Online Course Creation Software to Elevate E-Learning Experience in 2023

Check out our inclusive list of the top course creation platforms that will help you design an impactful and relevant course for users!
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July 06, 2023
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With the educational dynamics shifting to online teaching methods, the demand for online courses has witnessed a great surge. Distance learning offers multiple advantages. Besides the huge popularity of this market, it is simple to use, students find it way more convenient, and you have an additional chance of tracking customers from all over the world.

Today, anyone can share knowledge by simply uploading a blog or video online. But if you are looking to learn a topic in-depth and build a community along with it, online courses are the way to go.

Post-priming your online course idea, you require a robust setup to design the entire course and sell it online. Online course creation software is designed to help you out in designing courses, building a curriculum, and promoting your courses online. We have researched and tested a dozen of course creation software and tools and have mentioned our best picks below.

Build Digital Classrooms with the Top Online Course Creation Software in 2023!

This comprehensive guide to the essential tools to create online courses to help you decide which one to choose and which ones to avoid. These tools will help you right from recording the videos to editing the clips in the final process. All the tools are mentioned, along with their descriptions and features, to help you make an informed decision.



Teachable is the best free online course builder that helps creators to interact and engage with their audience. It is an inclusive platform that empowers course creators to design, build, sell, and promote their online courses through a single dashboard. 

It is a huge course marketplace that offers free tools to create online courses for beginners and intermediate creators. If you are looking for a platform to streamline the process of getting your course live online along with suitable marketing, copywriting, and more, Teachable is the best free online course builder for you.

Features of Teachable- Online course builder for beginners

  • Simple and clean interface, easy to navigate
  • A no-code platform that is ideal for beginners
  • Allows you to customize the theme of the platform
  • Inclusive platform with a built-in payment processor
  • Suitable for selling PDFs, audio clips, and other digital content
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Thinkific is an online course creation software that offers an inclusive platform for businessmen and entrepreneurs to design, create, market, and manage their professional courses easily. It is packed with all the essential tools to create online courses and empowers you with full access to manage them your way. 

Apart from being the best free online course builder, Thinkific is a great platform for anyone who wishes to share valuable skills on any topic. It is also a great tool to scale your business with great technology and the right kind of support.

Features of Thinkific- A popular course creation software

  • Easy to setup and beginner friendly
  • Excellent customer support to resolve any issues
  • Offers a free trial and the basic plan starting from $49
  • An inclusive cloud-based learning management system
  • Supports integration with other platforms- WordPress, PayPal, etc.
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Kajabi is an easy online course builder that is packed with a huge collection of built-in tools to create professional courses. These tools can also be used for building a website, e-mail marketing, creating CRM and e-commerce platforms, and sale funnels as well. It is an all-in-one software to create e-learning courses and market them to potential users. 

This course creation platform is ideal for teachers, coaches, creators, trainers, and for everyone who wishes to sell their knowledge and skills online in return for money. The free e-learning authoring tools offered by Kajabi are geared toward maximizing the reach appeal of different digital products, such as online courses.

Features of Kajabi- An online course creation tool for beginners

  • SEO-optimized tools for improved traffic
  • Mobile-ready and high-converting pages for users
  • Smart auto-scaling technology for smooth working
  • A collaborative platform for both students and teachers
  • Customizable domain to make your site more discoverable
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Easygenerator is a cloud-based learning management system that offers the most suitable e-learning authoring solution for all creators. It is an easy online course builder that enables users to build courses from scratch without the requirement of any prior experience or knowledge about the same. 

With a comprehensive set of tools and features, this platform offers everything you need to build a course from start to finish. It is best suited for industry experts who wish to share their knowledge and experience through interactive e-learning content.

Features of EasyGenerator- A free e-learning authoring tool

  • User-friendly interface for beginners
  • Supports mobile and blended learning
  • Create self-paced courses and learning modules
  • Built-in course authoring, test/quiz creation tools
  • Easy template management and course creation
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Skillshare is an online course creation tool that empowers you to create an online course on any topic ranging from animation, and content creation to photography, music, and much more. The platform enables interactive learning by updating new and relevant courses on a regular basis. 

