This Is Why YouTube, Snapchat And Instagram Are A Huge Success

This Is Why YouTube, Snapchat And Instagram Are A Huge Success

Date: April 05, 2024

Know the reasons that transform these platforms into brands.

Social Media is Important!

Social Media is Powerful!

Social Media is Addiction!

All these three statements are true in regards to Social Media and its up to you, which social media statement you want to follow.

One cannot deny the power social media holds and that power can be used for good and also bad motives. For instance, the MoMo game has been in the talks for the past few weeks, a game that lures its player to end their life. This deadly game went viral overnight via MIneCraft and WhatsApp, a widely used social messenger app.

But, the social media also has a good side to it like the hit and run case was solved by a Reddit user when the victim posted a picture of one of the car’s broken part. This leave you wondering what exactly made these social media apps to successful.

In this article, we will be discussing how best social media apps like Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram reached the level of success, that they currently are on. And what are the main reasons that made their brands so successful in such a short period of time.

One of the most common misunderstanding people have about social media apps and social media platforms is related to the fact that one can only have their ‘15 minutes of fame’ on social media and after that everything after that just disappears.

First thing that you need to understand is that the social media game is different for an individual than that for a business. And social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are few of those applications that work equally well for people as well as brands.

To be very honest, I personally have seen individuals turning themselves into brands and earning revenue from it, all with the help of social media apps. So, let’s start by breaking down the reasons why each of these social media apps became so successful, starting from Snapchat:

Reasons Behind Snapchat’s Success

Snapchat is a social media app that was developed by a small group of students from Stanford University. Within two years, Snapchat transformed itself into a franchise, this was because snapchat hit the market with a new and fresh format of messaging.

Basically, snapchat allowed the users’ chat to be a more creative place where they can easily communicate using creative pictures instead of just boring texts. Now let’s look at some reasons that prove this fact:

Reasons behind the Success of Snapchat

  1. Use of Graphics: Snapchat was a breath of fresh air when it first made its debut in the social media industry. The thing was that snapchat gave the user a ton of graphics to play with, that’s the reason why the user engagement increased exponentially.

  2. New Mechanism: Snapchat id different from Facebook as it offers a different mechanism to the end-users which also acts as a motivator in changing the demand of the consumer. As a result, over the time, Facebook has lost its engagement level whereas snapchat is booming.

  3. Evolution of Smartphones: This evolution of smartphones has also played a major role in the success of social media apps like snapchat because now smartphone brands offer the facility of many pre-installed apps and many of them are social media ones. This is just to increase the convenience factor for the user.

  4. User Privacy: Instagram and Snapchat, both follow serious user privacy algorithms. For instance, while sharing media content such as images, users have the freedom to set an auto-destruct timer. This timer limits how many times receivers can view the content, and Snapchat also provides an alert if the receiver takes any kind of screenshot. These both social media apps are known for following top-notch privacy protocols.

  5. High level of Accessibility: The social media apps provide a medium to interact with other people at a global level. But what makes snapchat stand out, is that with it the users can communicate in a number of ways which further increases the level of accessibility.

  6. Great Security: In today’s world, we come across some kind of data theft or security breach on a day-to-day basis. But as snapchat comes with a self-destruct timer, the data is deleted and is not stored anywhere so the security concerns are decreased here.

These are some of the top reasons due to which a majority of end-users are smitten by Snapchat and have become a loyal user of this social media app.

Reasons Behind YouTube’s Success

YouTube is a social media application that has been in the game since the very beginning basically, this video-sharing platform is also referred to as old school by a number of people. As per the definition, a great social media app is a thriving ecosystem where the content creators, the end-users, and the brands together are benefited by leveraging the social media. And the social media platform offered by YouTube is termed as one of the most effective as well as the most popular social media apps.

On youtube, the user can create his/her own channel where videos can be posted as per various different categories like Lifestyle, Technology, Gaming, How To, and many more. So, let’s state down the reasons why youtube is such a big name amount social media apps:

Reasons Behind YouTube’s Success

  1. Huge Community: As we already know, youtube has been here since the past few decades and many of its creators’ youtube channels have been continuously running for more than 10 years. This naturally means that every creator’s fan base is automatically the part of youtube’s community making it even bigger than it already is.

  2. Platform Recognition: YouTube follows a plan that strategically is worth mentioning. So, if a youtube creator’s channel reaches a certain number of subscribers or we can say follows on youtube. Then the creator will be awarded with a special youtube award known as the ‘Play Button’. Another interesting thing is that the play buttons are different as per the number of subscribers. For example, when a youtube channel crosses a count of ten million subscribers, the creator gets a Diamond Play Button. Like the one Logan Paul got, when his subscriber count reached 10 million.

