Tinder's Latest Updates- A Timeline of Every Single Feature Ever Released on the Platform

Tinder's Latest Updates- A Timeline of Every Single Feature Ever Released on the Platform

Date: April 07, 2024

In this list of Tinder's Latest Updates, we will introduce you to every single feature that has been released on this popular dating platform.

Tinder is a name that probably every smartphone user might have heard thanks to its massive popularity attracting over one billion daily swipes within two years since its launch. The platform was initially launched on September 12, 2012 and currently, the Match Group owns this dating platform and is responsible for releasing all Tinder's latest updates.

As per Tinder Statistics, this one of the most popular social networking platforms is majorly used by the age group of people 30-44. 19% of the platform is regularly used by this age group.

There are several Tinder features that have made its popularity possible across global markets. The platform has popular features like left and right swipes, superlikes, checking who liked you, messaging your matches, and more. However, the app that you know today has been several transformations. 

Additionally, If you are a brand owner, Tinder also provides brands with the opportunity to list your product as ads so you can target the Tinder user base to display advertisements.

List of Tinder's latest updates until 2023

In this blog, we are covering Tinder updates until 2023 starting from the inception of this one of the most popular networking apps. Now, if you want to know more about the origin of Tinder such as Tinder app development costs, In-depth Tinder Gold features, etc, you can explore more well-researched blogs published on MobileAppDaily.

Now, let us take you through the journey between the origin of Tinder to Tinder’s latest updates!

1. 2023- Tinder cares for fishes

new Tinder update

  • Tinder added a video selfie verification feature to verify users better. Additionally, now users also have the ability to ask their matches for photo verifications before they can start communicating with them. 
  • Tinder is also planning to launch an additional photo verification for users who are returning after a long break. 
  • To enhance user security and privacy, Tinder released some new features in 2023. These features include Incognito Mode so users can hide their profiles; Block Profile to block user profiles; Long Press Reporting to report rude behavior or harassment; and new updates for Does This Bother You?’(DTBY?) and ‘Are You Sure? to include more harmful or inappropriate words from other languages. 
  • Tinder, in April 2023, launched a campaign to remove all pictures that have people holding fish on Tinder. 

2. 2022- It's time for first impressions

Tinder news

  • In February 2022, Tinder decided to revamp Tinder’s Premium features and decided to offer the See Who Likes You and Passport features on a requirement basis. 
  • Tinder brought The Blind Date feature back but with a revamped look. The feature pairs people to talk without showing them profiles of each other. The feature would first ask ten questions from the user and then display their profiles accordingly.
  • Tinder now introduced Relationship goals and intents where users can choose from six options- Long-term partner, open to short, Short-term, open to long, New friends, and Still figuring it out.
  • The dating app is also planning to give users a weekly prompt confirming if their relationship goals are still the same.

3. 2021- Now languages won’t stop you from flirting

newest Tinder update

  • Tinder’s partnership with Duolingo is the most exciting thing that has happened this year to the app. Now, users can get a 30-day free Duolingo trial and learn to flirt in over 30 languages.
  • Tinder Vibes is the new addition to the list of Tinder's new updates. Users answer a few questions and on the basis of their answers, they get curated profile locations that are the best possible matches for them. Tinder Vibes remain active for 72 hours.
  • Tinder’s Block Contacts feature is introduced so users can avoid awkward run-ins with their exes. The feature would allow users to pick specific contacts and block them from coming across your Tinder profile.
  • Tinder now supports uploading videos in profiles instead of just photos. The platform also introduced another feature called Hot Takes. The feature lets users talk to other users anonymously for a limited amount of time and that too, without even matching.
  • Tinder has a new section called Explore where people can find their passions and interests to find profiles falling into those categories.
  • Tinder is now planning to introduce the ID verification clause and it is in the process of discussing the required documentation for each country where the ID verification process will be allowed by this dating app.
  • The last addition to the list of Tinder’s new features is Music Mode for the Explore page. The music mode is designed to play users’ anthem songs automatically whenever they come across them to help users find people who share their music preferences.