The optimized tools of this online course builder are designed to create knowledgeable, professional, and organized lessons and courses for learners of all age groups. For the most part, Skillshare lives on the desktop. However, there is an optional free mobile app available for users.

Features of Skillshare- The best online course creation software

  • Customizable and manageable templates
  • Intuitive and simple tools ideal for beginners
  • Best platform for sharing creative knowledge
  • Offers both free and paid subscription plans for users
  • Encourages and strengthens the personal connection between teachers and students
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iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a popular online course creation software that offers a robust toolkit for creating versatile learning content online. The courses generated using this software are mobile-ready and adaptive, thus easily accessible to a large audience and learners. With iSpring Suite’s optimized tools, users can create professional courses, video lectures, test assessments, and a lot more. 

Unlike other conventional online course creation software, iSpring Suite lets you collect real-time feedback on your content from the stakeholders. Along with this, the software also hosts a variety of authoring tools that can be used to create lessons with media and quizzes in the long-read format.

Features of iSpring Suite- Among the top course creation platforms

  • Supports content creation for any training scenario
  • Saves the cost and time of hiring a team to build courses
  • Ready-to-use templates to make the authoring process fast
  • Integrates with PowerPoint to offer a beginner-friendly interface
  • A huge selection of backgrounds, characters, and icons for interactive lessons
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isEazy is a sophisticated e-learning authoring tool that does all the heavy lifting, enabling you to create an online course and content your users will love to engage with. It is the most complete online course creation software specifically designed to create dynamic and interactive e-learning courses. This platform enables you to design a course in an agile and autonomous way, even as a beginner. 

The platform offers the best tools to create online courses and works well for any professional, internal trainer, or business unit who is striving to create an interactive and engaging online course for its users.

Features of isEazy- The best free online course builder

  • Offers the best collaboration tools
  • Predefined templates and an intuitive interface
  • Smooth and autonomous process of content creation
  • Supports brand integration and gamification within the content
  • A complete suite of tools for creating, editing, and sharing courses
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TalentLMS is the best platform to create and sell online courses, which is extremely beneficial in simplifying the entire process. You can create your own online course or a training program using the effective tools TalentLMS offers. The platform is primarily targeted toward facilitating learning for organizations of all sizes. 

With a variety of advanced features like course management, reporting, progress tracking, and gamification, TalentLMS can support any and every kind of business organization. It is among the best course creation platforms that offer an effective solution for enterprise-level learning with personalized themes and uniquely designed courses.

Features of TalentLMS- The best platform to create online courses

  • Designs content for blended learning 
  • Cloud LMS software to train employees 
  • An intuitive and beginner-friendly interface
  • An optimized universal interface that fits all devices
  • Suitable for product training, skill training, compliance training, etc.
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LearnWorlds offers a powerful and reliable training solution for individuals and enterprises. It is a cloud-based e-learning platform that offers the best tools to create online courses, educate customers, train employees and associates, and sell your courses to a wide audience. It is the best online course builder that assists you in creating high-quality courses easily and quickly. 

LearnWorlds is packed with exceptional features and functionalities that most online course creation software does not offer, placing it in a league of its own. It is known to offer the best online course creation tools and innovative solutions for engaging the audience.

Features of LearnWorlds- The best free online course builder

  • The most robust website builder
  • Powers engaging and effective training
  • Ideal for first-time online course creators
  • Interactive and intuitive video editing tools
  • Create, promote, and sell online courses through a single dashboard
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LearnDash is an online course creation software that is known for offering the most reliable and trusted way for creating and selling online courses with WordPress. With advanced technology and features, LearnDash transforms your WordPress site into a powerful learning management system that lets you create and sell courses, track users' progress, deliver certificates, and do a lot more. 

Instructors can easily and quickly create courses through LearnDash and can assign lessons. It is one of the few course creation platforms that offers customizable features to tailor the look and delivery of the prepared content.

Features of LearnDash- Offers the best tools to create online course

  • Allows you to use any WordPress theme
  • Enables you to design multi-tier courses
  • Offers e-commerce support for all creators
  • Creates quizzes, assessments, and other training content
  • Customize the looks and delivery of your content as per your preference
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Simplero is an online course creation software that is fully integrated and packed with the best features to support the simple, flexible, and easy development of a website. The tools and dashboard of the platform are fully optimized for creating your website, building your lists, sending e-mails, hosting online courses, building a membership community, and assisting you in a lot more activities. 

