Best Car Rental Software of 2022 to Streamline Car Sharing Business Operations

These best car rental software of 2022 are equipped with the necessary tools and features to offer sophisticated car rental business management abilities!
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December 26, 2022
Best car rental software

With the invention of car rental software, the industry found a more sophisticated way of managing rental services and customers. However, with time, the accessibility of the best car rental software kept increasing to ensure cars are easily available for potential customers.

Top car rental software helped companies by providing several features. For instance, we can take the ability to manage car rental logs, track cars’ live locations, allow customers to book cars online, deal with insurance settlements, process and approve payments, and much more. Now with these many benefits of car rental software, the competition rose as well. For customers, it possibly became a concern to find software which are actually useful instead of just claiming to be. 

To help potential customers in finding the best care rental software for their needs, we are preparing a list with the leading names from the car rental industry. These products by the top software companies are reviewed and shortlisted to ensure you have only the best options available at your fingertips. So, plan your next trip and pick an option from the list further without thinking twice.

Which top car rental software should you choose?

Well, the answer to this question is something that varies depending on what type of software you think will be more suitable for your business requirements. You can go for software that is totally customer-centric, or you can pick a tool to help you with finance management. However, there are some options among the best car rental management software as well that can help you throughout multiple business operations. Furthermore, we are listing down such top options that are designed to be supportive of your multiple business needs. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the list!

ARSLoaner rent-a-car software

The best car rental software online in the modern automobile industry, ARSLoaner makes it easy for you to manage your car rental company. The car rental system integrated into a dashboard comes with features that will let you access and control every process included in the car rental operations. Whether tracking fleets with GPS, or scanning driver licenses, ARSLoaner is undoubtedly the single best car rental management software that you need to streamline your car rental business while boosting customer satisfaction in parallel.

Features of ARSLoaner, the best car rental software

  • The dashboard can be accessed on multiple devices and browsers
  • Allows you to scan credit cards, driving licenses, and more
  • Supports the ability to offer and approve car rental agreements
  • Includes GPS support to track fleets in real time
Visit ARSLoaner rental car software here!

HQ Rental Software car rental system

This rent-a-car software is developed with a vision to boost your car rental business’ ROIs and customer satisfaction rates. HQ Rental Software is used by many leading companies in the automobile industry including Priceless Car Rental, AMERIDRIVE, One Switch, and AVIS among others. Deploying this car rental booking software across your business processes can help you in automating some crucial steps in your day-to-day operations. 

The leading automotive software comes with in-built tools which are designed to help you through managing finances, insurance, documentation, fleet availability, etc. The best thing about this one of the top apps for renting a car is that you do not need to assign extra hands, especially for the software. With your already existing staff and some technical understanding of using the software, anyone can work and manage it.

Features of HQ Rental Software

  • Supports paperless deployment of all business activities
  • In-built tools to support online booking and payments
  • Easy to use navigation and user interface
  • Used by companies from 60+ countries
Visit HQ Rental Software car rental reservation system here!

Turo car rental software

This web-based car reservation system allows you to become a customer or a host in many cities in the US, the UK, and Canada. Any 18-year or older customer in the US, 21 or older in the UK, and 23 years or older in Canada can book a car on this top car rental business software if they have a valid driver’s license. The online car rental booking company also asks its hosts to ensure that before each trip, vehicles are cleaned and disinfectant to ensure the health and safety of its customers. 

From the perspective of a host, you can use this best car rental software of 2022 to even establish a business of your own as Turo allows you to share multiple cars for rental. According to Turo reports, the average car rental income for one car is $10,516 which can double triple, or maybe more depending on how many more cars you decide to use on Turo.

Features of Turo, the best car rental software online

  • Comes with a smartphone app
  • You are allowed to share multiple carss
  • A global base of over 14 million customer
  • Comes with insurance included
Visit Turo car rental software here!

CARS+ car rental booking software

The car rental system is designed to deliver every tool that car rental companies require. From providing customer assistance tools to helping you in managing your company finances, CARS+ is a full-fledged top car rental software required to modernize car rental businesses. The tool allows you to connect with customers, brokers, and partners to remain in sync with business processes. You can also review in-depth data related to your fleets, finances, and more.