4. 2020- Tinder’s Noonlight, your personal bodyguard

Tinder new features

“Noonlight acts as a silent bodyguard in situations when you're alone or meeting someone for the first time. Now, through our integration with Tinder, it can serve as a quick backup for daters, helping to deter bad behavior and helping members meet matches with more confidence. It’s a first-of-its-kind added security measure to help protect Tinder members even when they’ve taken their interactions off the app into real life.”- 

- Brittany LeComte, Co-founder and CCO, Noonlight

  • Tinder released the Noonlight feature for US-based users. Compared to other Tinder's latest updates, Noonlight became viral fast thanks to the safety policies it brought into existence. 
  • Noonlight offered an on-demand integration feature that would let users share information with Noonlight such as dates they are going on, who they are going with, when is the date happening, etc. This feature is expected to improve the safety of Tinder users in the USA. 
  • Tinder also introduced a real-time photo verification feature that would use a more accurate method to verify Tinder users.
  • The new Tinder update is Tinder’s Passport feature. The feature lets users update their location to find people from anywhere in the world and connect with them.
  • Tinder has now a face-to-face video conversation feature that users can toggle to have video calls with their matches.

5. 2019- Tinder Lite makes it more accessible

Tinder latest updates

  • Tinder introduced Spring Break. The feature lets people explore profiles with their Spring Break destinations so if matched, the scope of planning spring break trips together is higher. The feature started rolling out on March 04, 2019.
  • Tinder now has a festival mode. You can simply look for the Festival Card and explore profiles that are going to your preferred festivals.
  • Tinder introduced Sexual Orientations that users could pick under the profile editor. Users have the freedom to select up to three Sexual Orientations on Tinder.
  • Tinder Lite, as the name suggests, is the lighter version of Tinder that uses less data, loads faster, and still provides an amazing Tinder experience. The feature started rolling out starting in the Vietnamese market in July.

“More than half of Tinder members are Gen Z, and we want to meet the needs of our ever-evolving community. We know Gen Z speaks in content, so we intentionally built an experience that is native to how they interact. Dating is all about connection and conversation, and Swipe Night felt like a way to take that to the next level. Our hope is that it will encourage new, organic conversations based on a shared content experience.”

-Ravi Mehta, Tinder’s Chief Product Officer

  • Tinder introduced Tinder Swipe Night, a weekly game that would let users explore a virtual world where they are in control. The first-person interactive storyline receives new parts every Sunday in October 2019 between 6 PM to Midnight in the USA.

6. 2018- Stay in motion with Loops

Tinder update

  • Tinder’s latest feature is Loops. The feature supports uploading videos on the platform that you can edit to trim before publishing on the platform. The feature started as a test on iOS devices in Canada and Sweden and was later got released for users across the world.
  • Initially Loops supported up to six slides but developers are planning to increase this number to nine in the future.
  • As per the latest Tinder news, Tinder Places is the latest addition to the leading dating platform. This Tinder's new update lets users explore the Discovery Screen to find other Tinder users who hang out in the same places as them. However, for users’ safety and privacy, it is ensured that the feature remains optional so users can turn it on and off as per their will.
  • Tinder's latest news announced Tinder Picks to provide users with lists of recommended profiles that have the best potential to become their matches. However, Profiles under Tinder Picks can be explored, liked, and super-liked under the Gold subscription of Tinder. 
  • The initial phase of Tinder Picks is released for iOS users in the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Netherlands, and France.
  • Tinder has just become more expressive with the introduction of Bitmojis. The feature is powered by Snap Kit and allows users to connect their Snapchat accounts to Tinder for accessing Bitmoji-related features.
  • Tinder U is the new feature that Tinder News is currently talking about. The feature lets university students find like-minded people on campus to connect with.
  • Swipe Surge is the new push notification that Tinder introduced. During a Swipe Surge, Tinder activity increases by up to 15x and the potential to find a match increases by 250%.

7. 2017- Tinder is now everywhere

Tinder trend discovery

  • Tinder Online, one of the permanent and latest Tinder updates was introduced by this maestro of the top free dating apps recently. The feature allows Tinder users to access Tinder from any web browser.
  • Tinder Gold brought some exclusive features for users who would choose to subscribe to this plan. The members-only service provided access to features like Passport, Rewind, 5 Super Likes per day, and one Boost per month. 
  • The most interesting feature, however, is Tinder’s latest Update called See Who Likes You. This exclusive Tinder Gold feature lets users see whoever liked their profile to get assured matches.
  • Tinder revamped its user interface and brought more modern touch. Users are able to swipe through pictures by clicking on the left or right edges of profiles. 
  • Additionally, tapping on the lower portion of the profile would open the whole profile so users can go through all details of the user.
  • Photos are also extended in size now and can be tapped to be displayed on the entire screen.
  • Tinder Feed is the new addition to the list of Tinder's new updates. The update brought every detail of the user on a single screen. You can check out their latest pictures, scroll through their Spotify anthem, read about them, and do more.
  • The new feed will let you send messages to any topic you see on the users’ feed by simply double tapping on them.