It is a great platform that supports advanced e-mail marketing without spending much on it. The effective tools to create online courses offered by this platform automate the entire process and create a highly-professional course in no time.

Features of Simplero- An online course builder and marketing tool

  • Offers affiliate centers for your online courses
  • Market and sell a course with specialized tools 
  • Supports and automates e-mail campaigns and marketing
  • Offers a drag-and-drop functionality to create courses easily
  • Beginner-friendly platform that requires no prior tech knowledge
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How to Become an Online Course Creator?

Whether you are promoting your product or looking for a way to share your technical expertise and knowledge, there are many benefits of selling it through a virtual learning platform. Let’s discuss the 4 simple steps that you can take to become a successful course creator in today’s competitive market. 

1. Select a Topic

Before designing a course or a lesson plan, you must opt for a topic that you are passionate about. If you have immense knowledge and are enthusiastic about your topic, it will shine through your course and will attract a larger audience. You can research and create content on any topic of your choice. However, we advise you to pick a topic that you are already familiar with. 

Along with this, you need to restrict yourself to just an academic topic. Many researchers believe that people love expanding their skills and developing new hobbies through online courses. You can create a course for targeting and building a community of creative and like-minded people through Skillshare and other similar online course creation software. 

2. Conduct Market Research 

After selecting a preferred topic, it is smart to perform in-depth marketing research to determine the profitability of the topic. You can determine the numbers by collecting and studying data about your targeted audience and researching your existing competitors. 

A detailed research will ensure that your course performs well in the market and is capable of attracting a wide audience. 

3. Plan Your Content

If you are seeking to create high-quality and engaging content for your audience, you must plan and organize it effectively. While designing the course, add only relevant information in a neat and clear format. Identify what your target audience expects from your course and deliver the same. 

You can also choose engaging and interactive formats for your courses like video lectures, downloadable worksheets, quizzes, written lessons, modules, and much more. 

4. Build Your Course

Now that you have created a blueprint for your course, all that you need to do is design it using online course creation software. These platforms offer in-built features and functionalities that are conducive to e-learning. You can select the best one out of the best free online course builder tools available in the market. 

Some Benefits of Course Creation Platforms

Online course creation software is mostly preferred for the ease and convenience of use that it has to offer. These tools are optimized to provide exceptional working and utility by automating the course designing process. Some other benefits offered by the best course creation software are:

1. Feasibility 

These tools are extremely feasible in creating software used for teaching online. You can use the simple tools offered by these platforms through your device and create professional-looking courses from anywhere, anytime. Online courses also improve accessibility for users. 

2. Collaboration 

If you are working in a team for creating a particular course, using an online course builder is the best way out. These tools can be accessed by all the team members from their own devices, allowing them to work remotely. Through a unified dashboard and multiple communication features, teams can easily collaborate and communicate while working together. 

3. Lower Overheads

One of the primary issue resolved by online course creation platforms is the lack of funds. An online course can be accessed through a mobile device, eliminating the cost of hiring a professional teacher and setting up a classroom. Additionally, online course creation software is packed with all the necessary tools required to design and market a course. 

These platforms can single-handedly tackle all the operations right from designing the course to selling it in the market. Some of the best tools to create online training courses are designed to reduce the workload and automate the entire process. 

Final Verdict!

The top course creation software is undoubtedly the easiest and the most efficient way of designing and developing an online course. As the e-learning industry is increasingly gaining popularity in the digital age, the need for online course builder tools is expected to increase consequently. 

These tools are equally useful for both educational institutes and enterprises. They form a strong foundation for developing a relevant and engaging online course. Be it free or paid, you cannot simply shrug off the huge number of benefits that these platforms come with. If you are looking to share your knowledge with your team or with a greater audience, try our top recommendations of the top course creation software now. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews will help your app to grow and reach its potential audience. Until then, keep on exploring MobileAppDaily for more information and updates on the world of technology and mobile applications.

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