10+ Best Mobile Drawing Apps for Pros in 2021

These easy drawing apps are approved and lauded by professional artists around the world.
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December 20, 2022
Best Mobile Drawing Apps
There are many reasons why digital devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc are becoming industry standards for artists. Today's apps to draw on pictures have been optimized to replicate the experience of creating art of the traditional medium. Moreover, the possibilities from there are endless.

From texture background, the darkness of your medium to its color and style of stroke, everything is customizable to the last details. Of course, features like quick edit, copy and paste, go a long way in making tedious tasks easy.

Our Top Picks

We have curated a list of the best drawing apps for all the budding artists and even the pros out there which can help you in generating your artwork with utmost efficiency.

Best mobile drawing apps in 2021

To enhance your artistic inventiveness, here is a compiled list of the classic drawing apps that you can effortlessly work upon and try yourself.

Drawing Desk: Draw, Paint Art

Apple 4.3
android 4.2

Drawing Desk is a powerful artistic tool that helps you in expressing your creativity with beautiful sketches, illustrations, paintings, and doodles. From tutorial videos to various types of strokes, brushes, sprays, and effects, the app offers you all. The app also allows you to color your sketches with the help of AI. You can also create masks, makeup looks, and so much more in real-time.

Features of Drawing Desk: Draw, Paint Art

  • Make your face the canvas with AR face paint
  • Color your sketches using AI
  • Get 25+ realistic sketching tools
  • 250+ 3D brushes, stamps, and stickers for doodles
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Autodesk Sketchbook

Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Autodesk sketchbook is one of the good sketching apps that aim to bring your striking creativity to smartphones, with a clean interface and maximum space for creating your artwork, Autodesk Sketchbook never lets you put a full stop to your imagination. You can refine your sketches without any clutter into an illustrated piece of art.

Features of AutoDesk Sketchbook

  • Over 190 customizable brushes for creating various textures and shapes
  • With “Scan Sketch” turn your camera into a scanner and import line art to a fair background
  • For precise lines, use traditional rulers and ellipse guides
  • The drawing engine holds 100 Mpx canvases for extra precision and speed
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Infinite Painter

Apple 4.1
android 4.0

With Infinite Painter, you can create stunning sketches, drawings, and paintings with ease. The app comes with a rich and powerful feature set for artists of all levels. It offers over 100+ customizable settings for every brush. You can also apply real-time color adjustments and live filters to any brush. What’s more? You can also share your artwork with Infinite Painter's ever-growing community and also get inspiration from other artists.

Features of Infinite Painter

  • Organize and share your favorite brushes
  • Apply real-time color adjustments
  • Over 100 customizable settings for brushes
  • Import and export custom brushes and sets
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Watercolor Paint

android 4.8

The top drawing app was launched in 2020 and within a very less span of time, it has secured over 100k downloads from the Google Play Store. The app is known for offering a realistic drawing experience where whether you are using the watercolor mode or oil paints, they offer an experience that makes you feel as if you were using the real colors.

This drawing app also offers multiple tools such as various types of brushes, canvas, etc to improve the app usage experience. The app gets updated frequently as well to add new tools so it never gets boring for you.

Features of Watercolor Paint

  • Different types of colors like watercolors, oil paints, etc are available
  • The app includes various kinds of brushes with more to come
  • Provides customization for color effects, streaming effects, etc
  • Realistic reactions of colors provide you with the best digital drawing experience
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Apple 4.7
android 4.0

Sketch your ideas, illustrations, storyboards, mind maps, and whatnot with Concepts. The app lets you share your creation with your friends on any other social media platform. Being one of the best sketch apps, every stroke is editable in Concepts and can be ratified instantly no matter what tool has been used with Nudge, Slice, and Select tools.

