Best AI Logo Generators and Apps in 2024

Want to create a unique and enticing logo for your brand? Here’s a list of the best AI logo generators that will help you create logos that resonate with your brand identity and business.
Last Updated on : June 04, 2024
Best Logo maker apps

In the ever-evolving world of digital designs, AI logo generators and apps have emerged as game-changers in 2023. These tools are helping organizations create creative logos that leave long-lasting impressions on the minds of their target audience. The advantage of combining AI in design apps multiplies the overall creativity and efficiency of apps.
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Best AI Logo Generators and Makers To Create a Powerful Brand Identity in 2024




Download Canva:


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Canva is the best AI logo creator app that is suitable for both professional and personal use. This best app to create a log can be used to design powerful and unique logos to grow your business and brand. It is a powerful, flexible, and super-effective tool for users who require a lot of graphics regularly.

Along with designing a unique brand image, you can also use this AI logo generator for general purposes like editing images and videos, creating social media posts, and a lot more. The free AI logo generator offers well-optimized features. Its AI can generate elements, backgrounds, texts, and even illustrations so your logos look out of the world. 

Canva has been a hit among social media experts, entrepreneurs, marketers, and even creative folks out there. With the integration of artificial intelligence, the platform has just multiplied its usability for generating high-quality graphics faster.

Canva’s video editor is also a great pick if you are into creating video-based content. The video editor of this AI logo creator lets you trim videos, mix clips, split video layouts, make static images move, create one-tap animations, and more. There are several transitions that can help you upscale your graphic game while multiplying the creativity percentage massively.

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Download DesignEvo:


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The logo creator AI of DesignEVO is trained with a massive amount of data for better quality optimization and maintenance. But you also have over 3500+ customizable logo templates if you want to have some inspiration for your brand’s identity. Once the template is picked, you can customize its background, text, illustrations, and other such characteristics to match it to your vision making it one of the best apps to create a logo.

Using the logo design AI of DesignEVO is also a great option. You get to explore and apply unforeseen possibilities and more creativity to your logos that can help you build a unique presence in the viewer’s mind. 

This AI logo designer for small businesses lets you edit each layer of your logos so you can achieve extreme customization. There are several creative effects too like flip, mirror, and more. You can even export your logos in formats like PNG, JPG, etc.


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Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Download Tailor Brands:


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Tailor Brands offers an AI logo maker for free, which is trusted by millions of business owners, startup owners, and small businesses worldwide. It is an AI logo generator that aims to make the process of branding fun and more convenient. It was initially created as a logo-designing app. However, it has now expanded to include multiple services like designing websites, creating brandings, and developing other market assets.

The process of using this best AI logo creator for free is quite simple. You need to pick the industry you are generating the logo for, pick a logotype, select the style that suits you the best, and customize or finalize the design.

You can utilize the abilities of this AI logo generator for several purposes including making designs for t-shirts, websites, social media platforms, and more. As the app is free to use, it is beneficial for several categories of organizations out there including NGOs, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even shops.

Now, the only part where we feel this best free logo maker lacks is, that it does not have an iOS alternative. So to use its features, you will have to use it on Android smartphones or tablets only.

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Download Imagine:


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Imagine is an AI logo creator that offers endless possibilities to create and design an impactful logo for your brand. All that you need to do is enter a prompt, select your preferred styles, and wait for the magic! Imagine is the perfect AI logo generator that can turn all your ideas into reality. 

The smart AI technology can easily understand your prompt and transform it into an artistic masterpiece in no time at all. If you are struggling with getting inspiration or the right tools for your designing process, Imagine is the most suitable AI logo maker free app for you.

The best free logo maker offers over 100 art styles with options to customize your results. You can be as imaginative as you want to generate creative logos. Pick your preferred colors, fonts, texts, designs, backgrounds, and other such elements. There are several creative controls too to help you optimize your designs further. These creative controls give you customization options so you can create an art that you had imagined.

There are several predefined prompts too. If you are not very familiar with the best AI logo generator, you can simply explore these prompts and generate some sample results of your own.

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Adobe Express

Adobe Express

Download Adobe Express:


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Another product of Adobe that we have adored as the logo designer AI is Adobe Express. The renamed version of Adobe Spark offers unprecedented design capabilities to create logos with AI. This professional logo maker app offers a range of existing templates, fonts, and photos to help you create the best design for your business. 

With this AI logo creator app for iPhone and Android, users can easily edit their logo’s design, size, and colors without any prior design experience or skills. Greatly beneficial for small businesses or even individual contributors, the app allows users to quickly create attractive logos for their brand, website, or personal project.

