10 Best Android apps for Chromebook you need to check in 2021

10 best Chromebook Android apps that will help you achieve much more with your Chromebook
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May 19, 2021
Best Chromebook Android apps
Maybe you are not a frequent user of the app store for Chromebook, but certainly, you can enhance your experience and achieve much more with your Chromebook. Chrome has been one of the leading internet browsers for almost a decade. Still, the Chrome OS ecosystem is evolving every day with an app library that includes some of the most utilitarian applications. If you have used some of these applications, would surely back me up when I say, you are missing out on an opportunity if you haven't tried them already.

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In this article, we will share the 10 best android apps for Chromebooks for making them better machines

Best apps to get on Chromebook in 2021

Chromebooks are capable devices with the ability to maintain a high efficiency without depending on Android. However, Android apps that run on the Chromebook surely offer an exceptional user experience as well. Let us dig deeper to know some android apps for Chromebooks:

OfficeSuite Pro

android 4.0

The office is one of the most needed and useful tools anyone would expect to have with their Chromebook. There are several Microsoft Office alternatives available including OfficeSuite Pro which includes apps like docs, sheets, and slides. OfficeSuite Pro offers a far better experience than the free version and additional features and cloud space for better functionality. It also features an inbuilt PDF reader with editing capabilities as well. Already a staple for +200 million users, it has its user base in 195 countries and is still growing.

Features of OfficeSuite Pro

  • Password-protected files
  • Format Painter in documents
  • Multiple author support
  • Insert pictures from the camera or an external file
  • Insert Filter, Conditional Formatting, Define Name, Import Image, Edit Chart, and Save as CSV in Sheets
  • Support for PDFs like checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, etc
  • Legacy formats support .DOC, .XLS, .PPT along with .ODF formats
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android 3.9

Evernote is a true companion when it comes to note down every nitty-gritty whenever needed. For some people, it is a digital diary and for others, it is a place where they keep their notes safe with secure passwords. And, the perk for users, the Android version of the application also allows offline access. The Chromebook experience is equally rewarding with Evernote as it offers a touch-friendly interface if compared with other web counterparts. And, the ability to create a quick note via an optional notification is a feature worth mentioning. Well, it is amazing to have your digital diary there with you every time. 

Features of Evernote

  • Access your files from anywhere
  • Add images, scan photos, add notes on the go
  • Share data on all mediums
  • Password protected
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Microsoft OneNote

android 4.3

Microsoft OneNote is another great application from Microsoft which will suffice all documentation and storage needs. It is one of the Chromebook must-have apps for capturing notes, ideas, and organizing your data. You can create documents instantly, add pictures, graphs, charts, and any other media of choice. You can also share files with editorial as well as view-only access. It is a great app to work with Microsoft Office as it offers maximum integration and content fluidity.

Features of Microsoft OneNote

  • Capture content at a lightning-fast speed
  • Get organized
  • Share data and collaborate
  • Better options with Microsoft
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Solid Explorer and File Manager

android 4.4

Solid Explorer for NeatBytes is a great app for exploring files in your Chromebook. You can easily manage your files on the device and find them in a few seconds. The app protects all of your data with its end-to-end encryption at all times. You can also manage your data via internet cloud space. You can also create a cloud-backup.

Features of Solid Explorer

  • Manage files in dual-page layout
  • Fully encrypted
  • Cloud backup
  • Analyze storage
  • Organize remote files
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android 4.1

Using a standalone Android application is far better than relying on Facebook’s messenger app. So why not go for the best? The messenger app for Chromebook is an instant solution to all such worries. And, why would you keep your Facebook tab open all day when an application could do it all for you? With Messenger, users’ experience surely increases to make the app browsing experience much more delightful. One thing that users need to note down is disabling “chat heads” as they don’t work consistently on all the Chromebooks.

Features of Messenger

  • Use the Vanish mode
  • Variable privacy setting
  • Custom reaction in reply
  • Chat in groups
  • Send emojis, gifs, videos, and customizable content
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Google Calendar

android 4.3

Google Calendar is another amazing application that enhances users' experience amazingly. The productivity tool can either be used online as well as offline to plan schedules related to work or day-to-day jobs. The app has detailed event creation features that can be accompanied by color-coded tags, location as well as time setting features. The app can be synced with a variety of programs and apps on your smartphone. The services are equally available for Android and iOS users. The offline mode functions even if the users are away from a data connection. 

Features of Google Calendar

  • Manage events better
  • Get time notifications
  • Find new ways to hang-out with friends
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Microsoft Outlook

android 4.6

Microsoft Outlook Android app for Chromebook is another exceptional offering for the users. Unlike its web counterpart, Microsoft Outlook can be used for some accounts. Also, users can access their messages in the offline mode, and what can get better than having the offline edit access mode available to the users. The outlook application can also handle users' Gmail accounts in case they want to use the email client as their all-in-one email application. 

Features of Microsoft Outlook

  • Be more efficient
  • Reply instantly on the go
  • Find Email, Calendar, Contacts & Files in one place
  • Safe email management and protection
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android 4.5

2021 is all about collaborating from a distance and nothing can come close to Trello in that aspect. One of the best Android apps for Chromebooks is a perfect app to plan tasks and turn them into action instantly. You can share your tasks with your teammates or friends and get instant developments. Plan a vacation, develop a website or organize a party, Trello’s wide customization can accommodate everything you can need to plan some intricate. It is a much-awaited development over traditional to-do apps.

Features of Trello

  • Track to-do list
  • Manage work better
  • Stay updated with the task when on the go
  • Indefinitely customizable
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android 4.3

Squid is an amazing way of taking quick notes and integrating them into your Google Suite, or any other format you choose. Squid turns your Chromebook into a handwriting tool and can be used with an active pen, passive stylus, and fingers. The app offers a paper-like experience along with backgrounds that will seem useful to the users. The app is loaded with multiple editing and improvement features that can be shared anywhere on popular media. Squid has been the talk of the room for a while is considered one of the useful innovations.

Features of Squid

  • Turn your Chromebook into a touchpad
  • Use a passive stylus, active pen, or even finger
  • Add media
  • Share or send
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android 2.1

CloudMagic’s product Newton Mail is counted as one of the most popular email applications that were rolled out for mobile devices but soon jumped to Chrome OS. Its advancement to this operating system has added several features to the app to make it suitable for users. And, the best news about the application is that it suits a variety of email and website systems including Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, and many others. The app can also be integrated with several productivity tools including Evernote, Instapaper, and more.

Features of CloudMgic’s Newton Mail

  • Declutter your inbox
  • Speedy replies
  • Manage our mail and relations better
  • Read scripts, edit and send later
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Some of the apps we have mentioned here are in general great apps which have almost all industry standards like Outlook, OfficeSuite, or EverNote. But we have also covered apps that are particularly great for your Chromebook, like Squid. This brings the end to the best Android applications available for Chromebook users.

We hope you find the best use of Chromebooks with Android apps. However, if you are a product owner, who wants to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily Studio.

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