Truecaller Is Bringing AI To Improve Call-Blocking Efficiency

Truecaller Is Bringing AI To Improve Call-Blocking Efficiency

Date: March 21, 2024

Truecaller is upgrading the call-blocking feature on its platform by introducing Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Truecaller is one of the world's most used call-blocking and identification applications. Over 374 million users now prefer it over mobile devices' built-in security tools. The company is now introducing new Truecaller features backed by Artificial Intelligence capabilities to enhance the overall experience and security.

The AI feature is labeled as MAX and is only available on the Android versions of the app. Truecaller used to refer to its huge database to identify and block spam callers. The database consists of millions of numbers who are both on the platform and may have never used it. With the AI feature, the platform can block unwanted calls based on user preferences. The AI feature does not require the company’s database and can identify external numbers accurately.

The new MAX AI feature is available only for Truecaller Premium users on Android devices. Truecaller has never been popular on iOS devices due to its Caller ID service restrictions. Google’s Caller ID service rules also limit the access Truecaller can have, which makes the AI feature even more important. To use the MAX feature, simply visit the Settings, tap on the Block button, and enable Max as the preferred level of protection.

With MAX, the platform will not require Caller ID access from the device interface and can rely on its training and online information to take action. The accuracy of the AI feature is questionable as the source of reliability is the internet and custom training provided by the company’s developer team. This step will enable Truecaller to enhance its service offerings without fiddling with the in-app settings of any Android device.

TRAI has recently proposed a new Caller ID, Calling Name Presentation (CNAP), which helps users see the names of any potential threats posed by unknown incoming calls. Truecallers’ entire service offering will encompass CNAP’s offerings, and pricing will play the main game here. People might shift to free calling apps if the CNAP regulations restrict the AI usage of Truecaller.

Truecaller has dived multiple times into high-end controversies regarding user data privacy. Even though Swedish entrepreneurs built the app and its base in Sweden, the security allegations on the platform have always prevailed high. With multiple controversies lying around, this step may enable the company to regain trust and showcase efficiency at scale.

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