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App Radar Launches a Free ASO Tool to Support Student and Start-Up App Developers

The ASO app can be downloaded from App radar’s website.

App Radar Launches a Free ASO Tool

App Radar, the fast-growing Austria based app growth agency, recently launched a free version of their comprehensive ASO (app store optimization) tool.

The App Radar team saw a lack of free app growth tools available to sprouting app developers and moved quickly to build one. Many app publishing and growth processes require an immense amount of time and money, both of which are not always available to new or student developers.

With the free ASO tool, these smaller developers have access to data-driven and high-quality software that parallels the standards of other pay-for systems. 

Thomas Kriebernegg, Co-Founder and CEO of App Radar, says,

He further added, 

ASO is the process of improving an app’s visibility within the app stores. Apps lacking proper optimization disappear into the abyss of the search results. Since app store visitors rarely scroll past the first few apps, ranking in the app stores is key to survival within this industry. 

With App Radar’s free ASO Tool, developers are able to: 

  • See how their app is ranking for app store keywords;
  • Find new keywords and get keyword inspiration;
  • Spy on competitors and find out the keywords their apps are ranking for;
  • Know when their app and competitor apps are in the top charts;
  • Add app localizations and make localized ASO updates in one click; 
  • Receive ASO score and recommendations on how to further optimize for each localization;
  • Track app updates to see which changes are contributing to app growth;
  • Push as many updates as they want to Google Play and App Store.  

The ASO Tool is accessible through App Radar’s website. The sign-up process is simple. Developers first create an account and then connect their developer account.

If there are any troubleshooting issues App Radar’s customer service team is reachable via chat or email and is more than happy to help.

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