Features of CARS+, the top car rental software

  • A cloud-hosted software for always accessibility
  • Supports multiple regions across the globe
  • Allows you to customize the software depending on your requirements
  • Easily manage multiple bookings at multiple locations
Visit CARS+ rent-a-car software here!
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ScheduleBull rental car software

Manage your car rental business better with this one of the best car rental apps. The best car rental software of 2022 comes with features such as the ability to create contracts and bills, convert them into PDFs shareable over emails, and more. The price management tool lets you instantly manage and modify car rental packages depending on your requirements. 

Moreover, there are tools like instant offer generation as well which can help you in improving your customer satisfaction rate by replying with an offer instantly depending on the customer requirements.

Features of ScheduleBull, the best car rental management software

  • Generate offers and email them within seconds
  • Get in-depth fleet statistics
  • Keep a track of security deposits
  • Comes with a free 30-day trial without needing a credit card
Visit ScheduleBull car rental business software here!

RentWorks rent-a-car software

This tool has some of the best car rental software reviews you will come across due to its features. On RentWorks, you can use tools such as credit card processing, claim tracking, in-depth fleet reports, and more. The car rental system has an advanced set of tools integrated into an easy-to-use user interface to help you in streamlining your business operations.

Features of RentWorks, the best car rental management software

  • Includes a reservation planner
  • Cloud-hosted car rental software
  • Proper fleet management and tracker 
  • Includes 100+ in-depth reports
Visit RentWorks best car rental software online here!

RentGuruz car rental system

The cloud-based rent-a-car software, RentGuruz is a solution that can transform your traditional car rental businesses. On this car rental software for small businesses and large companies, you can manage your fleets remotely, and enable bookings through emails, phones, internet, or walk-ins. Moreover, for customers, the software also includes the ability to help them in booking and keeping a real-time track of their rentals. For car rental business owners, it is super easy to create agreements, track maintenance requirements, record customer data, and more on a single dashboard. 

Features of RentGuruz, the best car rental reservation system

  • Support for various payment methods
  • Customize the inventory master by adding or removing vehicles
  • Create customer data and access it anytime
  • Easy-to-scale user interface for multiple devices
Visit RentGuruz web-based car reservation system here!

Limo Anywhere car rental software

Own a Limo rental business? Well, then your best car rental company also needs the best online car rental booking software that can keep up with your requirements. Limo Anywhere is software that is being used by approximately 5,000 Limo service providers already. To target digital marketplaces and to easily find potential customers, Limo Anywhere has become a preferred pick for car rental business owners from many regions across the globe. 

Features of Limo Anywhere, the car rental booking software

  • Includes a driver mobile app to connect with drivers and track rides
  • Comes with an integrated affiliate program
  • Partner merchant services for faster payment processing
  • Get branded mobile apps for your business
Visit Limo Anywhere rental car software here!

Yo Rent rental car software

The car rental software reviews that Yo Rent has received from its clients are quite overwhelming and make it easy to pick this option. The car rental software by Yo Rent is designed to target a diverse range of customers. So, you can use car sharing app solutions by Yo Rent across many different regions of the world. As the website claims, Yo Rent allows you to build a full-fledged car rental solution that will work like Turo and provide you will all the crucial tools that you need.

Features of Yo Rent, the best car rental management software

  • Allows you to collect rental security amounts and keep a track of them
  • Comes with an integrated fleet management and status tool
  • Manage customers, clients, and other vendors
  • Set payment and claim reminders to run the business smoothly
Visit the Yo Rent car rental system here!

CarTrek car rental booking software

The top car rental software is designed with all tools that are required for a modern car sharing business. It comes with professional hardware and software that allows you to keep a track of your fleet in real-time. 

Additionally, you can also customize your car app and deploy it for iOS and Android app stores to ensure that your services are easily accessible to your customers. The cloud-based data storage system also provides your data with regular backups to ensure in case of data failure, you have the ability to access it at any time.

Features of CarTrek, the best car rental management software

  • Designed to automate car sharing processes
  • Allows you to track and manage your fleet in real-time
  • Deploy customized iOS and Android apps
  • Easy-to-use interface
Visit CarTrek car rental booking software
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Wrapping up

Well, these were some of the best rental car software that we found suitable for your attention. Each of the options curated in this list has the ability to empower your car-sharing business and multiply your revenues. So, you can go through the short descriptions given with each title and trust any of the above options you find suitable for your car rental business requirements.

In the end, we also want to let you know that if you are a developer and own a product like above mentioned best car rental software of 2022, you can get your product reviewed. It will be helpful for potential users to reach your product and enjoy its features.

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