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BetterMe launches an Ultimate Home Workout and Fitness Program for Seniors

The world’s leading Health&Fitness platform BetterMe releases an at-home workout program for the elderly to help them stay fit while they're stuck at home.

Better Me

Kyiv, Ukraine, January 2021 - BetterMe, the fastest-growing Health&Fitness mobile publisher launched a new workout program for seniors as a part of BetterMe: Home Workout & Diet fitness app, that fits the goals, preferences, and lifestyles of active adults.

Incepted in 2016, BetterMe is an ecosystem of Health&Fitness apps created to maintain all the aspects of health and wellness. The company is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, but has an office in Las Vegas, NA.

With more than 50 million downloads from their previous apps, BetterMe is consistently ranked in the top-5 of the US market. Victoria Repa, Founder & CEO, Forbes 30 under 30, Official Member of Forbes Tech Council, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who has already seen success previously and is planning to take the top spot within the next three years.

Better Me

An Idea

As of December 2020, 15% of BetterMe’s users are those over 60, and the Age tech market is developing rapidly: while in 2000, only 14% of people aged 65+ used the Internet, this number is now at 73%, and almost half of these users own a smartphone. By 2050, there will be more than 2 billion people over the age of 60 - about 25% of the world's population - all of them mature millennials who spend most of their time on their phones.

Better Me


Currently, BetterMe: Home Workout & Diet app offers over 1500 workout options: fitness at home, gym, running and functional training, HIIT, yoga, stretching, and more. In the near future, they are planning to add a training program for those who have had back or knee injuries, as well as meditation. BetterMe Home Workout & Diet is available on both AppStore and Google Play.

Better me


Together with certified trainers and therapists, the team created several training programs that offer various difficulty levels, intensity, and a number of participants. They have also partnered with models from a local charitable foundation «Lifelover» to shoot videos and photos to inspire grandmothers and grandfathers all over the world.


The mission of BetterMe is “Creating happiness within”, as stated by the team. BetterMe is one of the leading Health&Fitness mobile publishers. BetterMe was founded in 2016 by Victoria Repa and Vitaly Laptenok. Within 4 years the company has become the largest health & fitness worldwide publisher in 2019 (AppAnnie) with over 85 million installs in more than 150 countries.

BetterMe promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, not fanatical weight loss, and a perfect body. Their goal is to teach users to create happiness within, through physical activity, proper nutrition, and mental health awareness.

About BetterMe

BetterMe Home Workout & Diets is an app for fitness newbies who are determined to begin a healthy lifestyle. Users get AI-based personalized workout and meal programs according to their parameters, weight expectations, diet preferences, and restrictions. The App is consistently ranked in the top-5 of the US market and ranked as the biggest App Publisher in Health & Fitness according to AppAnnie. Read more at

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