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Sofy.ai Launches ‘Visual Match’ to Enhance User’s Scriptless Testing Abilities, Providing Superior Testing Maintainability and Significantly Decreasing Test Flakiness

Sofy AI

Date: June 13, 2024

Sofy’s platform transforms test maintenance into a seamless part of the software development lifecycle.

Sofy.ai, an advanced scriptless automation platform for mobile app testing, today unveiled Visual Match, a new feature set designed to eliminate the challenges associated with testing visual elements in mobile software applications. Visual Match augments Sofy’s platform by allowing software testers to fine-tune click targets in their mobile application’s automated test steps, ensuring that the entire testing process becomes easier, more efficient, and more reliable. 

 Visual Match was created to address one of the most pressing and complex issues in mobile app development today: troubleshooting code issues associated with images and other visual components. Modern applications often use complex UI frameworks or libraries like React, Angular, or Vue.js, and debugging visual elements within these frameworks frequently involves understanding how they handle state, updates, and rendering. All of this adds layers of complexity to the testing process.  

With an intuitive interface and robust functionality, Visual Match allows users to manually redefine click targets in automated tests, enhancing element selection accuracy, especially in scenarios where traditional identifiers like XML paths are ineffective. Additionally, Visual Match: 

Provides a completely new alternative to DOM structures:

Document Object Model (DOM) is a common programming interface for web documents that allows scripts or programming languages to interact with each document’s content, structure, and style. While DOM enables dynamic and interactive web experiences, Visual Match provides a unique visual method to unlock development tools for automation when apps are built on frameworks like Flutter and Jetpack Compose. 

  • Streamlines the debugging process for visual design discrepancies: With Visual Match, developers can effortlessly identify and rectify issues related to styling, inheritance, and specificity rules. They can also quickly preview and rectify layout inconsistencies, ensuring a flawless user experience across all devices. They can identify and resolve performance bottlenecks related to visual elements while gaining insights into rendering performance and resource usage to optimize application speed and efficiency. 
  • Reducing test flakiness:  Today’s dynamic application, the locator, and DOM objects are constantly changing, resulting in a high number of test failures, which are related to current tools’ ability to find controls. Sofy’s advanced visual matching powered by AI enables it to address one of the key pain points of flaky tests. 

Combined with Sofy’s other advanced platform features, developers now have a comprehensive solution for maintaining tests with ease, allowing quick, automated adjustments to test scripts based on UI updates or changes. Specifically, these features include: 

  • Swipe Until Element Found: The "Swipe Until" feature enables automated, device-agnostic scrolling in tests until a specific UI element becomes visible, reducing inconsistencies and increasing precision across various device sizes.  
  • Manual Override: Manual Override allows for on-the-fly modifications to test scripts, enabling users to adjust component selections and element properties facilitating easy maintenance and adaptability in response to UI changes. 
  • Asserts: The Assets feature in Sofy, encompassing both component and visual asserts, is a crucial testing tool used for validating various aspects of an app's UI and functionality, enhancing test reliability by halting execution or displaying errors when set conditions are not met. 
  • Conditions: Sofy’s Conditions feature allows the creation of dynamic If...Else statements in test cases, enabling tailored test flows that respond to specific criteria like OS versions, ensuring precise and adaptable execution of automated tests. 
  •  App Packages: Tester can upload app packages in Sofy and experience seamless testing across various environments like staging, production, and development without duplicating efforts for Android and iOS, streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of the testing process. 
  • Test Case Templates: Sofy's test case templates streamline app testing by allowing testers to record common steps once and reuse them across multiple tests, significantly reducing the effort in creating and maintaining repetitive test cases and freeing up time for more complex scenarios. 

Our mission is to consistently empower developers with innovative no-code solutions. With the launch of Visual Match, we’re streamlining the time-consuming process of debugging visual elements while enabling developers to focus on what matters most: adding new feature sets and crafting exceptional user experiences to enhance their application business logic.

- Syed Hamid, founder and CEO, Sofy

A short video showcasing Visual Match is available here:

Additionally, the launch of Visual Match comes on the heels of Sofy’s no-code automation platform, recently made available for purchase in the?Datadog?marketplace:? 


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