8. 2016- Tinder Boost for 10x more visibility

Tinder subscription


  • Tinder is now delivering over 26 million matches per day across the world. Now, the latest Tinder updates released this year are released to facilitate these matches with a revamped messenger. 
  • The latest Tinder updates got features like GIFs and Profile Photos. GIFs can be shared via messengers thanks to GIPHY, a popular GIF platform that teamed up with Tinder. 
  • For Profile Photos, now users can upload their Tinder Profile Pictures directly from their smartphone gallery.
  • This year, Tinder also partnered with Spotify to help Tinder users express their music tastes for better matches. Tinder's new features included Users’ Anthems, Top artists users listen on Spotify, and Swipe to see who shares your interests on Spotify. 
  • As Tinder is a massive platform, it can get tough sometimes to find compatible matches that you vibe with. So, Tinder's latest news announcement talked about its new feature called Tinder Boost. 
  • The feature, as the name gives it away, is designed to help user profiles give a boost so these profiles would get better visibility. Tinder Boosts are designed to bring 10x more profile views and one Tinder Boost would remain active for 30 minutes.
  • Tinder updated its algorithms once again and introduced Smart Photos. The feature would scan your pictures and automatically sort them to show your best photos first. This is expected to boost the probability of finding good matches by up to 12%. 
  • Tinder's new update rolled out more genders on the platform to make it more inclusive. Users have the option to click on More under the I Am section of their profiles to select their gender. 

9. 2015- Tinder Plus delivers better matches

Tinder new update

  • Among Tinder's latest updates, Tinder Plus grabbed the attention of the massive dating app community due to the package of new features it brought with it. 
  • Users got Passport, a feature that lets Tinder Plus users change their locations and meet people from around the world.
  • The other feature is called Rewind. If you accidentally swiped left on someone, you can always rewind back and find their profile again.
  • In April, Tinder decided to revamp the look and feel of User Profiles. Tinder now supports Instagram integration to profiles so you can freely express your creative side to anyone that comes across your profile. 
  • Tinder introduced Common Connections showing you if your potential match has mutual friends with you.
  • Tinder introduced verified profiles this year as well. Whether you hold a Tinder subscription or not, it does not matter, anybody could get their profiles verified.
  • In September, SuperLike became the newest Tinder update. The feature is designed to let users super like a profile whether by swiping up on the profile or pressing the blue star icon.
  • Among the new Tinder updates, Tinder gifted its users with amazing features like Smart Profiles, Job & Education, Better Recommendations, and a revamped messaging interface.
  • Smart Profiles are designed to highlight relevant information about profiles that you might find interesting such as their college name or the place where they work to find common interests between you both.
  • The new messaging feature highlights unexplored matches on the top.
  • Tinder updated its recommendation algorithms too to help you get better profile recommendations. 
  • The Job & Education feature is designed to help users fill in more detailed profiles so you can find out whether you have something similar to your potential matches.

2014- Sharing Moments, Creating Moments

tinder update 2023

  • In 2014, Tinder got an update called Moments. Users can share photos with the people they have matched with.

2013- Infiltrating the Android market

“We have been experiencing an unbelievable growth trajectory in the U.S. since Tinder's inception and have managed to reach a significant chunk of iPhone users within our target market. As we shift our focus to international growth, it only makes sense to launch Tinder for Android, which owns nearly 70% of the smartphone market overseas.” 

-Justin Mateen, Tinder CMO, and co-founder

  • Tinder is now available for Android users as well.
  • Users got the Swipe feature on the platform for the first time as Rad and Badeen were interested in gamifying the app to make it more fun. The feature was launched as a deck of cards and since then it has become popular across the Tinder alternatives as well.

2012- Story of the prototype 

  • Sean Rad and Joe Munoz launched the original Prototype of Tinder called MatchBox during a hackathon in February 2012. In September, the platform had onboarded the App Store.
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