Features of Concepts

  • Infinite whiteboard with different textures of papers to choose from
  • Choose from dozens of pen that sets the right velocity or create your own for a perfect and comfortable drawing
  • Innovative COPIC color wheel for vibrant and different variants of colors
  • Drag and drop images or PDF files right into the canvas of the app
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Ibis Paint X

Apple 4.7
android 4.5

One of the best sketch apps, Ibis Paints lets you create sketches with highly functional brushes and great variants of screen tone to choose from. The app also offers different pens for finer lines, with multiple layers you can create an error-free artwork.

Features of Ibis Paint X

  • Smooth drawing experience realized by OpenGL technology
  • 325 advanced brushes for even and fine application
  • Quick sliders for real-time brush preview
  • Stabilizes your strokes automatically
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Apple 4.5

Assembly lets you create and design logos, illustrations, and icons in a professional manner. The app insists on saving a lot of time by ready-made designed elements that you can change as per your need or build on it as per your creativity.

The simple interface of the app produces a high-end design and allows you to work swiftly without having to understand the complexities of the app.

Features of Assembly

  • Import your font or choose from a versatile set of fonts
  • The output is produced in High-Resolution JPG and PNG
  • Themed shape packs with over 1000 different shapes
  • Make your own unique custom color palette
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Tayasui Sketches

Apple 4.6

One of the best free drawing apps, Tayasui Sketches primarily focuses on the tools used for the drawing, and hence the app keeps on updating itself with new tools that can enhance your artwork the artistic toolbox provided by the app helps in creating fine sketches, paintings, and illustrations in a hassle-free way.

The clean interface of the app helps you in keeping your app wizard sorted and gives you autonomy to personalize your folders for different variants of artwork.

Features of Tayasui Sketches

  • Ultra-realistic tool for a better painting experience
  • Watercolor brushes for smooth tones and strokes
  • Brush editors to find your perfect brush
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Paper By WeTransfer

Apple 4.6

Take yourself away from all the distractions and work with your natural flow with Paper By WeTransfer. This best sketch app guides you on how to start your drawing and lets you watch videos from famous artists that guide you to create your masterpiece.

Creative prompts help you in getting motivation with multiple layers that allow you to go with your instincts.

Features of Paper By WeTransfer

  • Get access to tips and tricks from great artists
  • Take multiple photos and create a piece out of them with the help of different tools
  • Organize your journal and start from where you left
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MediBang Paint

Apple 4.4
android 4.0

MediBang Paint has a unique approach and spoils artists with endless brushes that suit the requirement of every artist and create a realistic piece on different textures of paper. As the name suggests, the app lets you create numerous masterpieces by making your brush that fits all your requirements.

Features of MediBang Paint

  • Guides and editable shapes let you paint with accuracy
  • Create depth in your painting by adding the gradient effect
  • More than 100 types of brushes to choose from
  • The texture of the paper determines the look of the strokes made by the brush
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Apple 4.4
android 4.0

This application lets you be creative and allows you to create a piece of art that can look realistic. With multiple tools provided by Artrage, the app allows the blending of every color on a digital canvas and lets you know the pressure you can apply on your pencil by telling you the kind of paper you are working on.

Features of ArtRage

  • Know about brushes, colors, the tip of the pencil, and the amount of thinner used to wet the paints digitally for realistic application
  • Add layers with Layer Blend Mode so that you don’t spoil your original painting
  • Pin images to the canvas and use them as a reference to create your sketch and paint them accordingly
  • Manually adjustable panels let you paint effortlessly without any distraction
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With the above listed best mobile drawing apps for Android and iOS, you can wake your inner artist who is striving to create something new. In this era of digitization, smartphones are covering every aspect of our lives daily. The advent of technologies has uplifted the creativity of the people and pushed them a step ahead in their respective fields. Similarly, artists nowadays don’t need to worry about carrying loads of art supplies and think before creating their hearts out with these drawing apps online that can help you to create a masterpiece without any clutter. 

Striving for perfection and creating a unique art piece on the go is now possible with these versatile sketching mobile applications, let us know about your favorite sketching app, and if you are a product owner who wants to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily Studio.

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