  3. Compensation: The way youtube compensates its youtube creators is different from the compensation methods of other social media apps. One of the key objective of this model is being unbiased towards any particular creator. The flow chart of the compensation model entirely depends on the quality of the content. So, if the content quality is low then automatically the user engagement will decrease as well, leading to low revenue and vice versa.

  4. Mobilizing Underrepresented Talent: There’s no denying that the social media platform of youtube is the holy grail for the underrepresented talent. This is because it highly contributes in mobilizing the underrepresented talented audience. To date, no other social media apps have proved to be of being such a great help in boosting the career of an individual.

  5. Versatile Opportunities: It doesn’t matter if your talent is singing, dancing, acting, coding or any other talent. You can create a channel completely based on the nature of your talent. Many of the current big celebrities were first discovered on the social media platform of youtube. So, yes youtube is quite versatile and offers the creator a ton of new opportunities.

With youtube, the content on social media has the caliber to go viral overnight and we have been seeing quite a few examples of this. Here are some of the names of the challenges that got viral recently: KiKi Challenge, Battle of the Brands, Reaction challenge and the list goes on and on.

Reasons Behind Instagram’s Success

I am pretty sure that everyone today owns an instagram account and why not every single wants to do it the insta-way. Instagram currently has over one billion monthly active users on its social media app users base, making it one biggest social media apps with a very high rate of user engagement.

In the year 2012, Facebook owned Instagram and with that many major updates came into the picture. Being a social media platform, instagram is constantly on the run to improve whether its user interface or launching a new feature. Below are a couple of reasons answering, what made instagram turn into a successful brand:

Reasons Behind Instagram’s Success

  1. Celebrity Influence: Let’s do something fun, think of your favorite actor’s name and search for it on instagram. I am pretty sure you will definitely come across their instagram account because it doesn’t matter if the celebrity is a newcomer in the industry or an already established award-winning celebrity. Everyone has their profile made on the social media apps especially this one, as people want to join the hashtag team on the internet. Although, there might be a few exceptions as some celebrities are super private about their lives.

  2. Interactive User Experience: One thing that other social media apps need to learn from instagram is about delivering an excellent user experience that is super interactive with the end-user. Instagram flow with the trend, their team make sure that every important event that is happening is any part of the world is paid attention to. That’s why we often say a new trending hashtag on our instagram feed and now with the features of messenger and stories, instagram is coming for the crown of the social media empire.

  3. Various Services: As mentioned above, instagram is not just a photo sharing application it includes various other features in it as well. Some of the features that instagram offers are the messenger, stories feature with various filters, IGTV etc. Recently, it has also been in the news that Instagram will soon launch is very own e-commerce platform to provide its users elite shopping experience.

  4. Long-term Focus: Instagram is not here for a short run but for the long-term. This can be noted by the strategies that these social media apps are currently engaging in. Another point that gives away this thought is the facilities that are being provided for the business profiles or the brand accounts. For example, the brand can opt for advertisement option on the instagram and have their products being showcased to hundreds and thousands of users as a sponsored post.

Do you agree with the above-mentioned reasons that made Instagram Insta-Famous? Well, instagram is backed up by one of the strongest corporate i.e. Facebook, that means this platform also holds stability. Social Media Marketing is what companies and brands are adopting so make sure they stay ahead of their competitors.

Although, YouTube might follow a different agenda of user engagement than Instagram and Snapchat but still these social media apps working towards the main goal of providing easy access to their end-users. Some other social media apps like Twitter and Facebook seems to be catching up with the most popular social media apps and platforms.

Final Takeaway

  • Instagram and Snapchat are the two most popular Social Media Apps.
  • User Interface can ‘Make or Break’ a social media platform.
  • In respect to the compensation factor, YouTube is the best social media platform.
  • Instagram is the ultimate all-in-one social media application with various services.
  • For an app to be successful, long-term planning is required.
  • Social media apps should be in sync with the latest evening happening.
  • Snapchat has the self-destruct feature which makes it one of the most secure social media apps.

We hope you that with the help of this article on Social Media Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube we are able to share some important insights with you. And if you like to stay up-to-date with the social media trends the make sure you click on that ‘Subscribe’ button.

Also, don't forget to tell us which social media app is your favorite, by commenting in the ‘Comment’ section down below.

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