ServiceNow Integrate With Facebook’s Workplace To Form Chatbot

ServiceNow Integrate With Facebook’s Workplace To Form Chatbot

Date: April 05, 2024

The chatbot will help employees in reducing task switching time.

Workplace, a collaboration and communication application by Facebook teams up with ServiceNow in order to announce a new chatbot to make it convenient for employee's navigation inside Workplace chat.

The chatbot is designed to answer the common questions related to HR or IT department’s internal task. It helps companies in saving time and reducing the costs. The chatbot enables the employee in getting the replies of the problems much faster.

Earlier, receiving the answers needed navigating through multiple systems or contacting the concerned person via phone call.

Companies just need to do little research about frequently asked questions and answers and put them in ServiceNow Virtual Agent Designer. It comes with some standard templates and does not need any type of advanced programming skills or scripting. Even non-technical users can learn to use the templates to meet their requirements, workflows, and language of enterprises.

This move is well planned by Facebook for the integration of more business applications with the tool. In May 2018, Facebook announced its integration with companies like SurveyMonkey, Marketo, Hubspot, and Atlassian.

Slack is very well adapted to this kind of integration but slowly the other enterprises are gathering pace in order to catch up with it.

ServiceNow is becoming an unstoppable force among the corporates. In Q4 of fiscal 2018, the company's revenue rose 30 percent to $715.4 million. Furthermore, ServiceNow is pushing its entry into talent management and security use cases.

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