There are thousands of customizable templates available on the app. These templates are useful for several purposes including social media, graphic design, brand promotions, advertisements, and more. There are a range of design assets available too and features like background remover help you remove backgrounds instantly with a single tap.

Customizable logo and font colors let you apply your brand’s identity across your logo designs easily. These colors can represent your brand and help you modify the font style, icons, background colors, and other elements of designs.

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Download Desygner:


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Desygner is a free AI logo generator that aims to offer an inclusive suite of features and tools for creating unique logos for your brand. It is packed with robust design capabilities that are suitable for most mainstream businesses. Desygner is one of the simplest logo-maker apps suitable for beginners and experienced professionals. 

If you are looking for a design tool that is free to use and offers a wide selection of logo templates, Desygner is the perfect choice for you. You can download this logo maker AI free app through the links below.

There are several reasons why this free AI logo generator should be your preferred choice. Its graphic designing-friendly tools along with thousands of templates are going to help you create art that impresses users.

The game also provides a quick resizer. You can resize any picture within seconds to process images faster. Additionally, there are 1,000,000+ and thousands of unique templates to choose from.

All these best features are available for free which makes it possible to generate creative ideas with unlimited variations. And there are millions of royalty-free images and fonts along with icons helping your creativity much further.

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Logo AI

Logo AI

Download Logo AI:


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Logo AI is one of the free apps to make logos that easily create logos and other related designs in just a few taps. Logo AI is an exclusive logo maker app for iPhone that allows its users to create logos with AI technology. Users can create icons, symbols, logos, and posters that fit any personal or business occasion.

The logo generator AI free option contains a wide variety of more than 100 editable and customizable logo templates and fonts for you to choose from. With the help of AI, this app logo generator lets you visualize and express the brand idea even if you have no prior design experience.

The app comes with over 1,000 different logo templates useful for several purposes including creating labels, business cards, stickers, etc. Additionally, there are 500+ easy-to-use flyer templates too with 1000+ customizable stylish fonts and 5000+ modern images. The app is being used by 100+ industries from around the world including food and restaurant, game, fashion, and beauty among others.

You can produce high-quality images on Logo AI to design shirts, t-shirts, CD covers, register covers, and even vehicle stickers. The app also lets you remove backgrounds and replace them with the choice of backgrounds of your choice.

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Watercolor Logo Maker

Watercolor Logo Maker

Download Watercolor Logo Maker:


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Watercolor Logo Maker is one of the best free logo maker apps for iOS device users. This AI-powered design app allows you to create hand-painted logo designs, business cards, and other designs without any specific design or art skills. 

The premium-quality logo maker app brings the artistic beauty of hand-painted watercolor designs to promote SMEs. The templates are created by a team of world-class professional watercolor artists with decades of experience in crafting stunning artwork using real watercolors for paper scans. 

This design app generator can be the go-to choice for creative business owners who seek to showcase their products and brands with the utmost elegance and professionalism.

The app is useful for graphic designers, social media influencers and users, event planners, business owners, small businesses, and more. There are several templates to upscale the design strategy segregated into several categories including water logos, hand-painted artworks, fonts, watercolor paintings, etc.

The app also releases several updates often to upgrade the font catalog along with its collection of templates. Additionally, its tools let you work on every layer individually so you can merge several graphics and create stunning results. In short, the best AI logo generator is perfect for highly customized logos.

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Download ICONA:


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ICONA is a well-known design software that offers a bunch of options to its users to create eye-catching logos and visuals. This app to create logos for free is intuitive, and clutter-free, and powerful AI tools provide users with a smooth and sleek experience, making it one of the best free logo maker apps for Android and iOS. 

Also, with the help of a seamless workflow, it can help you visualize and communicate the brand value and reason without tedious efforts or extensive skills. Created by, ICONA features a smart layering option to enhance the design game and provide better, more appealing design options.

The top AI logo generator has a collection of over 1 million designs that users can explore, search, and download to enhance the creativity of the designs being generated. The library of ICONA grows daily and includes 200+ fonts usable for branding efforts. There are several advanced editing tools too. These editing tools are used for alignments, cropping, resizing, strokes, space, and other such editing tasks making it possible to highly customize the graphic you want to generate.

Additionally, the best free AI logo generator also offers a collection of over 350,000 premium backgrounds and the ability to create custom backgrounds which helps you generate the most creative results.

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Logo Foundry

Logo Foundry

Download Logo Foundry:


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When it comes to the best free logo maker app, Logo Foundry certainly takes center stage. This best app to create logos for free is a versatile and user-friendly mobile application designed to create unique and attractive logos for beginners and professionals. 

