

  • Create your fantasy team
  • Follow your players all season long
  • Predict the winners from sports biggest matchups 
  • Test your sports knowledge 
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CBS Sports Fantasy

Apple 4.6
android 3.1

CBS Sports Fantasy is a really tough contender in this list of top fantasy apps to play. This app offers players to draft their teams from anywhere with the supports for snake & mock drafts.

In addition, many handy options for managing your team also make people stick to this application. A player can make and adjust scoring settings and can get a lot of research material (video and text) which can help the player in setting a better team.

Features of CBS Sports Fantasy

  • Propose, monitor and accept trades
  • Get weekly match recaps
  • Check scoring previews of every matchup 
  • Constantly updated fantasy advice videos and articles
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Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Apple 4.8
android 4.4

The wide coverage of all famous sports is not the only good thing about the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app. It offers various free and paid fantasy sports leagues to join, public leagues or you can build your own private league and challenge your friends to win big.

Furthermore, this app is compatible with all types of fantasy players from pro to beginners, no one will find it difficult to get along.

Features of Yahoo Fantasy Sports

  • Instant scoring updates 
  • Advice from experts at Rotoworld and Yahoo
  • Watch your match-ups to track your teams 
  • Switch between sports 
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These apps will keep you hooked to the sports season. All these apps have almost similar features except some special features that make them different from each other. This is why I would recommend you to give a shot to each application and find out which one offers you the best user experience and fits your style.

All apps are friendly for new users. Therefore, if you are new to fantasy sports, then it won’t take long to get used to it. However, these mobile fantasy sports apps are packed with advanced features that make pro users satisfied with their uninterrupted gameplay experience. 

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