The free AI logo generator uses an intuitive interface and a wide array of design tools to guide users in expressing their creativity. The logo maker app is free for users. However, you can avail of monthly subscriptions and In-app purchases for premium designs. Businesses and individuals can create visually appealing logos for various purposes, such as brands, websites, social media profiles, and more.

The professional logo design suite offers a collection of over 3,000 symbols, shapes, and icons under several categories. The platform comes with a range of search options integrated that make it easier to find the desired designs by using keywords. Another top reason that makes this one of the best logo maker apps a desired option is the app lets you integrate curvy and wavy texts into your designs for enhanced creativity. 
It also supports monograms and you can export your results in PNG or Flat JGP formats quickly.

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Some other best AI logo generators

If you have found the right AI logo maker in this remote, that is great but if you are looking for some options that are accessible through websites or desktop apps as well, we got your back. Now we will discuss a few best free logo makers that are accessible on desktops or laptops. Let’s have a look!

1. VistaPrint’s Logomaker

Logomaker by VistaPrint is a free tool that allows you to create custom designs easily. The tool enables small businesses to customize AI-generated templates for their brand logos. Users can customize their logo’s graphics, background color, and text and are not limited in the number of edits they make. This tool is suitable for beginners and does not require prior design knowledge.

To design a logo, simply add your brand’s name and the slogan, and Logomaker by VistaPrint will suggest relevant color combinations and themes based on the description of your business. Once your logo is prepared, one can tailor it to match their preferences and requirements. 

Logomaker by VistaPrint uses AI technology to offer relevant and smart designs as per your business niche. Once your logo is complete, download high-resolution file formats that can be used for free,   in both print and digital mediums. 

Use Logomaker by VistaPrint to design a unique logo for your brand in minutes. 

2. Looka

The very first AI logo maker, Looka is a reliable option for the precision quality of its AI. You can simply create a user account on the official website of Looka to access its features. Looka is already trusted by several top brands out there including Google, Forbes, TechCrunch, etc proving the usability and quality of this AI logo generator.

Looka can generate logos in minutes thanks to its optimized user experience. The AI-powered software uses algorithms to generate varieties of endless options to create designs. There are 300+ design templates available on the platform to optimize designs faster for social profiles, email signatures, business cards, and more.

Additionally, Looka comes with a brand kit as well that can speed up the design personalization process effectively. You can explore the brand kit of this AI logo maker to access 100s of custom logo mockups. Additionally, these mockups can help you optimize colors, sizing, symbols, and other elements of your designs.

Explore Looka, the top AI logo generator!

3. Designs.AI

Our next feature is not exactly free but offers a free trial of 7 days that lets you access all AI-powered tools of the AI logo generator. The AI logo creator is capable of generating unlimited variations of logos using AI so you can empower several brands or grow across several platforms. 

There is a video maker as well that lets you fully edit videos instantly and optimize them for several platforms including Instagram, websites, Facebook, etc. Additionally, there is an AI writer too. The AI logo creator has a smart AI writer feature that can generate well-optimized and SEO-friendly writeups with great accuracy. 

Apart from that, the AI-powered text-to-speech feature is great for creating realistic voiceovers for several purposes including social media content, marketing content, presentations, and more.

Explore Designs.AI, the top AI logo generator free!


If you need a perfect tool that can generate results in 5 minutes, is the right tool. The app lets you quickly edit logos without much effort thanks to the powerful AI it is equipped with. There are over 100 beautiful templates that are entirely customizable. You can use these templates to create logos for established businesses or for startups too.

Additionally, some templates are social media friendly and let you generate high-quality artwork for several purposes. Several brands including PaperWork, PinkyPony, BeeHealthy, Jason Wills, and more have used’s features already to upscale their branding strategy.

You can use to generate images in PNG formats to upload them on social media platforms and websites. Additionally, it can easily deliver some great-sized images to make them friendly for printable needs whether you want to use images for vector files, business cards, or wall posters.

Explore, the best AI logo generator!

Why should you use an AI logo creator app? 

Logo maker apps and AI art generator apps are designed with advanced AI technology to simplify the process of logo creation and designing. Apps to create logos have proved their worth in designing a powerful logo to represent the brand’s image, ideas, and philosophy. Advanced AI development companies develop many AI logo creator apps. and here’s why businesses should use them to elevate their brand identity-

1. Convenience 

The best apps to make a logo offers you the convenience of using it anytime and anywhere without any limitations. It is a great solution for saving time, money, and effort that go into creating a unique brand logo. An AI logo creator app is beneficial for both small and well-established businesses. 

2. Cost-effective

If you are just starting out with a new business venture, hiring the top mobile app development companies and designers can take up a lot of your funds. However, you can cut down on this cost by using an AI logo maker free app instead of hiring a full-time designer. The best logo maker app will charge an affordable price to design and download the logo. Along with this, an app also lets you try and view multiple options before finalizing one. 

3. Intuitive Interface

Paid and free AI logo maker apps offer a simple and user-friendly interface as compared to web-based software. You can easily focus and create a unique logo while on the go. Some AI logo generator apps also offer multiple editing and customizing options for their users. With a simple interface, users can easily navigate through the app and create beautiful designs in no time. 

4. Suitable for B2C Brands

Both small and large enterprises can use logo-designing apps. However, they benefit more from the B2C brands and companies. If you are looking for an impactful logo design that will easily appeal to your customers, using an AI logo creator app is the perfect and budget-friendly solution for you. These apps offer more fun designs and trendy templates for your brand’s logo.

How can you effectively create your own logo?

If you have an amazing logo design in your mind and are wondering how you can create it in reality, we have got you covered. Here’s how you can create a suitable logo for your business using the best logo maker app in just a few simple steps -

1. Know Your Competitors 

Before entering a market or a business sphere, you must research your competition and rivals in the same field. You must know what other brands offer to their customers and aim to offer better. Researching the market will help you analyze the trends and patterns and will ensure that you are creating a unique brand design to differentiate your business from others in the industry. 

2. Inspiration is Everywhere 

The internet and the world around you are filled with inspiration and unique themes. Notice and examine other companies and brands around you to know what works in the market and is not. You can also use the best logo maker apps available and search through a wide range of templates and designs to create a unique logo for your business. 

3. Establish Your Philosophy

When deciding on a design for your logo, you must consider the primary ideologies of your business. A logo must be able to reflect and communicate your business ideas, motives, and philosophies to prospective customers. An engaging logo will ensure that customers are able to connect with the brand and are keen to try and purchase your products. 

4. Draw a rough sketch

Once you are done with ideating your logo design, you can plan a sketch or draw a rough outline of all your ideas. You can use an AI logo creator app to play around with different formats, styles, colors, themes, and effects. You can tweak your rough sketch and try as many options as you wish before settling on one. 

5. Gather Feedback

Gathering feedback and taking suggestions from others will help you understand the audience’s perspective. You can mold your logo as per the suggestions. Be sure to gather feedback from trusted sources only. 

6. Create your Masterpiece

The best AI logo creator apps are the ideal solutions for bringing your ideas to life. With the inclusive set of editing and designing tools offered by these mobile apps, users can easily create beautiful and professional-looking logos in no time. 

What are the benefits of using logo apps?

Besides providing enterprise-grade logo options in seconds, AI logo generators include various advantages that tip the scale in your favor. Here are some of the merits you enjoy with an AI logo creator -

1.Rapid iterations

Connecting with a designer whenever you want to make a minor change in your logo can be a lot tiring. These best logo designer apps enable users to iterate through multiple design variations quickly. This process is important in logo creation as it fine-tunes the product and delivers the perfect design that meets the user's requirements.

2. Customization options

Every logo should be different and reflect the business's brand identity. This is why customizations in logos become an essential factor to consider. Logo apps help in customization by offering a wide range of customization options. It helps users to tailor their logos to match their brand identity. From selecting colors and fonts to adjusting shapes and sizes, users have control over every aspect of the design.

3. Cost-effective

Logo designing from a creative agency or even a freelance designer can require loads of financial resources. Rising companies with low budgets for these activities can often find themselves in a pickle because of the huge design costs. Logo apps, on the other hand, are more affordable than hiring a professional to create a logo. These apps to make a logo usually require a one-time purchase or subscription model, making them a cost-effective option for budget-conscious users. You can also create good quality logos with AI Logo creator free of cost. 

4. User-friendly 

Most logo apps are designed with a user-friendly interface, making them accessible even to individuals with little to no design experience. The intuitive layout and tools allow users to create logos quickly and easily.

Final Verdict!

After reviewing and trying out the top AI logo creator apps available in the market, we can confidently say that these apps are worth your time and money. All the apps listed above are equipped with smart AI technology that drives and simplifies the designing process.

If you are just beginning with your business or are stuck while redesigning your brand logo and lack the design know-how, an AI logo creator and photo editing software are the perfect place to start. With customizable templates and multiple editing options, AI logo maker apps are best for defining your business and attracting new customers.

Lastly, if you are a developer, a business, or someone with a finished and soon-to-be-released app, get your product reviewed by MobileAppDaily’s team of experts. Go to our website to view all the new and exciting things we post daily. You can also learn more about MobileAppDaily by signing up for our emails. Enjoy the process of logo creation until then, and stay creative!

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